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Logo Quiz Level 18 Answers by bubble quiz games Answers

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Logo Quiz Level 18 pack contains 60 logos. The answers to all of them are:
  • Arsenal London - is the red logo shaped like a shield. Inside there is a brown cannon and 4 white letters: "A se a".
  • Indianapolis Colts - is the blue horse shoe with white dots inside, and 3 blue letters in the middle: "C L S".
  • Campari - the black rectangle with this white letters inside: "CA PA".
  • Backstreet Boys - the one made from this black letters: "B C S RE T B S".
  • Bushmills - is the black logo with 5 white letters in it: "US MI S".
  • Washington Redskins - the red rectangle with an black indian inside and this letters: "H WA HIN T N RE S IN".
  • Chelsea FC - the blue circle with an blue lion inside, holding a scepter. Around him are two groups of letters: "C EL A" and "OO BA LU".
  • Michael Jackson - the black logo shaped like an odd "M".
  • Manchester United - the red logo with an red devil in the middle, holding a fork. To the sides are two yellow volley balls.
  • Wild Turkey - the logo made from this rows of letters: "ILD" and "T R EY".
  • Justin Bieber - the purple logo made from this letters: "J N B B R".
  • Liverpool FC - is the red shield shaped logo, with a bird inside. To the left and right are two flames, and above and below are green decorations.
  • Martini - the red circle with a black rectangle in front of it. In the rectangle there are 4 white letters: "M R IN".
  • Arizona Cardinals - is the head of an mean looking bird.
  • Bob Marley - the black letters: "OB" and "M RL Y" with an flag above, colored in green, yellow and red.
  • Madonna - the black letters: "M D N A" with an crown above.

  • Havana Club - the red circle with an man above, holding a scepter. Inside the circle are this white letters: "H v a lu".
  • Lady Gaga - is the logo made from this black letters: "L ag A".
  • Interflora - the black circle, outlined in yellow, having inside and running man. Around him there is written this words: "DES FLEURS DANS LE MONDE ENTIER" and "ER OR".
  • Blockbuster LLC - is the blue rectangle logo with this yellow letters in it: "B CK US ER".
  • Colgate - the white letters: "ol a e" inside a red rectangle.
  • Spotify - the green circle logo with 3 white curved lines inside.
  • Lufthansa - the orange rectangle having inside some blue letters: "uf ha a".
  • Playstation - the black logo made from a 3d line shaped like a "P".
  • Whatsapp - the black rectangle with an green phone icon in the left side and the letters: "ha s p" to the right.
  • Nike - everyone knows it :).
  • Vans - the black letters: "VA".
  • Kleenex - the blue oval logo with an white "K" inside.
  • Mini - is the black circle with silver wings.
  • Vodafone - the silver circle with an red round shape inside,.
  • Ryanair - the logo made from this groups of blue letters: "R N" and "FARES AIR".
  • Pantene - the blue letters: "P NT E" with an golden logo in the middle.
  • Minute Maid - is the black rectangle with the white letters: "M nu e a d" inside.
  • Wi-Fi - the black circle with an rectangle in front, colored in black and white. Inside the rectangle are two letters: "W i".
  • Fedex - the logo made from two letters: "dE". The "d" is purple and the "E" is rey.
  • Smart - the black rectangle with a silver circle and a orange triangle inside, and the grey letters: "s a t".
  • Campbell's - the red rectangle with this white letters inside: "C pbe s".
  • In-N-Out Burger - the logo made from a yellow curved line with an arrow to the top end, pointing right. Over it there are some red letters: "I -N- U BU ER".
  • Eastpak - the black ellipse outlined in red and with this white letters in it: "AS P".
  • Hay Day - is the brown cow with her tongue out and wearing a red santa hat.
  • Starcraft - the black square with the purple face of a monster inside, and this letters above him: "ST FT".
  • Telefonica - the blue underlined word: "Tel ica".
  • Rover - the black logo outlined in white and having inside a red ship.
  • Max Mara - the black letters "M Ma a"
  • Compaq - the purple letters "com q" and a big "Q" above.
  • Esprit - two horizontal line followed by this letters: "I RT".
  • Sodexo - the blue letters "so e" and and red flower shaped like and "i".
  • Xerox - the red letters "xe o" followed by a red ball with an whit "X" inside.
  • Cornetto - the white oblique letters "or ett".
  • Max Factor - the black letters "AX FA RO X".
  • British Airways - the blue letters "BRI SH R YS".
  • NHL - the black badge shaped logo with an white oblique "H" inside.
  • Lucky Strike - the red round logo that has this letters inside: "UC ST KE".
  • Balenciaga - the black letters "B L CI GA".
  • Oriflame - the black letters "O FL ME".
  • Aeor - the brown letters "A O".
  • Deutche Bahn - the red "B" in a red outlined rectangle.
  • BNP Paribas - the green square logo followed by this black letters: "NP AR AS".
  • MAN - the silver arch logo with "AN" inside.
  • Londa - the blue letters "L oa" or "L da".

Update notes:
  • Updated the logos that have new design, because the game had a major update.
  • Updated descriptions for the new logos.
  • Some spelling errors are fixed.

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    1. its a seven letter word

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  8. the answer was mission which I believe is a brand of tortilla's or bread

  9. Level 5 #4 - a blue square (sitting on one of the tips) with a blue 1/2 square and a green 1/2 square in the top of the Blue square.

  10. logo with peruvian flag style (3 vertical stripes - red-white-red) and a red square in the center of the middle stripe.

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