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  • Sears - is the two blue letters "S    R"
  • Soundcloud - is the orange logo shaped like a cloud, with the left side made from vertical lines, and under it you can see this letters "UND"
  • Spalding - is the blue text "SP    IN" that has above a logo made from an blue "S" inside a oval shape.
  • Staples - is the slightly oblique red rectangle with the white letters "LE" inside. Under the rectangle you can see three words written in black "that was easy"
  • Starbucks - is the lady on the black round background inside a larger green circle, outlined in white.
  • Swarovski - is the black swan with the letters "W   OV" under it.
  • Tag Heuer - is the logo shape with 5 sides, spit in two parts. The top part is green with the letters "AG" in it, and the bottom part is red with the letter "U" in it.
  • Tide - The logo made from the violet letters "T  e" above two circles, on inside the other.
  • Toblerone - is the red text "O LER" with a brown mountain above.
  • Tommy Hilfiger - the logo formed from two rectangles, one white the other red, with dark blue rectangles above and bellow. On the top blue rectangle you there is the letters "M M" and on the rectangle from the bottom are the letters "F I"
  • Trans Union - is the letter "T" made from green dots, and benath it there are two letters "sU". The "s" is grey and the "U" is green.
  • UGG - the one formed by the two big black "GG" with smaller letters bellow: "lia"
  • Oxford - is the blue square logo, with another lighter blue circle shape in it. In the blue circle there is a white circle, on which you can see a book and a crown.
  • Whole Foods - is the green logo formed by three rows of text. On the first row stands written "O E", the second row has the letters "OO" and the last row is a green rectangle with two white letters in it: "M       T"
  • Wii - is the tow grey colored "ii"
  • Saleen - Is the rectangle, light red, logo cut by some white lines, and in the middle of it there is a big white letter "S"

  • SriLanka Airlines - is the logo formed by three wobbly shapes, first one green, second one red, and third one orange. Under the there are the letters "iL    ka" and under them three more letters: "nes".
  • Holden - is the white lion, with one of his claw on a ball, inside a red round shape.
  • Vespa - is represented by the black, oblique, letters "e  p" with a wide line under them.
  • ABB - Is the red logo that is made from a "A" that misses the bottom left half, a "B" that has the lower half erased, and another "B" that doesn't have the top half.
  • Arcelor Mittal - is the logo formed by the black letters "Ar      it" and a curved red line above them.
  • Chili's - is the green outlined oval, with a green "h" inside and a small red chili near it.
  • Chiquita - is the blue oval logo with the white letters "C  i" inside and a yellow logo above them.
  • illy - is the red square with the letters "l y" inside.
  • Paramount - is the white mounting inside a black circle, and with black dots around.
  • Signal - the one made from the blue letters "ig". The dot above the "i" is red.
  • Vaio - is the blue letters "VA" written with an unusual font.
  • Tata - is the blue letters "A A" with a ellipse logo with two curved white lines in it.
  • Tefal - the two red letters "F L"
  • Walmart - the blue letters "art" with a orange sun near them.
  • Woolmark - Is the logo that look like an optical illusion made from 5 curved black lines, looped together.
  • Wordpress - is the white "W" inside a blue circle outlined in white.

  • Aegon - is the white "A" inside a blue oblique square, withe a black "O" in the right side, underlined by a wide black line.
  • AGV - the logo that looks like a flag made from green, white and red with a black rectangel under it, and the white letter "V" inside the rectangle.
  • Amway - the blue letters "ay" with a wide pink line under them.
  • Aprilia - is the red rectangle with the white letters "ili" inside of it.
  • Aviva - the blue letters "v v" with a logo formed by a blue shape joined with a red shape.
  • AXN - the white letter "X" inside a red rectangle.
  • Bebo - the logo formed by a white "b" inside a red circle, and to it's right there is a blue "o"
  • Benetton - is the green rectangle with two lines of letters in it. The top line has the "UN      OL" letters in, and the line from the bottom is formed by the letters "F     TT".
  • Brembo - is the one formed by the red letters "em" each having an oblique white line in them. To the left of them there is a round shaped logo.
  • Brooks - The blue logo similar to an arrow shape, that has the black letters "B    KS" to the right of them.
  • Bulgaria Air - is made from the green letters "BU" and the red ones "IR" after them there is a logo, similar to a airplane tail, made from green and red lines.
  • Burberry - is the running white horse, which carry a man, and beneath them there are the white letters "RRY"
  • Campina - is the green oval shaped logo with the white letters "am" inside.
  • Capcom - is the black rectangle that has inside the yellow letters "COM" outlined in blue.
  • Clinique - is the logo formed by a big black "C" with the letters "QU" under it.
  • Diesel - is the logo shaped like a red rectangle with two lines of white text. The first line has the "S L" characters and the second line the word "LIVING"

  • Escada - drown here as the 3 golden letters: "E CA"
  • Fischer - is the logo shaped like a yellow square with two black triangles inside, and under them stands two letters "CH"
  • Fox - is the logo formed by the big blue letters "r x"
  • Fashion Tv - is the diamond outline shape with a small black dot in it.
  • Givenchy - is the black logo formed by 3 square shapes with the letters "CHY" under it.
  • Herbalife - Is the green letters "H      FE" beneath a green leaf inside a circle.
  • Hawaiian Airlines - is the girl with dark pink and violet hair, and a orange flower at her ear,
  • Henkel - is the red "H" inside a red outlined oval.
  • Johnson - is the logo formed by the red text "Jo       Jo" written with an unusual font.
  • Kenwood - Is the letters "WOO" with a small red triangle above the "W"
  • Kraft - is the red outlined logo, shaped like an oval, with the letters "FT" inside.
  • Lancome - is formed by two rows of text. The top row has the black letters "OM" and the row beneath has the letters "PARIS".

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  1. Replies
    1. no.... AVG is correct.

  2. I stand corrected... AVG is on another level. This one is AGV.


  4. Level 8 UB gold with red outline

  5. Correct the photo. It is AGV


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