Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Icomania - What's the Icon? Level 2

The icons in level 2 are:

Jurrasic Park - the black dinosaur head on a red background.
Berlin - is the dark yellow icon, with 4 grey horses that carries a cart with a human in it.
Canada - the man that wears a uniform made from a red shirt, black pants an a big hat on his head.
Kodak - the red logo, similar to a "K" on a gold background.
Kevin Costner - is the man with brown hair combed with a path on the middle.
Quick Silver - the red logo that has, inside, a shape similar to a white mountain.
Elmo - the fluffy red puppet.
Brazil - the one with a big white statue of Jesus.
Cars - the shape similar to a red car with eyes and mouth.
Bill Clinton - the guy with grey hair wearing a black suit and a white shirt.
District 9 - the black bug with a red banned mark above it.
Pisa - the white tower that is slightly inclined.
Las Vegas - the dark icon with some white cards inside a golden rhombus.
Dunlop - the white icon that has a orange shape, inside, formed by a circle inside a triangle.
Germany - the beer mug on a background made from blue and white rhombus.
Seacrest - the man in a black suit holding a blue microphone.
Mc Hammer - the black man with yellow shirt and black large pants.
Intel - the blue icon on a white background that represents a word inside a oval blue shape.
Tasmanian Devil - the dark red monster with a big mouth and tongue.
Athens - is the white construction made from stone pillars.
South Africa - is the brown icon that has a leopard inside.
101 Dalmatians - is the white dog with black spots
Donald Duck - the blue hat and the red bow
Audi - the silver logo made from three circles linked together.


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