Monday, April 8, 2013

Logo Quiz Level 1 Answers by bubble quiz games Answers

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All the answers for Level 1 pack of  Logo Quiz. Here is the list with all the answers:
  • Samsung - The first logo, that has the "SA G" letters, on a blue background.
  • Volkswagen - Is a "W" inside a blue circle.
  • L'Oreal - Only the "L'O E L" are shown.
  • Nescafe - Is the "N" with a big horizontal line to the right inside a red rectangle.
  • Pringles - Is the funny looking guy, with a big mustache and a black shadow of an word under him.
  • Twitter - The blue bird.
  • Michelin - The fat looking guy.
  • Reebok - The blue letters "eeb k".
  • Red Bull - The two red bulls that are fighting head to head.
  • Flickr - The group of blue letters "I ckr" the "r" being colored in pink.
  • Pizza Hut - Is the red hat with a with two groups of letters under: "i za" and "ut".
  • Ebay - Is the red "e" and green "y".
  • Amazon - Represented here by the black letter "Z" and a orange arrow under it.
  • McDonalds - Is the orange shape that looks like the letter "M" with two missing parts in the middle.
  • Skype - The white letters "k pe" on a blue background.
  • Citroen - Is the two grey arrows pointing upwards.
  • Microsoft - A big square formed from 4 smaller squares colored in red, green, blue and orange.
  • Burger King - Is the clue circle with two yellow stripes in it.
  • Nissan - The red letters "N SS N".
  • IBM - is made from 3 letters formed by blue horizontal lines that looks like "IDM".
  • MTV - Is the big black "M".
  • intel - is the broken blue oval.
  • SAP - Is the white "P" on the dark blue sharp-square background.
  • Swatch - a red square with an white "+" inside.
  • Whirlpool - the logo formed by the letters "W i lp  l" and a yellow, broken, oval in the middle of them.
  • YouTube - Is the letter "Y" and a red rectangle at the right of it.
  • Nintendo - The letters "N   O" inside a grey outlined rectangle with round corners.
  • Adobe - The letter "A" above a red background.
  • Sony - Represented by the black letters "S NV", the "V" is partially erased.
  • MSN - The last logo, that looks like a butterfly in four colors: orange, blue, yellow and green.

Update notes:
  • Updated the logos that have new design.
  • Updated descriptions for the new logos.
  • Spelling errors are fixed.

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