Thursday, August 21, 2014

Logo Quiz Emoji [Level 1] Answers by "bubble quiz games"

Logo Quiz Emoji Level 1 answers are:

  • 7Up - the red seven emoji and a blue arrow pointing up.
  • Air Force One - a airplane emoji, a man dressed in blue and with a red hat on his head and a white "1" inside a blue circle.
  • Air Mail - the airplane emoji and a white envelope.
  • Angels and Demons - 3 white angels and two red devils.
  • Angry Birds - and angry face emoji and two birds, green and red.
  • Animal Planet - the yellow baby bird, a fish and the planet earth.
  • Apple TV - the red apple emoji and a TV set.
  • ATM PIN - a blue screen with "ATM" written on it followed by a blue pin/needle emoji.
  • Baby Bottle - a baby and a water bottle.
  • Baby Shower - a baby and a shower cap.
  • Banana Boat - a banana emoji and a boat.
  • Banana Split - a banana and a broken red heart.
  • Barber Shop - a blue, white, red spiral and a red shopping basket.
  • Baseball Diamond - a white baseball ball and a purple diamond.
  • Bathroom - a water tap and a toilet seat emoji.
  • Bear Grylls - a brown teddy bear and a fire emoji.
  • Beauty Queen - a fingernail polish bottle and a woman wearing a golden crown.
  • Bed Bugs - a child sleeping in bed followed by a black ant and a ladybug emoji.
  • Bee Line - a bee emoji and a black horizontal line.
  • Benjamin Franklin - a blue "$" sign and the number 100 written inside a red circle.

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