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Logo Quiz Level 11 Answers by bubble quiz games Answers

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Logo Quiz Level 11 pack contains 80 logos. The answers to all of them are:
  • Vh1 - the purple characters "+1".
  • Orbit - the blue circle colored half in dark blue, and half in light blue.
  • Braun - is made from 3 black letters: "B A n".
  • Tampax - is the blue rectangle with the white letters "T    X" inside.
  • Purina - is the square logo made from smaller white and red squares. To the right there is a black rectangle with this white letters "UR N" inside.
  • Head & Shoulders - the oval blue logo with a white curve inside, and a blue "&" to the right.
  • Knorr - is the green rectangle with an white curved line above and a red "o" inside.
  • Halls - is the white letters "H  S" outlined in blue.
  • 7up -  is the two large circles colored in green and yellow, and inside the green one there are 3 white bubbles.
  • Magnum - is the two golden "M" with a small golden heart above, made from a single line.
  • Dasani - the white letters outlined in blue "D S NI".
  • Corn Flakes - is made from two group of curved letters: "CO" and "KES".
  • Olay - the brown face of an woman inside a circle and with a wide line under.
  • Lu - is the red rectangle, with a bit of orange at the base.
  • Royal Canin - is the red text "R  AL A N" with a crown made from dots an lines, above.
  • Nesquik - the yellow square with a blue oblique line inside and the shadow of a white text, where you can red only a blue "q".

  • Friskies - is the red letters "r s  es" on a curved yellow stripe outlined in red.
  • Nespresso - made from a square with the white letter "N" inside.
  • Jacobs - the golden rectangle with a dark green line under it, and a black "J" inside.
  • AMG - the black trapeze followed by 4 oblique lines, decreasing in thickness.
  • Abarth - is the one that has a black scorpion on a yellow and red background.
  • Brabus - the black outlined logo with an white "B" inside.
  • Pirate Bay - the one that loos like a brown old wooden pirate ship.
  • Anonymous - is the black man dressed in a suit and having a question mark instead of the head.
  • Pirelli - the yellow square logo that has inside 3 red letters "P  t".
  • Peterbilt - is the black oval shaped logo with the white letters "P   bil" inside.
  • Esso - is made from the red "O" inside a blue outlined oval shape.
  • Everlast - the grey letters "E  ELA T" with an yellow "E" under them.
  • Axe - is the one made from two black letters "N E".
  • Lonsdale - is the red lion, some letters under him "Lo  D L"
  • Ozoshi - is the red circle shaped logo, whit the white letters "O   S I" inside.
  • Merrell - the orange circle logo with and big white "M" inside.

  • Dr. Martens - the one formed by a yellow ball with black decorations and above it there are some groups of black letters: "D a te S".
  • Domestos - the round logo with a blue background, and a blue word inside, above there is a blue curved arrow pointing left, and below there is a red curved arrow pointing right.
  • Air Jordan - is the black human silhouette that looks like he makes a slam-dunk.
  • OMV - a blue circle followed by a blue triangle, under them there is a green line, and under the line two black letters "O V".
  • Gazprom - is the blue text "G Z R M". The "G" has a blue flame on it.
  • Lukoil - is the square shaped logo, colored in red having a white "U" inside.
  • Doodle Jump - the square logo, with a green alien inside, carrying rocket/jetpack on his back.
  • Aston Martin - is the one that looks like a green rectangle with white wings.
  • And1 - is made from a round black rectangle. Inside, there is a small orange round square, that has a black, running, man silhouette inside.
  • Nokian - the logo made from this black characters "N < N".
  • Yokohama - is a red "Y" made from thin red lines, and after it there are this black letters: "OKO A A".
  • NOS - is the yellow "N" that has a wide arrow emerging from the top part, pointing to the right.
  • Recaro - is  the black text "RE  R".
  • Sparco -  is the rounded blue "S" shaped like a circle.
  • Toyo - is the logo made from two rows of text. Top row is blue and says "T Y TI S" and the bottom row is grey and has this letters inside "d iv nt p rf m".
  • Fireston - the red letters "F r s o e".

  • Fulda - the rectangle logo colored on the top half in white, and the bottom half in red. In the white half there are 3 black curved lines followed by 3 red letters "F L A".
  • Uniroyal - the rectangle logo with the top half red, and bottom half white. In the white part are some black letters "U  RO A".
  • Barum - is made from the blue letters "B ru" followed by a "B" that is yellow and inside a blue circle.
  • Gibson - is made from the black letters "G   n" written with a uncommon font.
  • Fender - is the letters "Fe    d r" written in red.
  • Marshall - the logo made from this black letters "M es ll".
  • Ibanez - is the black letters "Ib n z".
  • Monster - the green "M" that looks like the print of an claw scratch.
  • Rockstar - is the orange round square, with a black "R" inside and a white star near it.
  • Budweiser - the red rectangle logo with some white letters inside: "B dw is".
  • JAVA - is the one that looks like a blue cup of coffee, with red steam rising from it.
  • Debian - is the spiral red logo, with two black letters under it: "d   i  n".
  • Chrome - is the donut-like circle, made from three parts, colored in red, yellow and green and in the middle there is a blue circle.
  • Fairline - is the shield shaped logo with oblique lines inside colored in green, white, black and red.
  • Irfanview - is the one similar to a red bear with a lack bandanna over his eyes.
  • Jabra - the yellow square with the black letters "Ja r" inside.

  • Mansory - the black letter "AN RY".
  • S Pellegrino - is the blue text "S. E LE RI O" with a red star above.
  • Sandisk - made from the red letters "S nD k".
  • JQuery - the blue sphere made from 3 curved blue lines, followed by 3 black letters "Q e y". 
  • Wendys - is the red haired girl inside a black outlined circle.
  • Fuji Film - the group of letters "F Jif M".
  • Western Digital - the blue rectangle logo with the white letters "WD" inside.
  • Tim - is the blue rounded rectangle shape, with 3 curved red lines inside, that seems to form a flag, followed by two white letters "T M".
  • Stena Line - the red rectangle that looks like a flag, with an white "S" inside, and blue lines above an below.
  • Giro d'Italia - the black "R" with a red curved logo above.
  • Tour de Pologne - is the yellow round shaped logo with a black round rectangle above. Beneath all of this there are some letters written in white and yellow: "T ur eP l ne".
  • Toysrus - is made from the red letters "T   sR    S". The "R" is blue and flipped, and has a white star inside.
  • Duplo - the black shadow of an rabbit, with one of the ear colored in red, and 3 dots on the lowers side colored in green, blue and red.
  • Bad Robot - the black head of an robot, with white eyes inside a black outlined circle.
  • Snapchat - the yellow square logo with a white ghost inside.
  • OB - is the cyan oval logo with the characters ".b." inside.

Update notes:
  • Updated the logos that have new design, because the game had a major update.
  • Updated descriptions for the new logos.
  • Some spelling errors are fixed.

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  1. It's Aston Martin not Asaton Martin, although I noticed you have got it correct in the list of descriptions. Thank you, couldn't do this app without you ;)

  2. I have a red orange "F". The top, left side & bottom are outlined in black.

  3. Black circle with orange question mark inside