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Trivia Crack Letter "I... - In the..." Answers

Trivia Crack "I... - In the..." Answers
IE is the international code for which country? Ireland
Ian Thorpe is related to what sport? Swimming
Iberia is the national flag carrier airline for which country? Spain
Iceland became independent of what country in 1918? Denmark
Ichthyology is the scientific study of which of the following topics? Fish
If dinosaurs signed wills, which of these animals would, as their closest living relatives, be most likely to inherit? Crocodile
If doctors do an angiography to you, what are they photographing? Blood vessels
If we throw to the hoop 6,75m away and we score, how many points do we get? 3 points
If you have Crohn disease or regional enteritis, which of the following organs is affected? Intestine
If you multiply the base by the height, and then divide by 2, you’re calculating the area of what geometric figure? Triangle
If you want to go Stockholm, what country are you in? Sweden
If you, like Jennifer Garner or Tom Selleck, have a lot of melanin in your iris, what color will your eyes be? Brown
Imaginary line the Earth rotates on. Axial tilt
In ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’, how did Freddy Krueger originally die? He was burned alive
In ‘Despicable Me’, what does Agnes say about the unicorn? It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!
In ‘Gulliver’s Travels’, which land is the kingdom of the giants? Brobdingnag
In ‘Pretty Woman’, what is Edward holding in his hands when he goes back to find Vivian? A bunch of flowers and an […]
In ‘Star Trek: the Next Generation’, what was created by Dr Noonien Soong? Lore
In ‘The Hunger Games’, Katniss volunteered herself to replace who? Primrose
In ‘The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers’ what is the name of the fortress where the big battle takes place? Helms Deep
In ‘The Simpsons’, what sort of animal is Itchy? Mouse
In ‘The War of the Worlds’, how are the aliens defeated? by the ‘common cold’
In ‘Titanic’, Leonardo Di Caprio says: ‘I’m the king… Of the world’
In “Django”, which of the following letters is silent? D
In “Family Guy”, what is Stewie Griffin’s middle name? Gilligan
In “Friends” who never lived in Monica’s apartment? They all lived there
In “Friends”, what is Chandler’s middle name? Muriel
In “Romeo and Juliet” which of the following were the two clashing families? Montague And Capulet
In “That 70’s show” who does Laura Prepon act as? Donna
In “The Big Bang Theory” what is Amy Farrah Fowler’s profession? Neuroscientist
In 1803, which country did the USA acquire additional land from in The Louisiana Purchase? France
In 1860, in the United States there were 4 million what? Slaves
In 1875, Matthew Webb became the first person to swim across a mass of water. Which one? English Channel
In 1941, where was the orange Fanta created? Germany
In 1989, Cuban athlete Javier Sotomayor became the first person to reach almost 2,5 m. What discipline? High jump
In 1997, what mammal was the first to be cloned? Sheep
In 1999, in Rome, Hicham El Guerrouj stablished a new record in 1500m. Where was he born? Morocco
In 2003, Peter Hollingworth, a former archbishop of Brisbane, stepped down as governor general of which country after a series of sex scandals? Australia
In 2009, Olympic athlete Usain Bolt publicized the efforts for Kenya’s conservation adopting a cub called Lightning Bolt. What species? Cheetah
In 2009, Who was chosen best Formula 1 pilot? Ayrton Senna
In American football how many quarters are in a game, even if the game goes into overtime? 4
In American football, what is the typical amount of yardage needed to get a first down? 10
In Ancient Greece, where was Sparta located? Peloponnesus Peninsula
In Back To The Future, How fast does the Delorean have to reach in order to time travel? 88 Mph
In Back to the Future, which speed has to be hit in order to travel through time? 88mph
In Basketball, if a player walks with the ball, what is it called? Traveling
In Ben Stiller’s film ‘Zoolander’, what is the title character’s line of work? Male model
In Breaking Bad, what colour are Marie’s appliances? Purple
In Chile, what is a “Pololo”? A boyfriend
In Cinderella’s story, what was turned into a carriage? Pumpkin and mice
In Computer terms, what does CPU stand for? Central Processing Unit
In Dark ages Europe, the term ‘barbarian’ was used by the Roman empire to describe who? Those who were not Roman or foreigners
In Disney’s Tangled, what was the name of Repunzel’s animal side kick? Pascal
In Disney’s animation Aladdin, what was Genies’ only wish? To be free
In Divergent, what is the real name of the character named “Four”? Tobias
In Doctor Who, how many hearts does the doctor have? Two
In Doctor Who, what is the name of the Doctor’s tin dog? K9
In Egyptian mythology, what god was tricked and put inside a sarcophagus? Osiris
In F = ma, what does “m” represent? Mass
In Finding Nemo, what is the name of Nemo’s mother? Coral
In Finding Nemo, what street does P. Sherman live on? Wallaby Way
In Formula 1, what motor-racing team has won the most world championships? Ferrari
In Game Of Thrones, what family was from the North? The Starks
In Game of Thrones, how did King Joffrey die? Poisoned
In Game of Thrones, what animal is on the symbol of the Lannister House? Lion
In Glee, what is Rachel’s surname? Berry
In Grand Theft Auto who are the three main characters? Franklin, Trevor
In Greek Mythology who was the Leader of the Gods between the BigThree? Zeus
In Greek mythology the creature with the body of a man and the head of a bull is called? Minotaur
In Greek mythology which goddess is Zeus’s wife? Hera
In Greek mythology which monster is half goat, lion and snake? Chimera
In Greek mythology who transfered the dead to the underworld? Caront
In Greek mythology who transfered the dead to the underworld? Caront
In Greek mythology, how was Achilles heel injured? By an arrow
In Greek mythology, what existed before the gods? Chaos
In Greek mythology, what is the offspring of a god and a human called? Demigod
In Greek mythology, what was the name of the three-headed dog that guarded the gates of hell? Cerberus
In Greek mythology, which bird was given the hundred eyes of Argus after his death? Peacock
In Greek mythology, who is Hermes? The messenger of the gods
In Greek mythology, who is the father of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades? Kronos
In Greek mythology, who is the god of wine? Dionisio
In Greek mythology, who was the god of the Underworld? Hades
In Harry Potter, there are 7 Weasley kids. Who are the two oldest siblings? Bill and Charlie
In How I Met Your Mother, what are the names of Ted’s children? Penny and Luke
In JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, before he was corrupted by the ring, Gollum was once most like a …? Hobbit
In Jane’s Addiction’s ‘Jane Says’, where does Jane want to ‘go away to’? Spain
In January 2003, 23-year-old Andrew Cooney became the youngest person to walk to where? South Pole
In Life of Pi, what animal represented Pi’s survival instincts? Tiger
In Lilo Family
In Monster’s Inc, who gave Boo her nickname? Sulley
In Norse mythology who is known as the “great thunderer”? Thor
In October 2003, which nation became the third one sending a man into space? China
In Oscar Wilde’s tale ‘The Selfish Giant’, the children played in what season? Spring
In Peter Pan, what is the name of Garfio’s friend? Smith
In SCUBA Diving, what does the “U” in SCUBA stand for? Underwater
In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, what family was she a member of? Capulet
In Soccer or European Football, another name for “Goalie” is what? Keeper
In Texas Hold’em, how many cards are dealt in ‘The Flop’? 3
In The Hobbit, what is Thorin’s grandfather name? Thror
In The Hunger Games movie, who volunteered at the reaping to take Prim’s place? Katniss
In The Simpsons, how many children does Apu have? Eight
In Tolkien’s universe, which of the following is NOT a dwarf? Feanor
In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, who was the sole surviving protagonist? Ralph
In a cell, what does the chloroplast use to make sugar? Sunlight
In a game of soccer, what is the color of the card a referee might show to eject a player from the game? Red
In a horse race, the winner is the horse that crosses the finish line with its… Head
In a parallel circuit, what happens to voltage? Stays equal
In a standard keyboard, what letter is at the right of the J? K
In an e-mail, what does CC mean? Carbon Copy
In an e-mail, what does CC mean? Carbon Copy
In an orchestra, what’s the largest string instrument? String Bass
In ancient times, what was the award for Olympic winners? A laurel wreath
In area, which is the world’s second largest continent? Africa
In artistic gymnastics, how many different apparatus do women compete on? 4
In astronomy, a ‘neutron star’ can be created by which process? Collapse of a massive star
In astronomy, a ‘white dwarf’ is a type of what? Compact star
In automotive terminology, what does AWD stand for? All Wheel Drive
In ballet, what part of the body moves in a “tendu”? Feet
In baseball, what is it called if you hit a home run with all three bases occupied? Grand Slam
In basketball, how many points scores a free throw? 1 point
In basketball, if we score from behind the triple line, how many points do we get? 3 points
In basketball, the number 23 on a player’s jersey is most associated with which NBA legend? Michael Jordan
In basketball; what is the term used for fake foul? Flop
In biathlon, what event comes after cross-country skiing? Rifle shooting
In bowling, what is a turkey? 3 Strikes In A Row
In bowling, what is the nickname for a three strike series? Turkey
In boxing, what is it called when you punch with your front fist? Jab
In cartography, what type of map displays elevation? Topographic
In cheerleading, what is the person called who is on top of the stunts? Flyer
In chemistry, what does STP stand for? Standard Temperature And Pressure
In chess, how many differents directions can the queen move if she is in one corner of the board? Three
In chess, what do we call a game that ends in a tie? Draw
In classical mythology, into what did Athena turn Arachne? Spider
In computer science, what does the acronym LAN stand for? Local Area Network
In computing, what does CPU stand for? Central Processing Unit
In dance, what does the term ‘pirouette’ mean? To Turn
In downhill skiing which symbol represents the hill with the most difficult skill level? Black Diamond
In fashion, what are Converse? Shoes
In first aid, what does “CAB” means? Circulation, Airway, Breath
In football what does DB stand for? Defensive Back
In football, if a team scores a safety how many points are they awarded? 2
In geometry, what alternative name is given to the longest possible chord of a circle? Diameter
In golfing terms, what is another name for an albatross? Double eagle
In how many ecoregions is the Gobi desert divided? Five
In how many states is the USA divided? 50
In humans, what is the coccyx? Remnants of a tail
In ice hockey, after how many minutes of the third period do the teams change sides? 10 minutes
In math, what does 3.14 signify? Pi
In mathematics, the Greek symbol pi is approximately equal to which number? 3,14159
In medicine, what does ‘choluria’ mean? Bilis in the urine
In music which is NOT a note? H
In music, this term means “to get louder over time.”? Crescendo
In mythology, Tisiphone, Alecto and Megaera were known as the ‘Three … ? Furies
In painting, which of these is not a secondary colour? Red
In psychoanalysis, the psyche is divided in to three. Which are they? Id, Ego And Superego
In racewalking, athletes… Walk
In shot put, what do you throw? A heavy metal ball
In soccer, what’s the minimum distance the ‘wall’ of players must respect in a direct free kick? 9,15 m
In sumo wrestling, what is the dohyo? Ring
In swimming events where swimmers can use any style, what do most of them use? Front Crawl or ‘freestyle’.
In tennis what is the name of a serve the opponent cannot hit back? An Ace
In tennis, “love” means…? Zero Points
In tennis, how do we name it when it’s the receiver, not the server, who wins the game? Break
In tennis, what’s the name of the point won directly with a serve? Ace
In tennis, who won the French Open 2014? Rafael Nadal
In terms of area, which is the largest public square in the world? Tiananmen Square
In the 2003 Pixar animated film, Finding Nemo, which animal eats Marlin and Dory? Blue Whale
In the 2004 movie “Mean Girls”, who isn’t allowed to sit at the lunch table for wearing sweats? Regina George
In the 90s, Martina Hingis became the youngest person to win Wimbledon. How old was she? 15
In the 90s, soccer legend Pelé was minister of Sports.In what country? Brazil
In the Back to the Future series who is Marty McFly’s father? George McFly
In the British sci-fi show “Doctor Who”, what’s the name of the spaceship that can travel through space and time? TARDIS
In the British series Doctor Who, what actor played the War Doctor? John Hurt
In the Disney version of the movie ‘The Jungle Book’, who sings “We never met an animal we didn’t like!”? The vultures
In the Game of Thrones saga, what does “Valar Morghulis” means? All men must die
In the Greek alphabet, what are the first and last letters? Alpha And Omega
In the Harry Potter books, who kills Sirius Black? Bellatrix Lestrange
In the Harry Potter series, what is the name for someone without powers? Muggle
In the Harry Potter series, which railway station does one board the Hogwarts Express? Kings Cross
In the Iliad, who was the son of the king of Troy, Priam? Paris
In the Little Mermaid, what is the name of the prince? Eric
In the Middle Ages, what did the lord give to the vassal in return of their fealty? A fief
In the NFL What city do the Eagles play for? Philadelphia
In the Paleolithic Age, men… Built the first utensils
In the Paralympic Games of Sydney 2000, the basketball team who won the Gold Medal was expelled for having players without disabilities. What team was it? Spain
In the T.V. show Friends, what is Ross and Rachel’s daughters name? Emma
In the T.V. sitcom How I Met Your Mother who plays Barney Stinson? Neil Patrick-Harris
In the TV serie Grey’s Anatomy, what is the name of the doctor/best friend of the main character Meredith Grey? Cristina Yang
In the TV series Futurama, who is the grandfather of the character Fry? Himself
In the TV series Futurama, who is the grandfather of the character Fry? Himself
In the TV show “The Big Bang Theory”, which is Sheldon’s emotional outburst? Bazinga!
In the Tell-Tale Heart, what did the narrator think he could hear under the rafters? A Heartbeat
In the The Da Vinci’s Code, who is Robert? Harvard professor
In the Top 10 of most viewed music videos in the history of Youtube, there’s one american artist who appears twice. Who is? Eminem
In the Traful lake there is a forest immersed in the water. Where is it? Argentina
In the United States what state is nicknamed the sunshine state? Florida
In the United States, what state is known as the Sunshine State? Florida
In the Walt Disney movie ” Aladdin,” what was his pet monkey’s name? Abu
In the Winter Olympics there are luge competitions. What is luge? A sled
In the blood, who’s in charge of transporting oxygen and picking up carbon dioxide? Red blood cells
In the book “The Hunger Games” how did Katniss and Prim’s father die? A Mining Accident
In the book series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”, who is Percy’s greatest enemy? Cronos
In the cartoon “Spongebob Squarepants” where is the character, Sandy Cheeks from? Texas
In the cartoon “The Smurfs,” who is always trying to capture the Smurfs? Gargamel
In the comic “Calvin and Hobbes,” what type of animal is Hobbes? Tiger
In the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes”, what animal does Calvin’s best friend turn into? A tiger
In the end of Double Dragon 2, in two player mode, against who do you have to fight? Against each other
In the equation y=mx b, what does ‘b’ represent? Intercept with y axis
In the fable written by La Fontaine, the hare bet she would arrive to the finish line before what other animal? Turtle
In the fairy tale of Snow White, what were the seven dwarfs in the Albanese version? Dragons
In the film Alien, what was different about the aliens blood in comparison to humans? Its blood was acid
In the film series Indiana Jones, what creature does Harrison Ford’s character hate? Snakes
In the first Chronicles of Narnia movie how did Lucy get into Narnia? Wardrobe
In the first Harry Potter film, what was the name of Neville Longbottom’s pet toad? Trevor
In the hit TV show, “Scooby Doo” what was Velma’s catchphrase? Jinkies
In the hit motion picture Shrek the voice of Donkey is played by what actor? Eddie Murphy
In the light theory, what do all the colours of the rainbow create? White
In the most famous piece by experimental composer John Cage, the interpreter sits silently in front of his or her instrument for the whole piece. What’s its name? 4’33”
In the movie ‘Finding Nemo’, what is the sharks’ phrase? Fish Are Friends, Not Food
In the movie “High School Musical”, who does Vanessa Hudgens play the role of? Gabriella Montez
In the movie “High School Musical”, who does Vanessa Hudgens play the role of? Gabriella Montez
In the movie “Little Bit of Heaven,” what was the name of the main character? Marlie
In the movie “Mean Girls”, what day did they wear pink? Wednesday
In the movie “Shrek”, who voiced Shrek? Mike Myers
In the movie “The Little Mermaid”, what object does Ariel brush her hair with? Fork
In the movie ” The Hunger Games”, what district are the main characters, Katniss and Peeta, from? District 12
In the movie Aladdin, what is Jaffar’s parrot called? Iago
In the movie Avatar, what color skin do the people have? Blue
In the movie Elf starring Will Ferrel where did Elf’s dad work? Empire State Building
In the movie Elf what is the main characters favorite condiment? Syrup
In the movie Frozen, what does Anna need to do to unfreeze her frozen heart? An act of true love
In the movie Frozen, what is the name of the oldest sister? Elsa
In the movie Invictus, who plays the role of Nelson Mandela? Morgan Freeman
In the movie The Lion King from Disney, what is the name of the bird who became the king’s butler? Zazu
In the musical, Les Mis, what historic event were the characters involved in? French Revolution
In the novel “Life of Pi”, with which animal does the main character spend the majority of the novel with? Tiger
In the novel Les MisĂ©rables, by Victor Hugo, what is Cosette’s birth name? Euphrasie
In the novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, who did Jane Bennett marry? Charles Bingley
In the revolutionary war, what country helped the US? France
In the series ‘How I Met Your Mother’, what does Barney tell Ted when they go to the bar? Suit Up!
In the series ‘How I Met Your Mother’, what does Barney tell Ted when they go to the bar? Suit Up!
In the series “The Big Bang Theory”, who goes to space? Howard
In the series “The Walking Dead”, which of the characters uses a Katana sword? Michonne
In the show “Breaking Bad” what drug do they sell most? Meth
In the show “How I met your mother”, who were the first to get married? Lily And Marshall
In the show Modern Family, what is the name of Jay’s dog? Stella
In the sitcom Friends, what is the “Joey Special”? Two pizzas
In the sitcom Friends, what is the “Joey Special”? Two pizzas
In the television show Friends, which main character’s catch phrase is “how you doin’”? Joey Tribbiani
In the title of a Stevie Wonder hit, he just ‘Called to Say …’ what? I love you
In the title of the Beatles album, to which club do Sergeant Pepper’s band members belong? Lonely Hearts
In the tv show The Big Bang Theory, what Howard’s last name? Wollowitz
In the world of video games, who has a brother called Luigi? Mario
In theatre, what is the break between acts called? Intermission
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