Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Icomania - What's the Icon? Level 1

The icons in level 1 are:

  • Twister - the one that looks like a tornado
  • Shaq - the black guy with a basket ball
  • E.T. - the shape tat looks like a alien
  • Up - the one made from mant balloons
  • Niki Minaj - is the black girl with long black hair
  • Ebay - is the one made from 4 shapes of letters colored in red, blue, yellow and green
  • Dell - is the blue circle with 4 blue letters inside
  • Shrek - is the green guy with two antennas and a brown shirt
  • Italy - is the white tower that is slightly oblique
  • Bert - the yellow guy that looks like a puppet with black hair and a big orange nose
  • Dubai - is the small ship that sailes on blue waters
  • The Avengers - made frow 4 characters colored in green red blue and dark blue. The blue one has a shield in it's hand
  • Lecter - is the head of a white man, that wears a mask on it's mouth
  • Cuba - is the black outline shape of a human head, above a flag colored in white and blue.
  • Mr Bean - is the man in a brown suit with a white shirt and red tie
  • Thor - the man with blond hair holding a big hammer
  • Skype - is  the rownded blue shape on a white background
  • Cleopatra - is the girl with black hear wearing gold accesories
  • Cairo - the icon representing a pyramid and the sphynx
  • Netherlands - the one that has a white mill in inside
  • Seattle - the tower with SF looks
  • Beijing - the building with chinese architecture
  • Steve Jobs - the man with grey hair, glasses, and wearing a black shirt
  • Pakistan - the white building with green sky and a white half-moon with a star near it.


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