Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mekorama Walkthrough Part 1

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Mekorama Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Walkthrough
Level #Walkthrough
Level 1 (00:15)
"Crash Course"
Get out of the water and use the moving platform to go behind the house and step on the teleport behind the house to finish your first level in Mekorama.
Level 2 (00:52)
"Run Of The Mill"
Climb up the mill until you reach the platform you can slide up, use it to boost Mekorama up, repeat the step with the next platform.
Level 3 (01:38)
"Crunk Error"
Use the moving platform to go down, then navigate back up on the stairs, use the second moving platform, then climb down to the end zone.
Level 4 (02:51)
"Two Towers"
Use the "I" platform to go to the second tower, now climb on the bottom side of the "I" platform and move it to the far side area, where you can get off and climb back on the other side. Now climb the stairs and use the moving platform again to reach the teleport.
Level 5 (03:38)
"Level Up"
In this one all moving platforms are linked, so take it one step of the time and climb the tower in a spiral motion.
Level 6 (04:27)
"Spin Out"
Rotate the mechanism until each gap is filed, kind of a repetitive level imo.
Level 7 (06:17)
"Pagoda Push"
In this one you encounter a fellow robot (Pagoda), the thing is his kind of in your way, and there is no way to pass him. Just move behind him until you reach the tower.
Level 8 (08:20)
"Double Maze"
You'll have to navigate both mazes in this one. Start by going down with the left platform, get back up on the platform next to the first one you used. Now use the platform parallel to the first one to go down, then climb up on the platform next to the end zone.
Level 9 (10:02)
"Temple Of Athena"
You have to go through the temple, just spin the obstacles until you clear the path.
Level 10 (10:51)
"Deep Dive"
To get down go LEFT on all platforms, to get back up go RIGHT on all platforms. 
If you can't solve a level with the explications above, take a look at the video guide below

Mekorama Level 1 to Level 10 Video Walkthrough

Mekorama Level 1 to Level 10 Walkthrough, Cheats, Solutions for Android iPhone, iPad, iPod
Note: This is "Mekorama" by "Martin Magni"


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