Saturday, December 12, 2015

Drop In The Cup Level 39 to 54 Walkthrough

Levels 1 to 27 | Level 28 to 38 | Levels 39 to 54 | Levels 55 to 72
Level 39: (0:00) - Launch the ball slow, aiming at one of the fans. You must time it so that the ball will not hit the death cog when pushed by the fan.
Level 40: (0:25) - Launch the ball up at slow speed, so that it drops on the fan, that will push it into the cup.
Level 41: (0:50) - You must time the drop so that it will fall inside the cup, when the light turns green. Or do the bug in the video :)
Level 42: (1:15) - Tap the saw until it's gone.
Level 43: (1:31) - You have to bounce the ball on all platforms, start by aiming at full power at the right platform. See the video for details.
Level 44: (1:55) - The ball has to touch all 4 platforms and the cup will turn around.
Level 45: (2:50) - Again you need to touch all 4 platforms to flip the cup. Start by hitting the left vertical platform...
Level 46: (3:40) - Bounce the ball on the ground and into the 2 platforms.
Level 47: (3:54) - Aim the ball at full power, to the bottom side of the tilted platform.
Level 48: (7:22) - This one requires some luck... Drop the ball on the tilted platform and keep your finger crossed...
Level 49: (7:51) - Just launch the ball over the platform and in the cup...
Level 50: (9:05) - Drop the ball on the platform and tilt it so it drop inside the cup.
Level 51: (9:50) - To avoid the invisible wall you can launch the ball with an high arch over it, and in the cup.
Level 52: (10:14) - Bouncing the ball one time on the ground, at the right side, will do the trick.
Level 53: (11:05) - Just aim for the cup..
Level 54: (11:40) - Create a gap and launch the ball trough it. .
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