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Trivia Crack Letter "In vo... - Is..." Answers

Trivia Crack "In vo... - Is..." Answers
In volley, how many times can the players of a team touch the ball before sending it to the rival field? Three
In volleyball how many hits can you have per team before it goes over the net? 3
In volleyball which of these is an illegal hit? Carry
In volleyball, how many times can a team touch the ball before they must return it to the other team? 3
In volleyball, how many times is a ball typically touched by one team before going over the net? 3
In volleyball, how many times is one side allowed to touch the ball before it is a foul? 3
In volleyball, if the ball touches the line it is considered….? In
In western films, what name is given to a gang of law enforcement officers? Posse
In what 1997 TV show did a blonde teenage cheerleader fight vampires? Buffy The Vampire Slayer
In what 2003 comedy does a substitute teacher teach his students rock ‘n’ roll? School Of Rock
In what African country is Table Mountain, famous for its flat peak? South Africa
In what Arabic country is the city of Bengasi located? Libya
In what Disney movie could you listen to the ‘Hakuna Matata’ song? The Lion King
In what Disney movie could you listen to the song ‘A Whole New World’? Aladdin
In what European city was Rossini’s ‘Stabat Mater’ premiered? Madrid
In what FIFA World Cup did Diego Maradona score his infamous “Hand of God” goal? Mexico 1986
In what Indiana Jones movie is revealed that he has a son? The Kingdom of Crystal Skull
In what Italian soccer team did Pep Guardiola play right after he left F.C. Barcelona? Brescia
In what Japanese city was the second atomic bomb dropped? Nagasaki
In what Latin American country is the famous salt desert called Salar de Uyuni? Bolivia
In what Mediterranean city did the 2011 and 2012 editions of the America’s Cup take place? Valencia
In what Michael Ende novel does Cassiopeia the turtle appear? Momo
In what Monty Python movie does Mr. Creosote explode? The Meaning of Life
In what Monty Python movie does the Suicide Squad appear? The Life of Brian
In what Nazi extermination camp did most killings take place? Auschwitz-Birkenau
In what North American city did jazz originate? New Orleans
In what Olympic sport is it an offence to deliberately splash the opponent’s face with water? Waterpolo
In what Shakespeare play is there a character called Mercutio? Romeo and Juliet
In what TV animated series does Usagi Tsukino become an avenging protector of love? Sailor Moon
In what TV series did David Duchovny dress as a woman? Twin Peaks
In what TV series did Steve Urkel appear? Family Matters
In what TV series starred Alyson Hannigan before ‘How I met your mother’? Buffy the Vampire Slayer
In what TV show could you see the characters Daniel Faraday and Charles Widmore? Lost
In what american TV series does the character named Christina Yang appear? Grey’s Anatomy
In what century did Vivaldi compose ‘The Four Seasons’? 18th
In what city can you find Rockefeller Plaza/Center? New York
In what city did Rosa Parks refuse to give up her seat on the bus, sparking a bus boycott as part of the Civil Rights Movement? Montgomery, Alabama
In what city did Starsky and Hutch fight crime? Los Angeles
In what city did William Shakespeare based his play “Romeo and Juliet” in? Verona
In what city did the Libyan war start? None of these
In what city is Mozart’s opera ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ set? Seville
In what city is the Dutch Parliament located? The Hague
In what city is the Flatiron Building located? New York
In what city is the Rijksmuseum? Amsterdam
In what city is the Space Needle? Seattle
In what city is the famous Chain Bridge? Budapest
In what city would you find Goya’s Black Paintings? Madrid
In what city would you visit the Red Square? Moscow
In what classic movie some Russian sailors refuse to eat rotten meat? Battleship Potemkin
In what club was Alfredo Di Stefano trained? River Plate
In what context did the Armenian genocide take place? The Turkish War of Independence
In what continent is Benin located? Africa
In what continent is Singapore? Asia
In what continent is Uruguay? South America
In what country are the cities of Dunedin and Auckland located? New Zealand
In what country is Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world? Argentina
In what country is the Shwedagon pagoda located? Myanmar
In what country is the city of Cuzco? Perú
In what country is the city of Gruyère? Switzerland
In what country is the port of Pondicherry located? India
In what country is there a Negro River? All are correct
In what country was Osama bin Laden found in 2011? Pakistan
In what country was the 2010 Female Field Hockey World Championship celebrated? Argentina
In what country was the first FIFA World Cup played? Uruguay
In what country was volley invented? United States
In what day does a Super Bowl happen? Sunday
In what famous Disney movie does the character Jafar appear? Aladdin
In what famous TV series is the main character an advertising agent? Mad Men
In what famous TV series was George Clooney one of the leading roles? ER
In what famous horror movie is a little girl sucked out of reality and trapped in a TV? Poltergeist
In what field sport the winner is the player who has the lowest score? Golf
In what film about Nazi violence starres Edward Norton? American History X
In what film did Andy have to suffer her terrible boss so that she could fulfil her life’s ambition to become a reporter? The Devil Wears Prada
In what game did Yoshi appear for the first time? Super Mario World
In what genre would you include superhero stories? Science-Fiction
In what island does the pirate apprentice Guybrush Threepwood live? Monkey Island
In what island or islands is Brunei? Borneo
In what kind of paint oil is used to amalgamate? Oil painting
In what language are scientific names of species given? Latin
In what language was ‘The Divine Comedy’ originally written? Italian
In what molecular state is steam? Gas
In what movie did Sandra Bullock play a stranded astronaut? Gravity
In what movie did Will Smith work for a secret Alien Organization? Men In Black
In what movie directed by Quentin Tarantino does Daryl Hannah play the role of Elle Driver? Kill Bill
In what movie does Arnold Schwarzenegger go to Mars? Total Recall
In what movie features a talking tea cup named Chip? Beauty And The Beast
In what movie is Sylvester Stallone hired by Sharon Stone? The Specialist
In what novel by Ray Bradbury the firemen burn books instead of putting out fires? Fahrenheit 451
In what novel by Stephen King does the main antagonistic character take the shape of a killer clown? It
In what novel is Holden Caulfield the main character? The Catcher in the Rye
In what novel is the main character a killer with an amazingly developed sense of smell? The Perfume
In what ocean is the Bermuda Triangle located? Atlantic Ocean
In what ocean is the island of St Helens? Atlantic
In what operetta does prince Orlofsky organise the most extravagant parties? Die Fledermaus
In what organ is the carbon dioxide exchanged with oxygen? Lungs
In what part of the body is the “soleos” muscle? Calf
In what part of the body is the Achilles tendon? In the ankle
In what personality disorder social rules are disregarded by the subject? Antisocial Personality Disorder
In what room did Napoleon Bonaparte keep the ‘Mona Lisa’? Bathroom
In what season do bumblebees die? Autumn
In what sport can an Axel be done? Figure skating
In what sport can you win the Davis Cup? Tennis
In what sport do you compete in four different events called bars, beam, floor, and vault? Gymnastics
In what sport does love mean zero? Tennis
In what sport is there a touchback? Football
In what sport would you use a ‘foil’? Fencing
In what sport would you use a ‘foil’? Fencing
In what sport, besides basketball, can you dribble a ball? Soccer
In what stage of pregnancy is the human form recognized? Third month
In what state is Area 51 located? Nevada
In what state is Mount Rushmore located? South Dakota
In what state was the battle of Lexington and Concord? Massachusetts
In what team did Pelé triumph? Santos
In what town is the Memorial of the Srebrenica genocide? Potocari
In what trip did Columbus find the Mayans? Fourth
In what variety of fencing is it valid to touch the opponent’s legs? Epée
In what war did the ships Sheffield and Coventry sink? Falklands War
In what war was the Battle of Thermopylae fought? Persian Wars
In what year did Hitler become chancellor of Germany? 1933
In what year did Roger Federer win his 17th grand slam? 2012
In what year did WWIl end? 1945
In what year did the Republic of Paraguay claim independence from Spain? 1811
In what year did the Russian Revolution start? 1917
In what year did the anime Dragon Ball Z originally debuted in Japan? 1989
In what year did the hit TV show “American Horror Story” premiere? 2011
In what year was Obama elected president of the United States? 2008
In what year was penicilin discovered? 1928
In what year was the Soviet Union created? 1922
In what year was the first “test tube baby” (fertiziled in vitro) born? 1978
In what zoo did Snowflake, the only albino gorilla, live? Barcelona
In which 1997 film is the US president, played by Harrison Ford, kidnapped aboard an aeroplane? Air Force One
In which African country is the Serengeti National Park? Tanzania
In which American state is the city of Las Vegas located? Nevada
In which City can you admire Vincent Van Gogh’s famous sunflower painting? London
In which Disney movie can we see crab Sebastian? The Little Mermaid
In which Edgar Allan Poe work is a man buried alive? The Cask Of Amontillado
In which European city can you visit the Louvre Museum? Paris
In which European city would you find the Atomium? Brussels
In which European country are the Cantabrian Mountains? Spain
In which European country is Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet set? Italy
In which Harry Potter novel did Harry first swim with mermaids? The Goblet Of Fire
In which Italian city would you find the Tiber River? Rome
In which Latin American river is Angel Falls, the world’s largest waterfall? Kerep or Gauja
In which Quentin Tarantino film does John Travolta play the part of gangster Vincent Vega? Pulp Fiction
In which South African cape are the Indian and the Atlantic ocean connected? Cape Agulhas
In which TV series did Dennis Weaver play a cowboy cop in New York? McCloud
In which TV show does Sheldon Cooper appear? The Big Bang Theory
In which US TV series do Norm and Cliff regularly prop up a Boston bar? Cheers
In which US state are the Yosemite Falls? California
In which US state is the Napa Valley wine-producing region? California
In which US state is the city of Tucson? Arizona
In which USA state is the city of Las Vegas located? Nevada
In which band was Dave Grohl before the Foo Fighters? Nirvana
In which board game can a piece move in L? Chess
In which book by Mark Twain can we find characters as Widow Douglas, the slave Jim, Aunt Sally and Tom? Huckleberry Finn
In which category of racing cars does Fernando Alonso compete? F1
In which century did Genghis Khan establish the Mongolian Empire? 12th
In which city was Martin Luther king jr. assassinated? Memphis
In which city was Rosa Parks arrested for refusing to move to the back of a bus? Montgomery, Alabama
In which city were the Beatles born? Liverpool
In which classic film did the Mini Cooper steal the show? The Italian Job
In which continent can we find the Weddell Sea? Antarctica
In which continent is India located? Asia
In which continent is Spain? Europe
In which continent was evidence of the first case of Ebola during the 2014 epidemic crisis found? Africa
In which countries is Mount Everest located? China and Nepal
In which country did the Chernobyl accident take place? Ukraine
In which country did the Renaissance mainly take place? Italy
In which country does Brahma beer originate? Brazil
In which country is Montreal situated? Canada
In which country is Mount Kenya? Kenya
In which country is Nokia based? Finland
In which country is The Grand Canyon located? The United States
In which country is the Akashi-Kaikyo bridge, the world’s longest suspension bridge? Japan
In which country is the Atacama Desert? Chile
In which country is the Golden Temple of Amritsar? India
In which country is the Mauna Kea volcano? USA
In which country is the city of Mandalay? Myanmar
In which country is the majority of the action of ‘Rambo III’ set? Afghanistan
In which country was soccer invented? United Kingdom
In which country was the color TV invented? Mexico
In which country was the explorer John Cabot born? Italy
In which direction does the sun set? West
In which district of the city is the 2002 film ‘Gangs of New York’ set? Manhattan
In which film does Vin Diesel voice a tree like character who speaks only 3 words? Guardians of the Galaxy
In which film must a bus keep travelling at 50 miles per hour so that it does not explode? Speed
In which hemisphere does the Tropic of Cancer lie? Northern
In which islands do giant turtles live? Galapagos Islands
In which movie did Asa Butterfield play the role of a German kid? The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
In which museum is the Mona Lisa located? Louvre Museum
In which musical can you find Maria, Tony, and Anita? West Side Story
In which musical does Maria marry Captain Von Trapp? The Sound of Music
In which ocean are the Galápagos Islands? Pacific
In which of the Harry Potter books does Voldemort recover his body? Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
In which of the following Tim Burton films did Johnny Depp not appear in? Beetlejuice
In which of the following animated series does a recurring character usually die? South Park
In which of the following books written by Charles Dickens do the characters Mr. Fagin, Mr. Brownlow and Mr. Sikes appear? Oliver Twist
In which of the following countries are there NO volcanoes? Belice
In which of the following countries is the Afrikaans NOT spoken? Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
In which of the following countries is there a city called Córdoba? All
In which of the following countries it is traditional to use chopsticks to eat? Japan
In which of the following countries there is NO desert? Germany
In which of the following did Ewan McGregor make his big screen debut? Being Human
In which of the following does the cartoon character Spongebob Squarepants live? Bikini Bottom
In which of the following games the land has mushrooms, flowers and DDT bombs and the enemies are spiders, ladybugs and other insects? Millipede
In which of the following movies does Brad Pitt NOT appear? Lock
In which of the following movies does Jim Carrey’s character have a son? Liar, Liar
In which of the following movies would you see Robert De Niro say ‘you talking to me?’? Taxi Driver
In which of the following situations in car racing will a yellow flag, or even a red flag, be pulled out? There’s danger ahead
In which of these Disney movies are the Protagonists parents both alive? Mulan
In which of these European cities is the EU Headquarters based? Brussels
In which of these European countries has marijuana been legalized? Netherlands
In which of these South American countries people do not speak spanish? Brazil
In which of these albums appears Bruce Springsteen’s “Paradise”? The Rising
In which of these films was James Bond not played by Sean Connery? Octopussy
In which of these sports there is no referee? Ultimate
In which of these sports would you make use of the backboard? Basketball
In which of these teams of Formula1 did Michael Schumacher run? Ferrari
In which organ is alcohol filtered through? Liver
In which pantomime is Buttons a main character? Cinderella
In which region of the cells is genetic material located? Nucleous
In which sea do the Cyclades islands lie? Aegean
In which soccer team did Pelé end his career? NY Cosmos
In which species does the male carry the babies to term? Seahorse
In which sport can you score a par? Golf
In which sport do these terms relate to: love, doubles? Tennis
In which sport do you hit the ball with a bat and then run as fast as possible between two set of sticks? Cricket
In which sport do you use a racket and birdie? Badminton
In which sport does red weigh 25 kg and yellow weigh 15 kg? Weightlifting
In which sport may you shoot a free throw if you get fouled? Basketball
In which sport might you legally use a hand-off on an opponent? Rugby
In which sport would you use the term “home run”? Baseball
In which state are the cities Wichita, Salina, and Topeka located? Kansas
In which state is Helena the capital? Montana
In which state of the USA is the city of Chicago? Illinois
In which state of the United States are celebrated the XGames? California
In which story was the line, “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”said? Snow White
In which two important battlegrounds did the British declare victory over the French empire of the Napoleonic War? Waterloo and Trafalgar
In which year did Hugo Chávez die ? 2013
In which year did United Arab Emirates get it’s independence? 1971
In which year did the Mexican independence’s war start? 1810
In which year did the United States invade Canada? 1812
In which year did the first man walk on the moon? 1969
In which year was “Pride and Prejudice” first published ? 1813
In which year was FC Barcelona founded? 1899
In which year was Michael Jackson born? 1958
In which year was The Walt Disney Company founded? 1923
In which year was the Mexican?American War for the state of Texas? 1846
In which year was the Ryder Cup drawn in what has become known as “The Concession”? 1969
Indian and pakistani rupees are divided in… Paisas
Ink was invented in what country? China
Inspired by a renewed interest in Ancient Greece and Rome, which style meaning “rebirth” originated in Italy in the 14th century? Renaissance
Into what do the witches in Roald Dahl’s novel turn the child by using their great formula? Into a mouse
Is Greenwich a meridian or a parallel? Meridian
Is chess a sport? Yes
Is death penalty legal in Spain? No
Isla de la Juventud (Youth Island) belongs to what country? Cuba
Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun) is in what lake? Lake Titicaca
It is said that spilling salt brings bad luck. What did salt represent in ancient times? Wealth
Italy is divided in… Regions
It’s known for its red light district and its coffee shops, where cannabis is allowed and sold, and its symbol is ‘xxx’. Which city is it? Amsterdam
I’ve got the moves like…? Jagger
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