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Drop In The Cup Level 1 to 27 Walkthrough

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Level 1: (0:36) - Just put the ball in the cup.
Level 2: (0:44) - Gently drop the ball on the tilted platform to get it inside the cup.
Level 3: (1:00) - For this level you need power, aim the ball at the tilted platform.
Level 4: (1:46) - Launch the ball with the right power to form an arch and land inside the cup.
Level 5: (2:10) - Bounce the ball on the right wall.
Level 6: (2:30) - This one is easy, just drop the ball over the moving platform.
Level 7: (2:50) - Wait for the path to clear an drop the ball straight into the cup.
Level 8: (3:00) - This one requires good timing, you have to bounce the ball on the moving platform when it is at the highest point.
Level 9: (3:30) - For this one you need to aim directly inside the cup and with full power, because the lid closes as soon as you make the drop.
Level 10: (4:00) - This one requires good timing, aim for the right spinning platform, see the video for details.
Level 11: (4:06) - Just wait for the cup to get below the ball and drop the ball straight down.
Level 12: (4:10) - Not a hard level, just good timing is required.
Level 13: (4:20) - Wait for the cup to get bellow the ball and then make the drop.
Level 14: (4:30) - Another level where timing is the key. Wait for the cup to be in the lower side, than aim the ball straight into the cup, when the gap is at the largest point.
Level 15: (4:50) - For this one you can ignore the moving platforms and just aim the ball straight up. Of course you have to time it so it will fall inside the moving cup.
Level 16: (5:06) - Drop the ball with full power when it is at the highest point...
Level 17: (5:20) - Drop the ball when it is on the right side, only then the gap is big enough.
Level 18: (5:40) - Kind of a luck based level, not really hard...
Level 19: (6:05) - You'll need to squeeze the ball around the spinning thing, with maximum power.
Level 20: (6:50) - Wait for both gaps to align above the cup, than simply drop the ball straight in the cup.
Level 21: (7:21) - Aim the ball so that it bounces on the ground, over the spinning cog and into the cup.
Level 22: (7:35) - For this one you need to gently drop the ball on one of the tilted platforms to make it bounce under the spinning wheel and inside the cup.
Level 23: (10:40) - You can just launch the ball over the 3 spinning cogs and straight inside the cup.
Level 24: (11:10) - Aim the ball straight into the cup...
Level 25: (11:13) - Drop the ball in the cup with full power.
Level 26: (11:20) - Aim for the cup when the path is clear..
Level 27: (11:28) - Move the cup with your finger than put the ball inside.. .
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