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Logo Quiz Level 16 Answers by bubble quiz games Answers

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Logo Quiz Level 16 pack contains 60 logos. The answers to all of them are:
  • GoPro - the one inside a black rectangle made from 3 white letters: "G Pr" and 4 squares, 3 of them are blue and one is white.
  • Culture Kings - the black rectangle with this white letters inside: "C tu e in s". In the middle there is an white "C" with a crown above.
  • Nintendo 3DS - is the one made from this black letters: "N N  EN 3DS". In the middle there are two white squares outlined in black.
  • Nintendo DS - the logo made by this black letters: "I TE DO S".
  • Gameloft - is the black curved line shaped like the letter "G".
  • Universal - is the planet Earth with 4 white letters above it: "VERS".
  • Bad Piggies - is the square orange logo with an green pig. from Angry Birds, inside.
  • Ubisoft - the black letters: "UB O T" with an blue round logo above.
  • AT&T - the white sphere with 5 curved blue lines in it.
  • Apple - is the black apple that has the right part missing.
  • Disneyland - the blue logo made from this letters: "Di n yl  d".
  • Torrid - is the pink logo made from "To d", and a flaming heart to the right side.
  • DKNY - is the one made from this black letters: "DI N Y".
  • Polo - the black letters: "M rc O' o o".
  • National - is the green logo made from 3 curved lines and two dots.
  • Google Wallet - the "W" logo colored in blue, red, yellow and green.

  • Davidoff - is this underline group of letters: "D vi ff".
  • Nurburgring - is the silver logo that has inside a red "u" with two red dots above it.
  • El Mundo - the black letters "L M DO". Between the "L" and "M" there is a green circle logo with 4 white lines inside.
  • Jagwire - the black jaguar head followed by this letters: "ag i e".
  • Deutsche Bank - is the blue outlined square logo with an oblique blue line inside.
  • Bwin - the blue group of letters: "b i .p r y".
  • Poker Stars - the black rectangle logo with an red heart inside and this white letters: "k rS a s".
  • Cinema City - the orange logo made from this letters: "C N MA C Y".
  • Indesit - is the blue outlined circle with an "i" inside.
  • Sonim - is the logo made from this letters: "s im". The "S" is gret and the "im" is pink. Above the "i" there are 3 curved lines.
  • Rexona - is the silver check mark followed by this blue letters: "ex a".
  • Raiffeisen Bank - the yellow square with an "X" inside and this black letters after it: "a ff is n AN".
  • Santander - is the red rectangle logo with some white letters in it: "an an r".
  • Qatar Foundation - is the green tree with this black letters under it: "Q ta  ou da i n".
  • Jenga - the red logo with 3 white letters above it: "J ga".
  • Rummikub - is the red logo made from this letters: "R m ik b".

  • Bet at Home - the blue logo made from a green curved line with this blue letters above it: "b - t-h me  .c m".
  • Q8 - is the logo similar to two sailing vales colored in yellow, red and blue.
  • Merrill Lynch - is the logo made from an black outlined bull followed by this black letters: "M rr l L n h".
  • Rabobank - is the blue ban standing on an orange compass.
  • Saxo Bank - is the rectangle logo colored in blue and black, and inside are this white letters: "AX  B N".
  • Vuelta a Espana - is the round logo made from curved lines colored in red, gray and orange, and to it's right are this black letters: "a v el a".
  • Sega - is the big blue "S" with an white line inside.
  • Pop Cap - is the round blue logo, outlined in silver. In it there are 3 red letters: "P C p".
  • The Sopranos - the logo made from this black letters: "T eS pr n s". The "r" is actually a hand gun.
  • Halloween - is the scary looking orange pumpkin.
  • Associated Press - is the black group of letters: "AP" with an red rectangle/line under it.
  • Extreme Sports Channel - is the black circle with two black letters in it: "ex".
  • Keyence - is the red triangle followed by this black letters: "<E  N E" or "KE N E".
  • Shiseido - is the purple logo made from this letters: "SH S I O".
  • France24 - is the blue square logo with 4 white circles inside and two letters: "F 4".
  • EasyJet - the orange logo made from this letters: "e  yJ t".

  • That 70 Show - is the black rectangle with this golden characters inside: "h t 7 s s w.
  • Beverly Hills 90210 - is the round logo with two 3 groups of letters inside: "0 10" in blue and "B  ER Y" and "I L L" in black.
  • Tunein - is the logo shaped like an "+" colored in blue orange and green, followed by this black letters: "une n".
  • Roots - is the green branch with an beaver above and three letters under is: "oo s".
  • My Little Pony - is the pink logo formed by a purple heart and a pink rainbow. In it are this letters: "y i le P Y".
  • Jackass - the black rectangle that has inside a white skull and two baseball bats. Under the are 3 white letters: "j k s".
  • Silverstone - the flaming logo colored in red an blue and with this red letters under: "ILV R TO E".
  • OZ - the black logo made from two groups of text separated by an horizontal line: "-Z" and "R CI G".
  • BBS - the red text outlined that starts with an white "B".
  • European Union - the blue rectangle with 8 yellow stars inside and this letters under: "ur ean U on".
  • Amnesty International - the black groups of letters: "MNE T" and "IN ER T ON L", followed by a black outlined candle.
  • O'Neill - the logo made from this black letters: "ON I L".

Update notes:
  • Updated the logos that have new design, because the game had a major update.
  • Updated descriptions for the new logos.
  • Some spelling errors are fixed.

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  1. o' l isn't o'neill. what is it please?

    1. it is... tried it right now and worked... try entering "oneill"

  2. what is the logo with a blue e and a blue square?

  3. what is the logo with the word door in black letters inside the black rectangle?