Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Logo Quiz [Expert Mode] Level 1 Answers

Answers in [Expert Mode] Level 1 are:

  • Twitter - the blue bird
  • Coca-Cola - the red letter "C"
  • IBM - mane from six groups of blue lines
  • McDonalds - the curved orange line with a orange dot to the right
  • Amazon - the curved orange line with and arrow on the right end
  • Microsoft - made from two squares, one orange and the other yellow
  • Intel - the curved blue line
  • Cisco - made from six blue vertical lines
  • Disney - the dark grey "D"
  • Hewlett Packard - the blue circle with and white oblique line inside
  • Gillette - the tow oblique blue lines
  • Ford - the blue oval outlined in white
  • Shell - the orange shell outlined in red and with this under it: "he l"
  • Harley Davidson - the black logo that looks like a badge with a rectangle above it
  • Heinz - the red logo formed from and rectangle rounded on the top side
  • Oracle - the red letter "E"

  • UPS - the dark brown logo shaped like a shield
  • Lego - the red square outlined in black
  • Samsung - the blue oblique oval logo
  • Red Bull - the two golden bulls that are fighting
  • Dove - the one looking like a golden bird
  • MTV - the big black "M"
  • YouTube - the dark red rectangle with rounded corners
  • Nivea - the blue rectangle with a white "A" inside
  • Dreamworks - the black children that is fishing
  • IKEA - the yellow oval logo
  • Hello Kitty - the two eyes and a nose, with a red bow above
  • National Geographic - the yellow outlined rectangle
  • CNN - the big red letter "C"
  • Converse - the black star logo
  • Ebay - the red half of circle with a green oblique line next to it
  • Marlboro - the red rectangle with an white triangle inside, on the lower part
  • Speedo - the red logo shaped like a boomerang
  • Android - the one made from smaller green shapes

Logo Quiz [Expert Mode Level 1] Answer, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
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  1. many thanks,,,some of them are impossible..

    1. Well is not that hard... If you play the regular levels first, expert mode won't be that hard.