Thursday, August 21, 2014

Logo Quiz Emoji [Level 4] Answers by "bubble quiz games"

Logo Quiz Emoji Level 4 answers are:

  • Dog Food - a white dog emoji and different kind of food items.
  • Door Bell - a brown door and a blue bell.
  • Down to Earth - a green arrow pointing down followed by a white 2 inside a blue circle and the planet earth
  • Drama Queen - a movie cut tool and a woman wearing a golden crown.
  • Drive in Theatre - a blue car followed by a orange drawer and two orange masks.
  • Early Bird - a sunrise/sunset and a green bird emoji.
  • Earth Worm - the planet earth emoji and a green worm/snake.
  • Easter Egg - a white bunny and a fried egg.
  • ET - a UFO followed by a bicycle and a blue half moon emoji.
  • Eye Candy - a eye emoji and a pink-white lollipop emoji.

  • Eyeliner - a pair of eyes and a black horizontal line.
  • Facebook - the face of a women and a blue opened book.
  • Fairy Tale - a small fairy and a blue opened book emoji.
  • Family Photo - a husband and wife with their child and a black photo camera.
  • Faily Tree - a man, a woman and a child followed by a green tree.
  • Finding Nemo - a magnifier emoji and a dark orange fish.
  • Finish Line - a racing flag and a black horizontal line emoji.
  • Fire alarm - a fire emoji and a alarm clock.
  • Fire Truck - a fire and a blue truck with yellow cabin.
  • Fish and Chips - the UK flag followed by a blue fish and a pack of french fries.

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