Tuesday, May 8, 2018

One Level: Stickman Jailbreak Walkthrough

One Level: Stickman Jailbreak by RTU Studio walkthrough, cheats, solutions for all 48 levels.  One Level: Stickman Jailbreak is a game, similar to That Level Again, in which you play the same level but with slight modifications each time.
The level get gradually harder to solve and you can't skip them if you don't know the solution. Below I will explain to you how to pass each level in One Level: Stickman Jailbreak!

Level 1 (It's easy): Get the key and use it to open the door.
Level 2 (Ysae s'ti): In this one back and forward buttons are switched.
Level 3 (And for what?): Go to the exit without grabbing the key.
Level 4 (We're losing control): Here the buttons will disppear from time to time.
Level 5 (Have patience): Just wait a little while and the door will open on it's own.
Level 6 (Mirror): The level is mirrored in this one, just take the key to unlock the door.
Level 7 (Don't you get tired of this yet): In this one you have to collect 5 keys to open the door.
Level 8 (Go! Go! Go!): Just ignore the key, and go fast through the door, before it closes.
Level 9 (Version for visually impaired): The level is zoomed in this one, the key is in the usual place.
Level 10 (So heavy key!): Just push the key towards the door.
Level 11 (Somebody stop me!): In this one you can't stop, just try to avoid the spikes...
Level 12 (Mirage): You can pass through the door, like a ghost.
Level 13 (House upside down): The world it's upside down, just flip the phone to make it easier.
Level 14 (Move in flight): Just collect all the keys to open the door.
Level 15 (Just one): The good key is the one it top-right, above the spikes.
Level 16 (Bridge or elevator): Use your finger to move/drag the lower left platform to the area where the key is.
Level 17 (You need binoculars): The level is 50% smaller in this one...
Level 18 (Remote control key): Just tap the key with your finger to open the door.
Level 19 (Move your body!): Just tilt the phone to move the character. Be careful because the keys are really close to the spikes.
Level 20 (Just hang on!): The level is shaking, like an earhquake in this one...
Level 21 (Do not pass by the...): Tap the red arrow sign to open the door.
Level 22 (It moves!): Just move fast and take the key, before the wall of spikes touches you.
Level 23 (Pull yourself together!): Use your finger to move the character.
Level 24 (I beleive I can fly!): First jump in the air, than move right / left at the right time.
Level 25 (Open the door!): Just slide the door up with your finger.
Level 26 (You have hidden talents): Tap on the character to make him jump.
Level 27 (Honey, I shrunk the...): You need to move fast in this one, because you get shorter each second.
Level 28 (Here too noisy!): Go to the pause menu an turn off the sound.
Level 29 (Push harder!): Push the door with the character and with your finger.
Level 30 (And what if you tilt...): Tilt the phone to bring the key to the door.
Level 31 (Free fall): Just avoid the spikes as you fall, also you don't need to get the key, just fall until you get past the door.
Level 32 (Do you know the way?): You can't see the platforms in this one, but i guess you learned the level pretty well by now...
Level 33 (Would you like to become the astronaut?): Easy one, jump button controls the direction you fall.
Level 34 (Just do it! Take this key!): Drag the key with you finger.
Level 35 (All we need is jump.): You can jump only 2 times in this level.
Level 36 (Jump all you want!): You can jump higher if you tap the jump button twice.
Level 37 (Be smart): You can remove the black parts with your finger. Make a stair to the key from the black parts.
Level 38 (Attention! The door isn't fixed!): Move the door with your finger.
Level 39 (The key is somewhere near.): Go back to the title screen of the game and take the key next to the character.
Level 40 (Knock-knock-knock!): Tap the door several times to get it opened.
Level 41 (Who turned out the lights?): Everything is dark in this level. The key is in the bottom left area.
Level 42 (Relax): Take the key, click on "pause" button than resume the level.
Level 43 (Go to the next level!): Go to the level select menu, and selet level 44.
Level 44 (Oh gravity, thou art a heartless...): Boring level, you need to wait and move at the right times.
Level 45 (You can skip this level): Go to the level select menu, and tap level 45.
Level 46 (Hey, where are you?): In this level the character becomes invisible. You must guess where he is as you control him.
Level 47 (There is always an emergency exit.): The emergency exit is on the bottom-left corner, right where the spikes are.
Level 48 (Share it with your friends): Pause the game and tap the "Share" button, than return to the game.

That's all for now, but the developer said he will add more levels soon, so make sure you keep the game updated.


  1. Good walkthrough but please also upload the One level 2 : Stickman Jailbreak Walkthrough

    1. Wasn't aware that One Level 2: Stickman Jailbreak is out, i'll add the walkthrough in a few days!

    2. Added walkthrough for One Level 2: Stickman Jailbreak, only first 40 levels for now, more will be added in the following days.