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Logo Quiz Level 7 Answers by bubble quiz games Answers

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Logo Quiz Level 7 pack contains 80 logos. The answers to all of them are:
  • Geox - is the black letters "EOX".
  • Nutella - the text "n t ll" where the "n" is black and the "t ll" is red.
  • Oreo - the oblique logo that looks like a blue outlined text starting with the white letter "o".
  • Duracell - the black letters "D RA  LL".
  • Unicef - is the logo that describes a mother holding her baby, colored in light blue.
  • Rolex - is the brown crown.
  • Hilton - is the blue "H" inside a elliptical outlined shape.
  • Quantas - is the white kangaroo inside a red triangle, and above this there is a black letter "s".
  • Lotus - is the yellow circle, outlined with silver, having inside a green triangle and the letters "c a b".
  • Vimeo - is represented by the light blue letter "v".
  • Hermes - the orange logo that looks like a horse that carries a carriage and a man stand in front of the horse.
  • Unilever - is the big blue "U" made from lots of smaller different shapes.
  • Winamp - is the white rhombus with a orange lighting sign above it.
  • Aeroflot - the logo made from two groups of blue letters "A   F" and "R  A", followed by a flag in the wind.
  • Air Jamaica - is the circle blue logo with a yellow bird inside of it.
  • Repsol - the round logo split in 3 parts colored in orange, silver and red.

  • Kroger - is the oval blue logo outlined in red, and with the white letters "K o er" in it.
  • PSP - is the black letters "PP".
  • Diadora - the arrow shaped logo, pointing to the left.
  • ZTE - the blue letters "Z E" followed by two black chinese characters.
  • Tropicana - is the dark green logo formed from the letter "I" with a leaf above it.
  • Goldman Sachs - to blue square with the white letters "G n S" inside.
  • Casio - the blue letters "c  io".
  • Domino's Pizza - the square logo formed by a blue rectangle and two red squares with white dots inside.
  • Dunkin Donuts - the white plastic coffee cup on a square background colored in orange and pink.
  • Lucasarts -  a yellow logo formed by a human silhouette holding a rainbow above it's hed.
  • Crocs -  the white crocodile inside a black circle outlined in white.
  • Kool-Aid - a blue shadow of an word where you can read only two white letters "oo".
  • Standard Chartered - is the logo formed by two spiral lines, top one being blue and bottom one green.
  • Spanair - is the orange round shape with a sharp line inside.
  • Landwind - is the one that looks like a silver oval with a red rhombus inside.
  • Mahindra - is the red letters "M hi  ra".

  • Kelme - is the one that look like a black dog footprint.
  • Star Alliance - is the logo formed by 5 grey pyramids/triangles.
  • Shoei - is the blue letters "HO I" inside a wide hexagon.
  • Seven Eleven - is the green square with a white trapeze inside of which there is a "7".
  • Al Jazeera - is the light brown logo shaped like a flame made from lines and dots.
  • Animal Planet - the green logo made from this green letters "A L M L".
  • Asics - the blue "a" shaped logo.
  • AVG - is formed by 4 squares colored in orange, blue, green and red.
  • Bajaj - is the blue logo shaped like a bird followed by this letters "B  AJ".
  • Billboard - Is the black letters "B      d" with 3 dots between colored in red, yellow and blue.
  • Bose - is the text "B E" written in black.
  • Bulova - the letters "B L A" with a logo above that look like a fork.
  • Breitling - is the black logo represented by an anchor with wings.
  • Carlsberg - is the logo formed by the green letters "ls  h" and a green curved line under.
  • CBS - is the black logo looking like an eye inside a black circle.
  • Chick-Fil-A - is the red text, written with a font similar to handwriting, that spells "C A", the "A" is like a ribbon.

  • Corona - is the golden crown.
  • DC Shoes - is the black logo formed by the letters "DC" joined together, and a small black star.
  • Dunlop - is represented by the black letter "D" inside a yellow circle, inside a red arrow. Below there are some black letters "D N OP".
  • Emaar - is the square logo that has a white sun in the middle, the top side being dark yellow and bottom side dark blue.
  • Energizer - is the black text "E e g  er".
  • Etihad Airways - the logo formed by some odd characters, under the logo are this groups of letters "CT AD" and "RW TS".
  • Evian - is the red "va" with 3 blue mountains above, and a pink oval around.
  • Ferrero Rocher - is the cream oval with this letters inside: "RR".
  • FourSquare - the white letters, outlined in blue, "fo".
  • Foot locker - is the black referee looking to the right.
  • Gerber - is the blueish baby face inside the blue circle.
  • Garnier - the logo made from 3 circles colored in green, orange and purple, and having leaf patterns inside.
  • Godiva - is the logo that displays a woman riding an white horse.
  • Groupon - is the white letter "G" on a black rectangle background.
  • Hallmark - the logo made from a black crown with 5 dots above.
  • Hennessy - is the black logo that appears to be a hand holding an axe.

  • Instagram - is the logo that looks like a photo camera.
  • John Deere - is the green square logo with a yellow deer inside.
  • John Galliano - is the black text, written with gothic font, "J  h" and bellow "G ll a o"
  • Kelloggs - the red text that looks to be handwritten, and that spells: "K  og s".
  • Konica Minolta - the oval blue logo with 5 white horizontal lines inside.
  • La Liga - is the logo that has a football in the middle, surrounded by some shapes of different colors.
  • Lucky Brand - the black letters "L B".
  • Maybelline - the blue group of letters "MA B LLI E".
  • Nikon - is the black text "ik n" inside a yellow square.
  • Oakley - is the black outlined oval, with "A L" written bellow.
  • Olympus - is the blue letters "L m US" underlined by a orange line.
  • Pfizer - is the oval blue logo that has a white "f r" in it.
  • Ralph Lauren - is the black logo that consists of an man holding a polo stick and riding a horse.
  • Ray Ban - is the red rectangle with white letters in it, that says "ay B".
  • Rolling Stone - it is made from two black word, and two red readable letters "R S".
  • Seagate - 5 incomplete circles, one inside the other.

Update notes:
  • Updated the logos that have new design, because the game had a major update.
  • Updated descriptions for the new logos.
  • Some spelling errors are fixed.

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  1. Qantas doesn't have a u I had to spend 7 hints to find out what it was :(

  2. foot locker not loker fyi :)

  3. Sorry... When you process so much levels (over 1000) a few mistakes are inevitable.
    Thanks for the corrections, they will help other people who stumble on them.

  4. what company has a white B with a pink backgrounf?

  5. What is the logo that has the word pictures at the bottom with a line on the top of it

    1. There are many logos that have the word "pictures" in them... Can you provide a image with the logo?

  6. I cannot find the dakr blue partial circle with a dark blue i inside. I have looked in a lot of the cheats and it just isn't there. It is level 7 logo quiz by bubble. Please help!