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Logo Quiz Level 10 Answers by bubble quiz games Answers

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Logo Quiz Level 10 pack contains 60 logos. The answers to all of them are:
  • Mizuno - the blue logo with a small white triangle inside.
  • Eredivisie - is the soccer ball, that has a trail made from different colors to it's left.
  • Canada Dry - the green logo outlined in brown, and with a crown above it.
  • Tab - the burgundy rectangle with the big white "T" inside.
  • Bing - the blue letters "i g" the dot of the "i" is orange.
  • Daihatsu - the red rectangle with an white "D" inside.
  • United - the yellow letters, outlined in blue "u it d" and a cyclist above them.
  • Delta - the red triangle shaped logo made from two triangles.
  • Orient - is the logo formed by two lions holding a shield with a red "O" inside.
  • Omega - is the red Greek letter omega.
  • Basf - the grey square followed by a smaller grey dot and the black letters "B F".
  • Dolce and Gabbana - is the black letters "DO C & G BB A".
  • DAF - the one made from a red line with the blue letter "F" above it.
  • ERF - is the red logo made from the letters "E F" and two oblique stripes above and bellow.
  • Mack - is the black oval logo, outlined in sinning silver and with a silver tiger above.
  • Husqvarna - is the logo made from a round rectangle with three lines in the top part and the blue letter "H" inside.

  • Agfa - the black letters "AG" followed by a red rhombus with two white letters inside "Ag".
  • Virgin - the black "V" with an line under it.
  • Lays -is the yellow circle with a curved red stripe above.
  • Cheetos - the black shadow of a word with the first letters being a yellow "C".
  • Moet & Chandon - The crown logo with two group of text under: "M E & HAN L" and "HA AH E".
  • Louis Roederer - the logo shaped like a silver "R" between two black letters "L R".
  • Malibu - is the one made from two palm trees in front of the sunset.
  • Chivas Regal - is the golden logo with a dark red stripe above and a red circle in the middle.
  • Whiskas - is the violet logo that has a cat's outlined head inside.
  • Amstel - is the golden outlined round logo, with the inside cut in two half's, the top half is white and the bottom half is red. In the top side there is a small blue logo.
  • Olmeca - the red circle logo with a aztec face of an statue inside, and under it there are two golden lines.
  • Partida -  is the funny looking bird logo with two black letters under it "R I".
  • Lastfm - the red letters "as".
  • Pampers - is made from the blue letters "am er" with a yellow heart above.
  • Cheerios - the black letters "C e ri s".
  • Fisher Price - is the red rectangle with the bottom edge being made from 4 curved parts, and inside of it there is a white "i".

  • Comedy Central - is the black outlined circle shape, with a black "C" inside.
  • E - is the big red "!".
  • WRC - the black letters "W2" with a thick line under.
  • Louis Vuitton - is the black logo made from a big "L" and a big "V" written one inside the other.
  • Evernote - is the grey elephant head with the green letter "V" next to it.
  • Twix - the red letter "X" followed by an white "i".
  • Mars - the red letter "M" outlined in gold and black.
  • New Balance - the black letters "NB", the "N" is cut by white horizontal lines.
  • M&M's - the letters "ms" with an white "m" in front of them.
  • KitKat - the red rectangle with an white oval inside.
  • Haribo - the red letters "H RI O".
  • Pedigree - is the yellow rectangle with a blue badge in it, and above the badge you can see the letters "P  ig  e" written in white.
  • Eukanuba - the pink logo made from 5 circles merged into a dog footprint.
  • Wizzair -  the logo made from two purple characters "!Z" followed by a line.
  • Statoil - is the blue square logo, with a orange circle shape, similar a bit to a flame.
  • Tokina - is made only from two blue letters: "k   a".

  • Sigma - the logo made from two curved shapes, one being red and the other black.
  • Tamron - si the black letters "T M ON".
  • Hertz - is the yellow rectangle logo with the black letter "r" inside.
  • Mastercard - is the one made from two circles, join together. The first circle is red and the second on is orange.
  • Kinder - is the letters "K n" the "k" being black and the "n" is red. Between them there is a small red square.
  • GTA - the black shadow of text, made from 3 rows. There are two white letters that you can read "R and h".
  • WTO - is the one that resembles a sphere made from stripes from different color.
  • Beats audio - is the red circle with a white "b" inside, and below are two groups of letters colored in red and grey "b at" and "ud o".
  • Realtek - is made only from blue, having the letters "R  AL   K" with a weird logo in front of them.
  • Meridian - the logo made from two groups of letters "it v" and "ERI A".
  • Alpine - is the on formed by the blue letters "A P E" and 5 oblique lines in front of the "A".
  • House M.D. - is the black one, made from a small outlined black square with the letter "H" inside, followed by a wide line.

Update notes:
  • Updated the logos that have new design, because the game had a major update.
  • Updated descriptions for the new logos.
  • Some spelling errors are fixed.

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  1. am stuck on a logo that looks like a blue c with a tail at the front a small gap then the letter a in black first word has 4 letters the second has six,can anyone help please