Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mekorama Walkthrough Part 2

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Mekorama Level 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 Walkthrough
Level #Walkthrough
Level 11 (00:05)
"Lean Pivot"
For this one you'll need to spin the pivot with Mekorama on it, not really hard to figure out, see the video below if you can't figure it out.
Level 12 (00:58)
"Castle Red"
Start by walking inside the castle, and go left. Now go all the way up using the 3 moving platforms. Now walk to the next tower and go back down, then repeat the steps on the next 2 towers
Level 13 (02:53)
"Think Through"
Reach the top square platform then go down using the other set of moving platforms.
Level 14 (03:56)
"Back Track"
In this one the red robot is in your way, so you first need to get him down and make it move past you, now the path will be clear.
Level 15 (05:28)
"Home Security"
Now you'll need to avoid the electrical traps. Start by going up on the top platform, then go back down with the other moving block.
Level 16 (06:34)
"Hamster Wheel"
Spin the wheel 2 times left and get on it, spin it 1 time right and go to the other side. Now spin it again and go back on it, now you should be able to spin it and get off on the lower side. Spin it again and climb back on it and you should reach the stairs platform after a few more spins.
Level 17 (07:50)
"Bot Bypass"
Start by moving the red robot on the platform next to the end zone. Move yourself on the platform where the red robot spawned, then go to the next platform. Now get the red bot back where it started, then on the platform you spawned. Now the path is clear for you to go to the end zone.
Level 18 (08:43)
"Crank It Up"
Start by going all the way up on the 3 moving platforms, than go back down on the other side.
Level 19 (10:08)
"Robo Rally"
This time you have to make the red robot reach the goal, you can use the platform to direct the robot. The trick is at the last platform, when the red robot get's off it you have to lift the cube in front of him, this will make him go right.
Level 20 (12:10)
"No Rush"
This is basically an "Unbolck Me" puzzle, just stay on the first platform and move the plafroms around until you clear the path. 
If you can't solve a level with the explications above, take a look at the video guide below

Mekorama Level 11 to Level 20 Video Walkthrough

Mekorama Level 11 to Level 20 Walkthrough, Cheats, Solutions for Android iPhone, iPad, iPod
Note: This is "Mekorama" by "Martin Magni"


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