Sunday, June 30, 2013

Riddle That [Season 1] Level 17

1. This level seems hard but is not really. You just need to know the basic rules of chess.
So you see bellow the chess table 8 shapes with numbers near them. They represent the directions in which a chess piece can move, allowing you to figure out which piece to move. The number near them are the number of squares that you will have to move it.
So let's take each shape:
  1. The "*" is the the White Queen and you have to move it 3  squares up landing on letter "K".
  2. The "X" is the Black Bishop. Move it 3 squares to the bottom right corner and you will reach letter "A".
  3. The "+" is the White Rook. Move it 1 square up to point on letter"S".
  4. The second "+" is the Black Rook that you have to move 4 squares down to get the letter "P".
  5. The upside-down "L" is the White Knight, and after you move it accordingly you get the letter "A".
  6. The second "*" is the Black Queen. After you move it one square to bottom-left you get the letter "R".
  7. Now the second "X" is the White Bishop. Move it 4 squares to the up-right corner to obtain the letter "O".
  8. Last one is the "L" shape that represents the Black Knight. Move it on it's path and you get the final letter "V".
So the word you are looking for is "Kasparov"

2. Enter kasparov in the text box to play the next level.


  1. The second * is the black king, not the black queen

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