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Trivia Crack Letter "A" Answers

Trivia Crack "A" Answers
A 1972 Luis Buñuel surrealistic movie is about the ‘discreet charm’ of what people, whose dinner plans keep getting interrupted? The Bourgeoisie
A buzz in your ears is called… Tinnitus
A diabetic person has, in the blood, an excess of what substance? Sugar
A fable is a tale that finishes with a lesson called… Moral
A group of porcupines is known as what? Prickle
A melanoma is a cancer of what? The skin
A peninsula is a piece of land that is… …Surrounded by water except for one side
A prion consists only of? Proteins
A rabbit is what type of mammal? Lagomorph
A river in New York City and a large bay in Canada are named after what explorer? Henry Hudson
A rock band uses what instrument to make ‘riffs’? Guitar
A silverback is what type of animal? Gorilla
A tatami is used in which of the following sports? Judo
A triangle has one right angle and a 45° angle. What is the degree of the remaining angle? 45
A weepy Princess Diana told Panorama that ‘there were three of us in this marriage’ with Prince Charles. Who was number 3? Camilla Parker-Bowles
AO is the code for what country? Angola
Abraham Lincoln was the president of which country? United States
According to Christian tradition, what is celebrated on December 25th? The Birth Of Jesus The Christ
According to DC universe who is the fastest man alive? The Flash
According to Dante’s Divine Comedy, how many circles are there in hell? Nine
According to Edgar Allan Poe’s short story, what animal is given the line, “Neveremore”? Raven
According to Einstein, is it possible to travel in time? Only to future
According to Forbes 2014, what is the #1 most dangerous US city? Detroit
According to Greek mythology, what is the name of Apollo’s twin sister? Artemis
According to Greek mythology, which animal does Europa ride? Bull
According to Greek mythology, who gave fire to mankind? Prometheus
According to Nietzsche, “life without music would be….”? A Mistake
According to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, what is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything? 42
According to folk tales, how can we kill a vampire? All are correct
According to legend, where did Achilles get fatally shot? Heel
According to legend, who raised Romulus and Remus? A female wolf
According to legend, whose Knights sat at a round table? King Arthur
According to popular belief, nobody ever returns from..? The Bermuda Triangles
According to the Bible, Jesus delivered the Beatitudes as part of his ‘Sermon on the …’? Mount
According to the Bible, what is the traditional site of Jesus’ ascension? Mount of Olives
According to the Bible, which of these is not an archangel? Ishmael
According to the NASA, what’s the brightest city on earth? Las Vegas
According to the Rolling Stones, “it’s only rock’n’roll but…”? I Like It!
According to the TV series “Supernatural”, how are vampires killed? Decapitation
According to the periodic table, what does Ni stand for? Nickel
According to what science the body is traversed by 12 meridians connected to vital organs through which energy travels? Acupuncture
Actor Benedict Cumberbatch was in which of these movies? 12 Years A Slave
Adam Levine is the lead singer of which group? Maroon 5
Addis Ababa is the capital of which African country? Ethiopia
After 43 years, who dumped her boyfriend in 2004 and took up with an Australian surfer named Blaine? The Barbie Doll
After Mount Everest, what’s the highest mountain in the world? K2
After WWII, what country lost much of its eastern territory to Russia, but did pick up much of Pomerania, Silesia and East Prussia? Poland
After completing which sculpture did Michelangelo observe his creation and happily shouted ‘Parla!’? David
Against who did Alfredo Evangelista fought for the world boxing championship? Muhammad Ali
Aids is said to come from what animal? Monkeys
Aladdin’s face was modeled after what actor? Tom Cruise
Aland archipelago belongs to what country? Finland
Alberto ‘the Bomb’ Tomba was the first person who won medals in three different Winter Olympics. What sport did he practice? Alpine skiing
Alexander the Great was the student of which philosopher? Aristotle
Algeria has a coastline on which sea? Mediterranean
Alice plays cards in ‘Alice in Wonderland’. What does she play in ‘Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There’? Chess
All of Dalton’s basic postulates about atoms are correct except what? The atom is indivisible
All of the following were new nation-states created after World War I except? Bulgaria
All of these died during the Cold War except for… Adolf Hitler
All the Dutch streets whose names end in ‘gracht’ have something in common. What is it? A canal
Although only three English kings shared this name, all died violently. What name is this? Richard
Americans call it a faucet. What do the British call it? A tap
Amik was the mascot of the Montreal’76 Olympics. What animal was it? Beaver
Among the following, what tour was made by Michael Jackson? Victory Tour
Among these four countries, which one has the smallest area? Maldives
Amélie finds something Nino lost in the train station. What is it? A photo album
An aneurism is located in what body part? Brain
An iron deficit can cause which type of anemia? Ferropenic
Ancient Greeks and Romans knew everything about truffles. What’s a truffle? A fungus
Ancient Romans where usually poisoned by what? Hemlock
Angelina Jolie is married to? Brad Pitt
Angola is a former colony of which European country? Portugal
Angola was colonized by what country? Portugal
Anna Kournikova won the doubles competition of the Australian Open of 1999. What Swiss player was her partner? Martina Hingis
Annie Lennox was the singer of what band? The Eurythmics
Anthony Kiedis is the singer of what band? Red Hot Chili Peppers
Appetite for Destruction is the debut album from which band? Guns N Roses
Approximately 61% of the world’s population live on which continent? Asia
Approximately how many bones does an adult body have? 206
Approximately, how far is Cuba from the U.S.? 90 Miles
Approximately, how many neurons does a human brain have? 84 billion
Aragon is a character of which movie? Lord Of The Rings
Argentinian peso is divided in… Cents
Arteries come out of what part of the heart? Ventricles
As attributed to Karl von Clausewitz, what is ‘the continuation of politics by other means’? War
As in the stage of sleep, what do the alphabets REM stand for? Rapid Eye Movement
As of 2014, how many people have won three golf majors before they were 25? 3
As of 2014, how many players has Luis Suarez bitten? Three
At night, what star can guide us? Pole Star
At the end of what century did America’s European colonization start? 15th
At what age did Mozart write his first opera? Twelve
At what age, aproximately, is the bone’s ossification completed? 25 years
At what temperature (Fahrenheit) does water freeze? 32
At which age did John Lennon die? At 40
At which bar does “the gang” from How I Met Your Mother usually hang? McLarens
At which fictional school is the musical ‘Grease’ set? Rydell High
Athlete and actor Johnny Weissmüller was the sixth person who portrayed Tarzan. Where was he born? Romania
Au is an abbreviation for which chemical element? Gold
Auguste Rodin is known for his sculptures in which of the following materials? Bronze
Ayrton Senna won the Formula 1 World Drivers’ Championship three times. Where was he from? Sao Paulo, Brazil
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