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  • PetroChina - the logo colored in the top half in orange, and the bottom half red. Between them there is a white dot with some lines starting from it. In represents the sun.
  • Zippo - is the logo with the text black "po" to the right and a red stamp in the left.
  • Fruit of the loom - the logo representing a pile of fruits.
  • Oral-B - the white letters "O   B" in a blue rectangle with rounded corners.
  • Lonely Planet - is the blue square logo, with rounded corners, that has inside an outlined circle en the letters "ely    net"
  • Lindt - written in pale gold is "dt" and a logo to it's right. Underneath there is a line and below  the line there is the world "LAND"
  • Wilson - is the black "W" logo with a half square around.
  • Babolat - the text that says: "B b   T" and has above a logo that resembles a red eye.
  • Harvard - is the logo with the 3 white books on a red background surrounded by golden decorations. Beneath you can notice the letter "H"
  • Playskool - Is the logo with red oval background on which you can read "PLAY     L"
  • Bandai - is the big red square with an "AN" on the first line and a "D" on the second.
  • Longines - is the blue logo with the text "NGIN" and beneath a blue logo that looks like wings
  • Rollerblade - is the one that looks like a roller-blade with two wheels inside a outlined circle.
  • Marvel - is the one that has a red rectangle background and the white letters "VEL" above.
  • Pritt - the logo that looks to be a white book, on a red background and in the book there are two letters written "tt".
  • KTM - is the logo with the rectangle orange bacground and the letters written on it are a half of "T" and a "M".

  • Top Gear - is represented by the black characters "op   ar" and near the there is a blue, sniping, gear.
  • Iberia - is the one composed by 3 shapes, on burgundy and two orange, and together they make a partial complete "B".
  • Dainese - is the logo shaped like a red triangle and has inside two smaller triangles.
  • Reddit - is that little guy drown in and outline blue, that smiles has one orange eye and an antenna on his head.
  • Element - is the one that looks like a white tree inside a white outlined circle, all on a red square background.
  • Columbia - Is the logo that is formed from 5 small and wide lines, all of them in oblique positions.
  • Chubu Electric Power - is the orange half of spiral, that has in the right side the letters "CH" and bellow "E         Power"
  • China Unicom - Is the red hourglass shaped like logo that has someting that looks like a fish to it's left, and bellow there are the letters "i       i" written in also red.
  • China Telecom - Is the blue logo that looks to be two circles linked, and bellow them there are two Chinese characters.
  • Carolina Herrera - Is the logo formed by two big letters "CH" ("C" is red "H" is black) and beneath them are more letters: "INA   E"
  • British Midland International - is the blue round logo with the withe letters "bmi" in it. In front of the logo there are more letters: "B        Mi" and under it "national".
  • Banco Do Brasil - is the weird blue logo on a square yellow background.
  • Auntie Annes - is the logo that has the blue letters "tie       e's" and above them there is a yellow pretzel.
  • Asiana Airlines - the text, written in grey "AN A    ES" and in the top right there is a red arrow.
  • Alcatel - this logo is the one that has written, on a black square background, the letters " L A   L" and above them there is a small red triangle.
  • Aiwa - is the red logo that seems to be made from three arrows...

  • Airwalk - described here like a white "A" inside a red circle, with the next text bellow "A  WA"
  • Air Canada - the one that has a red maple leaf inside a red circle, and bellow you can read "IR       A"
  • Huawei - The red logo the looks like it's made from red flower petals, and has two black letters beneath "W I"
  • Acura - is the silver round logo with this blue letter under it "U A"
  • Airness - is the one that look like a black panther/tiger and has the letters "SS" under.
  • Brita - is the big blue "B" with many small circles, in different shades of blue, near it.
  • Milton Bradley - the logo that has inside a black outlined square the letters "MB" and below to smaller letters "ON"
  • Ritz Carlton - is the blue crown with a lion head above. Bellow you can read the letters "T       z-C    "
  • Skullcandy - is the white skull inside a black circle
  • Slazenger - is the one with the running panther and the letters "en er" under it.
  • Symantec - is the circle that is broken in two halfs: one yellow the other one is black.
  • Target - is made from a red dot inside an red circle, and under it you can see the letters "T g  ."
  • Absolut - is made from two lines o blue text. The top on says "A    L T" and the second one is "ODK"
  • Adio - is the big black square with the letters "AD" in it, and above the letters there is a white logo.
  • Air New zealand - is formed by the letters "N    ZEA" with a blue logo above them.
  • NTT Docomo - written in red are the letters "do o  o" and two small "TT" above the first "o"

  • SKF - is the blue square with a red line in the lower side. In the blue square there is a "F" and a white logo underneath it.
  • TNT - this logo is the one made from 3 orange outlined circles.
  • Formula 1 - Is the big red "1" that has motion blur...
  • HTC - is represented by the green "C" and this text bellow it "qui       ant"
  • EA Sports - The half of red "EA" and the letters blue "s    s" under it. All of them in an grey circle.
  • KLM - is the light blue "M" with a few dots and lines above it.
  • TomTom - is the one with two red palms on a sphere, and bellow this letters "m om"
  • Garmin - the one formed from this black letters "G     IN". The "N" has a small blue triangle above it.
  • NBC - Is the logo that looks like half of circle made from different color petals. Underneath it there is a black "C".
  • ESPN - Is the red letters "ESPN" only that some misses half of them.
    McAfee - the logo that says, written in purple, "M    ee"
  • TSN - is the red on where you can read and "S" and a half of "n"
  • Rock Shox - Is the logo made from two lines of text. The top one is "RO" written in red on a white bacround, and the bottom one is "OX" written in white in a black bacground.
  • Divx - is the black logo where you see "DVX" (the x is a bit erased).
  • Opera - The big red "O"
  • Brussels Airlines - consists by a triangle made from red dots, and near it you see this text "sels" and beneath "ai" both written in blue.

  • Alitalia - is the green logo that has the following letters "A     ia".
  • Bundesliga - is the white man that is kicking a ball.
  • Hard Rock Cafe - is the dark purple letters "Ha    oc" above a orange circle.
  • Leica - is the red "L" written with a hand-writing font.
  • Chupa Chups - Is the logo formed by two lines of red text, on a yellow background. The first line has the "Ch" letters and the second line has "ps"
  • Lavazza - is the three white letters "vAz" on a dark blue rectangle.
  • Del Monte - the logo formed by the white letters "D  Mo" inside a red round shape outlined in green.
  • Psvita - is the one that shows only two silver letters "P v"
  • American Express - is the blue square with an white "A" and "S" in it.
  • Wella - Is the one that resembles a female head, made from a red line, and beneath it you can see two red "LL"
  • Time - The white letter "T" inside a black rectangle.
  • 3M - Is the red one, that has the bottom half of an "3" and two vertical lines near it.
  • Allianz - is the blue "A" that has, at the right side, a blue circle with 3 vertical lines in it.
  • Hot Wheels - is the one that looks like a red flame with "LS" characters in the right side.
  • The North Face - The big black square with the letters "TH" and "FA" in it.
  • HSBC - Is the partial red circle with the blue letter "C" in the right part.

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  1. I have a logo with a blue rectangle and a crack in the middle of it, it also have the letters "C" and "H" in red in the crack.

    1. Check in which level it is and search it on this site...

  2. Yeah i am stuck on the same one has any one got the answer?

  3. You are sure you play this version of Logo Quiz? This is Logo Quiz by bubble quiz games... There are other "Logo Quiz" by other developers...

  4. I have a logo with a red square and, it also has white letters "u" "I" "Q" and "o" . It's a six letter word

    1. Search for it in the appropriate level pack... Is the same game? There are several "Logo Quiz" games... this is the first one, and is made by "bubble quiz games"


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