Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Stranger Things: The Game Chapter 4 "Fire and Water" Walkthrough

Here's the step by step walkthrough for Chapter 4 "Fire and Water" from Stranger Things: The Game. You can watch the video above or follow my text guide below, i will keep it as brief as possible so you won't have to read to much extra stuff.

Chapter 4 "Fire and Water" Walkthrough

  1. Crack the wall in the middle to move up, then, in the next room, take a ride on the water at the right side. Explore the sewers in this area until you find the green keycard. You'll notice you can control the water stream with the wheels (you can also use the slingshot to spin them).
  2. Return to the first room and use the keycard to open the door on the left. Explore this area until you find another keycard and a room with a fence and a wheel that stops the main water flow. Now go around and search for another green keycard and another wheel that stops the water stream where Will is. Go talk to Will to unlock him as a character. Use him to get the tube of pink lipstick.
  3. Now find the room with 4 vertical water streams, below it you'll find a gate to the Upside Down. Here start by killing the tentacles on the right and go explore that side and you'll find another keycard. Go back to the normal world and use the card to open the gate in that room, than punch that panel. Now go in the left room and use the 2 wheels to stop two water streams.
  4. Now you should be able to go to the Hazmat Gunner boss. The strategy to beat him is to wait until he starts to shot his gun. Then go around him and punch him from behind.
  5. To finish the chapter you must find Dustin, at the Library. As usual, the door is locked and you have to go to the librarian's house to get the key...
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