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Black Island Walkthrough

Black Island Walkthrough

Chapter 1

1. Take the knife and go outside the cave. You will find in the grass a flute. Open the flute and you'll find a map inside.
2. Near the glimmer you will find an anchor. Use the map to go to the harbour.
3. You'll find a key under the planks near the shed. Use the key to open the car's driver door, inside you'll find a flashlight, and on the back-sit a screwdriver.
4. Use the screwdriver to open the panel near the shed's door. The solution for the panel puzzle is:
A = 2
B = A + 3 = 5
C = A + B = 7
D < C & > 5 = 6
E = 2
F = B + 1 = 6
Now you can enter the shed.

Chapter 2

1. There's a rope hanging on a pillar, and inside the desk's drawer you'll find a pair of binoculars. Now you can also combine the rope and the anvil.
2. In the sink you'll find a belt, then use the knife to cut the hose attached to the tap.
3. Use the map to go to the Observation post, than use the grappling hook to climb up. Use the binoculars and you'll find a pattern on the left and a small house on the right, the house is now marked on the map and you can go to it, so go there.
4. Tapping the mud on the ground will trigger a video and on the mud you'll see written "ADA 76"
5. Go to the small shed next to the house. Take the red gas can, than click the lock on the door. To open it you need to use the pattern found with the binoculars. The bottom half is solved with the clue on the wall: "A=1" so ADA76 = 14176
6. After you opened the door you'll see a girl's ghost, and a key hanging on the door. Use the key yo open the door on the main house.

Chapter 3

1. Inside the cabinet you'll find batteries, combine the with the flashlight.
2. Go inside the bedroom and use the the belt to hold the lever that opens the hidden door.
3. You should be able to open the safe on your own, by playing Peg Solitaire. Inside you'll find a box of matches, a note and Ada's passport.
4. Go back to the harbour, combine the gas can with the hose and use them to fill the car's fuel tank. Than use the map and go to the wall (broken corner).
5. On the left side there's a door. Pour gas on it and light it on fire with the matches. Than use the flashlight to go inside.
6. Go inside an find the keypad next to the door. Use the note in your inventory to enter the correct numbers, than tap the buttons when the red light is on, above them. Congratulations, you've just finished Black Island!
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Note: This is "Black Island" by "Helsinki Noir"


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