Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Stranger Things: The Game Chapter 6 "The Hydra" Walkthrough

Here's the step by step walkthrough for Chapter 6 "The Hydra" from Stranger Things: The Game. You can watch the video above or follow my text guide below, i will keep it as brief as possible so you won't have to read to much extra stuff.

Chapter 6 "The Hydra" Walkthrough

  1. You will find the first keycard in the top right room, take it and use it to unlock the room below. Explore this part until you find a second chest, with another keycard. Use it to unlock the door in this area. In this room you'll find a red button that calls the lift.
  2. After exploring this area you will eventually reach another Evil Scientist. To beat him you must first deactivate the lasers, using the 4 buttons, than get near him and punch him. Now you can explore the other rooms in this area.
  3. You will find yourself back in the sewers after a while. Use the mice to help you navigate the area. After you get the heart return and look for the elevator that gets you to the Upside Down room.
  4. Here search for all the buttons that will unlock the path up, in the main room. When the door opens you can fight the final boss, the Tentacle Hydra.
  5. To kill the Tentacle Hydra you have to use the laser beams to make damage to it, and be careful not to die when the reinforcements come.
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