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  • Seiko - is made from an blue rectangle with the white letters "SE" inside.
  • Froot Loops - is the logo made from many colors, and the letters: "FROO LOO"
  • Play Doh - is the yellow rectangle with a red logo inside. In the red logo are the white letters "Pl    oh".
  • Wall E - the letters "W     E". The "W" is black and the "E" is white and inside a red circle.
  • Pillsbury - the blue round logo, with the white letters "Pill    y" inside.
  • Lidl - the blue square logo, with a yellow circle, outlined in red, inside. In the yellow circle there is one letter, a red "i".
  • Fendi - is the black text "FE   I" with a small black and white logo above.
  • JLO - is made from the black text "J O"
  • Lorus - the blue letters "US" with a small logo, made from blue and red, to the left of the text.
  • Zenith - Is the black letters "Z      H" with a black dot above them.
  • Certina - the red rectangle with the white letters "CE     A" inside.
  • Mont Blanc - Is made from two rows of black text and a circle logo with a white star inside. the top row of text is "MO" and the bottom row "NC"
  • Samsonite - the blue text "S     ite" with a round shape in the middle.
  • Air Wick - the green round logo, with the letters "A R" and "K" inside.
  • Clearasil - the blue word "C    asil"
  • Eset - the round rectangle, half white, half blue-green. On the second half there are the white letters "eT"

  • Royal Brunei - is the logo made from dark red and orange, with two rows of letter under it. The top row has a "R" and the bottom row is "BRU"
  • Kaspersky - is the green letters "Kas   sky"
  • Maxwell - the blue logo, similar with a blackboard, that has two lines of text inside. The top line has the letters "M    ll" and the bottom line says: "H  se"
  • Married with Children - the black square that has inside the green text "RIE" and the yellow text "WITH CHILDREN"
  • The Simpsons - is the red text written in two rows. Top rows says: "The" and bottom row "S    ons"
  • IMAX - the blue letters "I  X" with this smaller, black, letters bellow: "T    TRE"
  • Champion - is the blue rectangle that has inside a small logo, similar to a fish made from white and red. Under the logo there is a smaller word: "ATHLETIC"
  • WNBA - the one that looks like a woman with a basketball, on a background colored in blue and red.
  • Huggies - is the blue rectangle, that has the bottom side curved. Inside you have the white letters "GGIE"
  • Dunhill - is the really tall black letters "d  h ll"
  • ECCO - the black letters "CC" with a tall, vertical, red rectangle.
  • Lowepro - is the black text "L  pro" that has a orange shape above the "L"
  • The Onion - is the one that looks like a green, outlined, onion.
  • Nascar - is the one made from many oblique lines colored in yellow, orange, red and violet. Above the lines are the white letters "NAS".
  • Metacafe - is the orange star with the black text "meta" after it.
  • Sci Fi - is the violet logo, that is similar to the number "8" and has two letters to it's right: "Fi"

  • Finnair - is the blue logo made from the letters "FIN  R" and a square logo.
  • NCAA - is the rectangle blue logo, with a white outlined circle inside. Inside the circle are the white letters "AA".
  • Guitar Hero - is the white text outlined in black.
  • Buzz - the orange letters "ZZ!"
  • Mortal Kombat - the orange round logo with a black dragon inside.
  • Peta - the blue rectangle with a white rabbit inside. Beneath the rabbit are the letters "eT"
  • AWACS - is the blue round logo, with a black airplane inside. Under the logo is the white text: "E-3A COMPONENT"
  • WD40- the yellow logo, outlined in blue, and having the blue numbers "40" inside.
  • Le Coq Sportif - is  the triangle black logo, with a cock inside.
  • FIBA - the black rectangle with a round logo inside, made from different colored hands.
  • NFL - the logo made from white and blue. In the top area you can see a football ball, and 8 white stars.
  • Taj Hotels - is made from an big black "J" with a hexagonal logo above. Under the "j" there are two rows of text. The top row says: "H    R" and the bottom row says: "Palaces"
  • Marriott - is made all in red, and is composed by the letters "M    tt" under a round logo.
  • Sea Shepherd - is the black rectangle with a white skeleton head inside. Under the head there is a white trident and a walking stick.
  • BTCC - is the square logo that has inside 3 cars and the words "CAR CHAMPIONSHIP" in the lower side.
  • White Castle - the blue letters "Wh Cas"

  • McCain - is the slightly oblique, black rectangle outline in yellow. It has inside the white letters "ain"
  • Liveleak - the rectangle half colored in red and half white. On the red half is the white word "Live"
  • Persol - is the black, oblique word "P    ol" and it is underlined.
  • EMU - is made by a blue globe, with great Britain's flag inside. To its left is a shape made from a curved line, and under it the word "Australian".
  • Eurocopter - the small white helicopter inside a blue circle. To the left there are two rows of black text: "opter" and "Company".
  • Democrats - is the blue donkey with 4 white stars on him.
  • MasterChef - is the round logo made from a orange spiral line. 
  • Republicans - is the red logo that looks like a square elephant.
  • The Sun - the red rectangle that has inside a small "T" above the letters "un"
  • Le Monde - is written in black, with a ghotic font, "L  M  de"
  • Veolia - the red letters "VE" with a round logo above, colored in red and white. Under the "VE" are the grey letters "TRAN"
  • Kingston - is the face of a red man with black bear, and near it there are two words: "King" and "TECHNOLOGY"
  • Corsair - is colored in blue, and formed by the word "AIR" under something that looks like a wind ship rig.
  • Maersk - is the white star, inside a round square. Under it are the black letters "SK"
  • Costa Cruises - is the blue logo with yellow shapes inside. Under it are two rows of blue letters. The top row contains the letters "Co  a" and the bottom row is made from "CRU"
  • Jack Wolfskin - is the black footprint of a dog/wolf.

  • Mammut - The black mammoth inside a red circle, outlined in black.
  • Quechua - is the orange text "Q    hua"
  • Yonex - is the rectangle, that has the top half colored in blue and the bottom side colored in green. Above you can read the white letters "NE" and other three letters that have the top part missing.
  • Lotto - is the black rectangle with the white letters "tto" inside. To it's right there is a small red square with two white shapes inside.
  • CIA - is the blue round logo, outlined in yellow. Inside there is a eagle head. Above the eagle is the word "INTELLIGENCE" written in white. Under the eagle there is a yellow stripes with 4 words inside: "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"
  • TCM - is the black outlined rectangle. Inside it has a "M". Under the rectangle there is a small word: "CLASSIC"
  • Google play - you know this one for sure... Is like a play button colored in different colors.
  • Google TV - is the small TV with 9 small rectangles inside, of different colors.
  • Grey Goose - is made from two rows of blue text: "G     GO" and "VODKA"
  • Nandos - is the logo that looks like a chicken colored in black and red. Under it are the red letters "N    o's"
  • Libbys - the red letters "L b s" written with a handwriting font.
  • KYB - is the red letters "YB" that has under them the black word "Parts"
  • Quaker - is the smiling man with white long hair, and a hat on the head. Under him there are  the white letters "UAK" inside a blue rectangle shape.
  • Leda - is the green oval shape, with the white letters "L   a" inside. Under it there are three green words: "Gluten Free Foods"
  • Ibis Hotel - is the red squareish logo that has in the top side two flowers with white stars inside. The lower part is black and has the white word "HOTEL" inside.
  • Tetley - is the blue oval shape with three white letters inside: "T   ey"

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  1. AWCS - is the blue round logo, with a black airplane inside. Under the logo is the white text: "E-3A COMPONENT"--CORRECTION: Answer is AWACS.

    1. Ok, thanks for the correction. When the processing more than 1000 logos a few mistakes tend to happen...

  2. I mos def understand. Just want to make it easier for others to answer that logo.
    BTW..As you know, I was on Level #13. That was the first error I encountered. I appreciate the answers. They have been "very" helpful. Thanks!:-)

  3. taj hotels is wrong

    1. Just checked it now and it worked. Maybe you spelled it wrong...

    2. try ... taj hotels resorts and palaces...

  4. I am addicted to this game and so very thankful for this site. No matter if there is a wrong answer here or there that's is why you've got you're hints for that. Just want to say THANX!! I've been on so many sites for help and this one is the best. You Rock!!


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