Sunday, June 30, 2013

Riddle That [Season 1] Level 23

1. Go on and search for Adam Raminez. Look at his pictures, you will find one that says: "The day I was born was a giant leap for a mankind". If you google this phrase you will stumble on Neil Armstrong (the first man on moon).
2. Enter Armstrong in the text box.
3. You are close, Neil Armstrong is related to the answer, but you must enter the mission name, that is "Apollo 11".
4. Now you can play the next level.


  1. I didn't get this one, I got a gmail one and now I'm stuck...

    1. There used to be a Adam Raminez facebook page, can't find it anymore...
      Doesn't it work if you enter "Armstrong" and "Apollo 11" ?

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  3. Stuck on gmail need answer or will lose interest and start playing Pokemon go

  4. Send an e-mail to and you will receive an e-mail with a question.. the answer to that question is the final answer. The answer was Neil Armstrong

  5. The answer to gmail level is..
    You have to send a mail to
    Then you will get a reply and from that u will get answer as Neil Armstrong