Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mekorama Walkthrough Part 5

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Mekorama Level 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49 and 50 Walkthrough
Level #Walkthrough
Level 41 (00:04)
"Peach Trees"
Go left - up, right - up, left - up.
Level 42 (01:09)
"Mini Golf"
First kick the ball until you get it inside the water, now you can get the robot to the other side. The next step is to hit Mekorama, with the bottom spinning "golf club", over the water
Level 43 (02:10)
"Ant Farm"
Navigate the farm, and stay behind the damaged bots.
Level 44 (03:39)
"Crush On You"
Get on the grass area below the red robot, now stand between the horizontal moving platform and the other platform. Hit the orange bot with the moving platform, it will push the other platform into the finish zone.
Level 45 (04:46)
"Ground Floor"
If you get in front of the mill's fan blades they will throw you outside the level. Now you can get back up on the other side of the mill. Then you can squeeze through the blades with a little luck.
Level 46 (06:37)
"Sarlacc Pit"
Go stand on the path of the red robot, when he is about to touch you tap the area next to the hole in the center, your robot will make a dodge and jump in the pit.
Level 47 (07:02)
"Timing Trouble"
You have to go up and climb back down on the other side. Time your movements carefully to avoid the damaged robots. The red blocks are safe to stay on.
Level 48 (07:54)
"Need a Nudge"
Clear the path until the red bot is in front of the finish block. Now you can literally push him on it with the moving block.
Level 49 (08:19)
"Worst Traffic"
Another "Unblock Me" level, if you can't solve it check the video below.
Level 50 (11:12)
"Maker Space"
Just go inside the building... 
If you can't solve a level with the explications above, take a look at the video guide below

Mekorama Level 41 to Level 50 Video Walkthrough

Mekorama Level 41 to Level 50 Walkthrough, Cheats, Solutions for Android iPhone, iPad, iPod
Note: This is "Mekorama" by "Martin Magni"


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