Thursday, August 21, 2014

Logo Quiz Emoji [Level 2] Answers by "bubble quiz games"

Logo Quiz Emoji Level 2 answers are:
  • Bible - a white church emoji and a blue opened book.
  • Birthday Song - a small cake with a lit candle on top and a blue music note emoji.
  • Blood Diamond - a syringe filed with blood and a purple diamond emoji.
  • Bloody Mary - a blood syringe followed by a red apple and a cocktail glass.
  • Blue Moon - a blue circle emoji and a blue half moon.
  • Book Bag - a blue opened book emoji and a brown briefcase.
  • Bookworm - a blue book and a green worm/snake emoji.
  • Botox - a blood filed syringe followed by a ugly face with big eyes, and a face of a beautiful woman.
  • Breakfast Club - a fried egg emoji followed by a white cup of coffee, a doughnut and 4 cards aces.
  • Bridal Shower - a bride emoji an a white shower cap.

  • Bright Idea - a sun emoji followed by a light bulb and a hand with the thumb up.
  • British Airway - the flag of UK and a white airplane.
  • Burger King - a burger emoji and a crown.
  • Butcher - a man in a black suit followed by a kitchen knife and a pig emoji.
  • Canada - a red-white flag, with a maple tree leaf in the middle, followed by the planet earth emoji.
  • Canadian Bacon - the flag of Canada followed by a pig.
  • Candy Apple - a pink-white lollipop and a red apple.
  • Candy Crush - a pink-white lollipop emoji followed by a hammer and a red explosion.
  • Car Accident - a blue car followed by an explosion and a red car.
  • Car Wash - two water taps with a blue car between.

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