Monday, April 8, 2013

Logo Quiz Level 2 Answers by bubble quiz games Answers

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All the answers for Level 2 pack of  Logo Quiz. Here is the list with all the logos:
  • Chevrolet - this is the first logo in this pack and is like a gold flat pulse symbol.
  • Nivea - the white letters "N  A" on a blue rectangle background.
  • Mercedes - the logo that looks like 3 gray needles inside a circle.
  • DreamWorks - is the logo that impersonates a boy that is standing on a half-moon and he's fishing.
  • Coca Cola - are the letters "C C" written in red with handwriting font.
  • Hello Kitty - the white cat head with a red bow.
  • Alfa Romeo - is the round logo that has inside a red pluse and a green snake.
  • Armani - the black letters "GO  IO  RM  I".
  • Linkedin - is the word "L n   d'n". The "L n  d" are black and "'n" is white inside a blue square.
  • Skoda - is the green arrow with wings on a grey, round, background.
  • Wikipedia - is the broken silver sphere covered in letters.
  • Facebook -  the white letters "a  boo" inside a blue rectangle.
  • Adidas - the three black oblique lines, one smaller than the other.
  • Suzuki - a big and red "S" with sharp corners.
  • Ferrari - is the black horse that stands on two legs inside a yellow rectangle.
  • Cartoon Network - the letters "CN".
  • Cisco - two small pyramids, each made from 5 vertical blue line of ascending sizes.
  • Ikea - the orange oval on a blue background.
  • Napster - the blue outline cat, with green eyes and headphones.
  • WWF - is the panda bear.
  • Clash of Clans - the head of an screaming warrior with blonde hair and big moustache.
  • Sprite - a blue word on a green background and half of a yellow sphere under them.
  • AOL - the black letters "A l.".
  • Blizzard - the letters, colored in dark blue, "ZZ" inside a black rectangle.
  • Daewoo - the blue sphere that has 6 curved white lines inside.
  • Ducati - the red outlined upside-down triangle, with a curved thick line inside. 
  • HBO - a black dot inside a black circle.
  • Jack Daniels - the characters "N-7" inside a black circle.
  • Nestle - the logo that has three birds inside a nest, and the letters "le" beneath.
  • Netflix - the white letter "x" inside a red rectangle.
  • Philips - the blue letters "HI I S".
  • Puma - the red puma/cat.
  • Shell - the one that looks like a seashell, colored in yellow and red.
  • Timberland - The black tree inside a circle.
  • Unesco - the logo made from 2 black arrows at the to side and 3 lines on the bottom. Between them are the letters "NE C" and under them you can see this letters "N E C and".
  • VISA - the blue letter "V" with a golden stripe on the top left corner.
  • Yamaha - the one that looks like a round black shield with 3 white arrows inside.
  • Rossignol - the withe letter "R" inside a red circle.
  • Nvidia - the green logo, that looks like a eye half covered by a square.
  • Chevron - Is  the two arrows pointing down. The top one is blue and bottom red.

Update notes:
  • Updated the logos that have new design.
  • Updated descriptions for the new logos.
  • Spelling errors are fixed.

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