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Logo Quiz Level 9 Answers by bubble quiz games Answers

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Logo Quiz Level 9 pack contains 60 logos. The answers to all of them are:
  • Ligue 1 - is the round logo, that looks like a ball, under it there is a smaller round shape with a football player.
  • Nautica - is the dark blue logo formed from the letters "U" and a small logo above them.
  • NBA - is the white man with a basketball in it's hand, formed inside a blue shape and a red shape.
  • Newsweek - is the dark red rectangle logo, that has written inside the white letters "N      k".
  • Ning - is the green rectangle with a round shape inside made from white dots.
  • Picasa - is the circle logo with an white pentagon inside.
  • Rai - is the blue square with the white letter "i" inside.
  • Taco Bell - is the bell colored in violet and pink.
  • Technicolor - is the shape colored in the rainbow colors.
  • History Channel - is the golden letter "H" underlined in red.
  • Total - is the one similar to a ball made from stripes of different colors.
  • Tour de France - is the one formed by the groups of black letters: "f our" "de" "a ce" and has a big orange dot in the right side.
  • Triumph - the red logo shaped like a crown with dots above it.
  • TVS - is the red, running, horse.
  • Champions League - the black soccer ball made from stars.
  • USA Today - the big blue circle with two groups of text next to it: "SA" and "T D Y".

  • Airbus - is round silver logo with 6 curved lines inside.
  • Panam - is the blue round logo, with several curved white lines in it.
  • Embraer - is the blue logo formed from the letters "MB A R" and a logo, similar to a bird, in the left side.
  • South African Airways - the airplane tail colored in red green and blue.
  • Sims - the green gem with a blue word above it.
  • Koenigsegg - is the logo outlined in blue and filed with gold and orange rhombus.
  • McLaren - is the logo formed by a group of black letters "M La  n".
  • Pagani - is the black and white oval logo, with a black stripe inside and many small black dots.
  • Saturn - the silver square with 4 red curved shapes inside.
  • Scania - the blue logo with a bird head spitting fire and wearing a golden crown.
  • Fakebake - is the purple logo, with nice decoration on the edges, and has written inside the letters "F e ak".
  • Kose - is the one formed by two rectangles with round corners. One of the rectangle is straight and the other one is oblique, and is supported by the first rectangle.
  • Michigan - the blue letters "MI HI N".
  • Pocari - is  the blue rectangle logo with a white "c" inside, and a big white curved line under it.
  • Postit - the logo made from yellow sticky notes.
  • Air Berlin - is the oblique oval colored in red. Inside there is a white circle and two curved lines.
  • JBL - is the white letter "L" with a small "!" to the left, inside a red rectangle.
  • Old Spice - is the formed by the red letters "O  S ce" and a sailing ship above.
  • Steinway - is the black text "ST     &S" with a golden shape above.
  • Continental - the blue square with half of an white sphere inside.
  • American Airlines - the tilted line colored in blue, white and red.
  • Bombardier - is the one formed by the black letters "BO B R  I  R".
  • Eads - the silver 3d letters "E D".
  • Citibank - is the blue text "ci ib k" with a curved red line above "i i".
  • Skittles - the red rectangle with an rainbow shape inside.
  • Sephora - the black letters "S e  H R" followed by a stack of 5 lines.
  • Mentos - the white outlined word that ends in a blue "S".
  • Roxy - the red logo with and white heart inside and 2 triangles.
  • Baileys - is the golden letters "A LEY" over a brown curved background.
  • Sprint - is the yellow logo made from 5 curved lines shaped like an arrow.
  • Morgan Stanley - is the black text "M g S y".
  • WHO - is the blue logo that resembles the earth map inside a leaf crown.

  • GE  - is the round blue logo with white decoration inside.
  • Publix - is the green letters "P  b x".
  • Macys - is the red star with the black letters "m c s" to it's right.
  • Readers Digest - the big black "D" followed by a small "S" with a small red triangle above.
  • Cosmopolitan - the dark pink letters "CO  O OL T N".
  • Mattel - the round red shape with the white letters "TT" inside.
  • Etnies - is the black rectangle that has inside a white arrow pointing left.
  • Harrods - represented by the black letters "H     s".
  • Redhat - is the guy with a red hat on it's head.
  • Perrier - the green letters "P  r".
  • Carhartt - is the orange curved logo, shaped like a swirl.
  • Aperol - is the yellow text "P RO" on dark, oblique, background.

Update notes:
  • Updated the logos that have new design, because the game had a major update.
  • Updated descriptions for the new logos.
  • Some spelling errors are fixed.

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