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Logo Quiz Level 17 Answers by bubble quiz games Answers

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Logo Quiz Level 17 pack contains 60 logos. The answers to all of them are:
  • Sram - the red letters "S m".
  • Heroes - the black rectangle logo with 3 white letters inside: "H R E" and a white circle.
  • Piper - the triangle logo colored in red and blue, and having 3 black letters under it: "Pi e".
  • Vivienne Westwood - the black sphere logo with an "+" shape above and two rows of black letters below: "ivi n e" and "W st od".
  • Route 66 - the black outlined logo shaped like a police badge, and inside are this black characters: "O TE 6".
  • Facebook Messenger - the blue bubble with an white lightning sign inside.
  • Dropbox - the blue opened box.
  • Olympic Games - the logo made from 5 circles joined together, colored in blue, black, red, yellow and green.
  • AC Milan - the red outlined oval shape with an circle inside colored in black, red, and white.
  • Barclays - the logo shaped like a blue bird followed by this letters: "B R LA".
  • Metallica - the black letters "ET LI A".
  • Anaheim Ducks - the logo made from two rows of letters: "ANAHEIM" and "D C S".
  • Kahlua - the red shadow word from which you can read: "K L A".
  • Rammstein - the logo made from dotted lines with this letters above: "RA M + N".
  • Finlandia - the logo made from 3 white reindeer and this blue letters under it: "FI AN A".
  • Borussia Dortmund - the round logo colored in black, with a yellow circle inside and this black letters: "BVB".

  • Blu Ray - the blue "b"  followed by a curved line.
  • Queen - the logo made from 2 standing lions and a dragon.
  • Gordon's Gin - the head of an red animal with two groups of text to the sides: "EST" and "1769". Under it there are some red letters: "G RD N IN".
  • AC/DC - the black logo made from two letters: "A C" with an lightning bolt between them.
  • Peroni - the purple logo formed by this red letters: "PE O I".
  • Hellmann's and Best Foods - the blue rounded rectangle with this white letters inside: "E LMA N".
  • Dallas Stars - the green stars outlined in yellow, with two groups of letters above: "L L S" and "S S".
  • The Rolling Stones - the red mouth with the tongue out.
  • Inter Mediolan - the blue circle with an star above and this white letters inside: " I F M C".
  • Jim Beam - the red badge logo with an white "B" inside and this black letters above: "J M E M".
  • Pink Floyd - the black letters: "P N F O D".
  • Champagne Dom Perignon - the black letters: "D m P ig n".
  • FC Bayern Munich - the red circle outlined in blue. In it there is a blue circle filled with white rhombus.
  • The Doors - is made from 3 black outlined letters: "d o s".
  • Colorado Avalanche - the red "A" inside a blue oval shape.
  • Grant's - the logo made from a tree and this letters: "G an".
  • Abba - is the one made from two black letters: a flipped "B" and an "A".
  • Skyy - the grey logo formed from this two letters: "KY".
  • Pinterest - the red letters: "P n e e t".
  • Jackson 5 - the yellow rectangle with an red heart inside and this letters: "a k o e".
  • Metaxa - the black letters: "M T A" on a brown rectangle.
  • AS Roma - the logo shaped like a shield. Inside there is a grey wolf breast feeding two human babies. Inside there are also 2 letters: "R A".
  • Miller - the red wobbly logo with this white letters inside: "ill r".
  • Hugo - the yellow letters: "H o" outlined in black.
  • 50 Cent - the white letters: "5 EN" on a black background.
  • Wyborowa - the logo made from two rows of blue letters: "W B OW" and "P L H  DK SIENCE 1823".
  • Detroit Red Wings - the red wheel with wings.
  • Ballantine's - the logo made from this black letters: "B ll ti 's".
  • Eminem - the logo made from this black letters: "E I E M". The second "E" is flipped.
  • Ninja Turtles - the red rectangle with the word "Turtles" under.
  • Ajax Amsterdam - the red circle with a sketch of an man inside, and this letters around: "JA MST DA".
  • Captain Morgan - the pirate man dressed in red, holding a sword, and his left foot on a wooden barrel.

  • Los Angeles Kings - the pentagon logo with an white crown in the lower side and two white letters above: "LA".
  • Prodigy - the logo made from a black bug inside a circle and this letters under: " t e P OD Y".
  • Adele - the black letters "AD E".
  • Knob Creek - the logo made from 2 rows of black letters: "N B" and "C EK".
  • Nirvana - the outline face of someone with his tongue out and "X X" instead of the eyes.
  • Dragon Ball - the yellow letters: "D GON L".
  • Real Madrid - the yellow circle logo, with an red crown above and 3 letters inside: "M C F".
  • New England Patriots - the white letters "P tr ot" on a black background.
  • Gallo - the logo made from this letters: "E  all Wi ry".
  • Beatles - the logo made from this black letters: "T E B AT S".
  • Bulleit - the orange rectangle logo, outlined in black, with two rows of letters inside: "BU L IT" and "OUR O".
  • U2 - the grey letters "112" or "l l2" inside a black rectangle.

Update notes:
  • Updated the logos that have new design, because the game had a major update.
  • Updated descriptions for the new logos.
  • Some spelling errors are fixed.

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