Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pet Rescue Saga Cheats

Pet Rescue Saga another highly popular game you can play on android devicesiphones, ipads, ipods and facebook. Pet Rescue Saga was developed by Limited and it will keep you busy for many months. The gameplay is similar to Candy Crush, but although is very simple it's also addictive and challenging. As you advance into the game you will see that most of the levels will not be easy at all to pass, and you will replay them many times until you make the required points.

Because it's such a challenging game, i will try to help you pass all the levels. You will find here video walkthroughs that will show you what strategies to adopt to pass each level.
If you are stuck for days at one level the best way is to seek help, and try to cheat to that level, or else it will be frustrating to play the same level over and over...

The levels are randomized so they will now look exactly like yours, but at least you will see how someone else passed the level, and you can see what strategy he adopted.


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