Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Riddle That [Season 4] Level 6

1. This one is a little tricky. For reference we will note the Indians with "i" and the missionaries with "m".

Now follow this steps to pass the level:

iii mmm*
mmm iii
ii mmmi
mmm iii
i mii mm
ii mmim
imii mm
ii mmi m
iimmm i
iii mmm
iimmm i
*iii mmm


  1. "Moi " cest quoi
    complexe je trouve

  2. step 6-7 repeated twice in 8-9. 2 less steps for the same result. But thanks for the hint, this one was difficult.

  3. Replies
    1. Is not that hard... There are 3 indians (iii) and 3 missionaries (mmm) on the left island.
      The guide shows how many indians and missionaries you need to move at each step.

      So you start with all of them on the left island and none on the right island.

      Next you need to move to indians to the right island (mmm i - ii)

      Then bring one indian back to the left island (ii mmm - i)

      Just follow the steps in the guide and you will get it eventually.