Logo Quiz Level 3

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Logo Quiz Level 3 pack contains 50 logos. The answers to all of them are:

  • National Geographic - the outlined golden rectangle 
  • Kia - the letter "  A" inside a outline oval
  • Volvo - is the silver outlined circle, with a arrow in the top, and a blue rectangle crosses it's middle.
  • Baidu - the letter "B" and a blue dog footprint to the right.
  • Chrysler - the one that looks like a circle with silver wings.
  • CNN - is the logo that shows the letters "NN" written in red and white.
  • Converse - the black star inside a black outlined circle.
  • Dove - the one that looks like a silver bird.
  • Fila - the letter "F" written in red and dark blue, inside an outlined blue square.
  • Firefox - the logo that shows an orange fox warped around earth.
  • Fujitsu - the red letters "f j    ".
  • Greenpeace - is the letters "G       ce" written in green color.
  • Guinness - the letter "G" with some golden decorations above and below, all of them on a black square background.
  • Marlboro - Is the red rectangle that has white triangle above it, in the lower side.
  • Maserati - Is the logo that shows a red trident on a oval background colored in silver and blue.Flight
  • Opel - the silver logo made from a outline circle with am horizontal lighting crossing it.

  • Oracle - the letters "O    E" written in red.
  • Speedo - the logo showing the letter "o" and a red arrow to it's right.
  • Air France - is  the letters "A        E" and a red stripe to the right side.
  • Aquafina - the letters " Q     A" colored in blue, and with some blue mountains above and two curved, blue and orange, lines beneath.
  • Ariel - the logo that imitates 3 orbits, colored in blue, green and lime.
  • Atomic - the one that looks like a red arrow.
  • Avon - the letter "A  N" written in blue.
  • Bayer - The letter "BBRR" that are inside a outline circle colored in blue and green.
  • Billabong - The one that shows the letters "BIL" and has something that looks like black flames to the left.
  • Bluetooth - the logo that has two white triangles on a blue round triangle shaped background.
  • BP - The logo that looks like a sunflower with green on the margins.
  • Breil - the logo that looks like two black links joined together.
  • Bridgestone - the big "B" colored in red at the top, and black the rest of it.
  • Burton - The curved whit arrow, on the red square background.
  • Cadillac - The multicolored logo inside a silver tiara.
  • Camper - the logo showing the letters "C    R" on a red rectangle, with the bottom edge curved.

  • Corvette - the logo that has the left half colored in black and white squares, and the right side is red with two golden symbols.
  • DHL - the letters "D L" on a golden rectangle background.
  • Discovery - the letters "isc" that are above earth, that has a blue stripe beneath.
  • Dr Pepper - the withe letters "P    r" on a burgundy elipse.
  • Disney - the black castle logo.
  • Warner Bros - the logo that shows the big letters "WB" inside a black outline.
  • AMD - the letter "A" with a green arrow to the right.
  • Android - the green android on the blue background.
  • Asus - the logo formed from the letters "A  S" colored in black.
  • ATI - the white letters "A I" on a red rectangle.
  • Audi - the four silver circles joined together.
  • Axa - the white symbols with a red oblique line above, all of them on a blue background.
  • Bacardi - the letters "B      I" that has above a red circle with a symbol in it.
  • Barbie - The pink letters "B  bi"
  • Batman - the logo that consists of an black bat on a golden oval background.
  • Beko - the blue letters "B  O" 

  • Bic - The golden boy with a black head and holding a pencil to it's back.
  • BlackBerry - the black letters "a     er" that has 7 dots to it's left.

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  1. chrysler in that logo h word is missing

    1. chrysler is in the first picture on the second row...

  2. Yes, they weren't saying it w missing, just that you misspelled the word Chrysler.

  3. what does ea stand for in pack one I keep think a sports channel

    1. I think is "Electronic Arts" or EA "Sports"

  4. I am on level 3 - I have a Orange "F" outlined in black on the top, left and bottom. On the left side 1/2 down the "F" there is a 1/2 circle cut out. 8 letter answer. letter: A,A,D,F,G,H,J,N,N,O,U,Z. Can you help me?


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