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Logo Quiz Level 5 Answers by bubble quiz games Answers

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Logo Quiz Level 5 pack contains 60 logos. The answers to all of them are:
  • Prada - the letters, colored in balck, "P  A A".
  • Saab - the red lion head with a crown on it, inside the blue circle.
  • Sanyo - the big red letter "N" with vertical white stripes on it.
  • Sharp - the logo formed by this red letters "S   RP".
  • Shimano - the blue letters "SH  A O".
  • Siemens - the logo is formed from 3 cyan letters: "S  M S".
  • Salomon - the logo that looks like an eye made from two black curved shapes.
  • Smirnoff - the one that roughly looks like a silver "bird" and is crossed at the middle by a red stripe on which you can read the letter "S".
  • STIHL - the orange letters "ST    L".
  • Subway - the green group of hidden letters that ends in a yellow "Y" with an arrow.
  • Tesco - the red letters "E CO" underlined by a thick dotted blue line.
  • Ubuntu - the dark orange circle that has inside an white outlined circle and 3 white dots.
  • Umbro - the logo that looks like two rhombus one inside the other.
  • Versace - the logo that looks like a coin, with aztec artwork on it.
  • Vogue - just the letters "V G E" written in black, is the only hint for this logo.
  • Xbox - the simple black letters "X OX"

  • Yahoo - the purple letters "Y H O!".
  • Zara - this logo is made from this black characters "Z__ R__".
  • Lee - the black rectangle with this white letters inside "ee".
  • Sheraton - is represented by the black letter "S" inside a tiara made from leafs.
  • Zurich -  this one is formed from an blue circle with an big white "Z" inside.
  • Toyota - the logo is shaped from three red ellipses joined together.
  • Adecco - the logo has a red rectangle background, and on it you find one white letter "A".
  • Always - written with a handwriting font, colored in blue, the text "al   s" has a infinite like logo above.
  • UPS - on a mix of light and dark brown you see two letters "U S".
  • Apart - the text for this logo is "A AR" colored in black.
  • Atari - the red square with 3 white lines inside, the line in the middle is vertical and the two lines on the sides are bended.
  • BBC - there are 3 black squares and inside the middle square there is and white "B".
  • Becks - the logo that looks like a red shield with an white key inside.
  • Benq - the logo shows only two purple letters "B  Q".
  • Canon - this one is formed from this red letters "C n n".
  • Caterpillar - one big black "A" with a golden triangle below.

  • DELL - this logo has two blue letters "E L" inside an outlined circle.
  • Gucci - the black letters "G C C".
  • H&M - the red logo formed by 4 vertical lines, between the there is an "&".
  • Heineken - formed from a red star with this green letters under it "H e n".
  • Honda - an unusual silver "H" inside a round rectangle.
  • Hyundai - is the silver oblique "H" inside a outline oval.
  • Lamborghini - the logo that has a golden bull in a black logo with golden outlines.
  • Porsche - is the golden logo with black and red stripes, and a black, running, horse in the middle.
  • Jaguar - the silver jaguar...
  • BMW - the black circle with another circle that is split in 4 parts, tow silver and two blue.
  • Bugatti - the red oval with white outline, that has written in it "U ATT".
  • Renault - is the silver rhombus with a whole,shaped like a rhombus, in the middle, inside a yellow square background. Under it are this black letters "EN UL".
  • Rolls Royce - the white letters "RR", between two white lines, inside a blue rectangle outline in white.
  • Bentley - is the logo that looks like a blue circle with silver wings, and inside the circle is the letter "B".
  • Mazda - is the silver logo that resembles in a small way an "M".
  • Subaru - is the oval that has inside 6 silver star, one of them being considerably bigger than the rest.

  • Land Rover - the green oval in which you can read "AN VE".
  • Maybach - this logo is made from two "M" one is taller and thinner, the other one is smaller and wither. The "M"s are overlapping, and they are on a orange background.
  • Austin - is the silver text, written with handwriting font, "A   n".
  • Infinity - Is the silver oval that looks like it was hit very hard by a triangle, in it's lower part.
  • Lincoln - is the one that looks like a black cross-hair. 
  • Lancia - the blue logo that has a silver circle in it, and inside is only the letter "A"
  • Dodge - the silver letters "D D E" followed by two oblique red lines.
  • Patek Philippe - is the logo where you can read the black letters "P T KP L PPE" and above them there is a small black logo.
  • Gulf - the round blue outline shape with orange on the top and bottom, and in the middle you can see the blue letters "G  L" on a white background.
  • Pacha - the logo formed by two red cherries.
  • Novotel - is the blue square that has a curved orange line in the middle, and the letters "N VO L" beneath it.
  • RBS - the blue square logo formed by 4 arrows pointing to the center.

Update notes:
  • Updated the logos that have new design, because the game had a major update.
  • Updated descriptions for the new logos.
  • Some spelling errors are fixed.

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  1. White M in a purple background, 5 letters. Any idea>


  2. 9 letters starting with an A and ending with an E dark blue with a diagonal red rectangle at the end?

  3. 5 letter word, and all I see is an a without the line through the center completed