Sunday, January 26, 2014

4 Pics 1 Word Level 451 to Level 500

The Answers are:

  • Level 451: Emerge - little frogs, submarine in water, flowers, cracked egg with chicken baby out of it
  • Level 452: Collapse - broken black chair, damaged building, woman helping another woman that fainted
  • Level 453: Even - had flipping coin, number 2, bubble leveler
  • Level 454: Wheel - horse cart, child scooter, car wheel changing, bicycle wheel
  • Level 455: Entrance - big wall with small tall gap, red carpet stage, ticket, black and white spiral optical illusion
  • Level 456: Thread - sowing rope, smartphone/ iphone, spider web
  • Level 457: Occasion - two beautiful girls drinking wine at party, fireworks, birthday cake, happy anniversary
  • Level 458: Publish - large roles of paper, spiral pile of books, daily news newspaper, pile of newspapers
  • Level 459: Farmer - man in corn field, shepherd on field, black man working on green field, people carrying crops
  • Level 460: Magic - hand behind red curtain, blue stage lights, woman blowing butterflies, magician hat with a rabbit inside
  • Level 461: Tool - hand drill, wrench and screwdriver, pliers, hammer and nail
  • Level 462: Touch - adult hand and baby hand, football player making touch-down, tablet and smartphone, hands touching index fingers
  • Level 463: Recipe - blank paper surrounded by vegetables, old paper with a wood spoon above it, man drawing scheme on a whiteboard, bowl with eggs and milk
  • Level 464: Treble - music notes, 3 red hearts on a slot machine, pie diagram, hands pressing buttons
  • Level 465: Company - meeting of 3 business people, row of soldiers, old man  in white shirt, blue dummy humans
  • Level 466: Comment - man drawing with a empty speech bubble, newspapers, man holding microphone, key with comment icon on it
  • Level 467: Register - umerus clausus, hotel reception boxes, cash register
  • Level 468: Field - capital income with a word highlighted in red, view trough binoculars, bright sun over golden field, football field
  • Level 469: Beverage - glass field with beer, wine pouring in a glass from a wine bottle, 3 glasses with juice, cup of mint tea
  • Level 470: Archive - metal drawers with files in them, icon with a floppy disk and a arrow pointing down
  • Level 471: Medicine - violet flowers, green medical cross, doctor holding clipboard, pills
  • Level 472: Director - movie director seat, orchestra conductor
  • Level 473: Cream - face skin white cream, bowl with white cream in it
  • Level 474: Invent - man having a idea, human head with gears inside, prehistoric man discovering wheel, person on small laptop 
  • Level 475: Elements - volcano eruption, sand landscape, water wave, sky with white clouds
  • Level 476: Platform - water jumping trampoline, red shoe, sea oil platform
  • Level 477: Plate - food plate, crack in the ground
  • Level 478: Number - barcode, running track start numbers, elevator button being pressed, two doors
  • Level 479: Trailer - truck on road, RV, trailer park, tv
  • Level 480: Vehicle - tank, white car, plane, horse with cart
  • Level 481: Peace - golden round sign, hippy car, man holding two fingers up, white pigeon
  • Level 482: Jewels - diamonds, crown, pearls
  • Level 483: Complete - race finish flags, row of checkmarks, white wall
  • Level 484: Market - world map with zig-zag arrow over it, square woman saler, bags with food, black woman
  • Level 485: Starch - potato cut in half, man ironing clothes, blue t-shirts, glass bowl with food in
  • Level 486: Castle - sand castle, chess table
  • Level 487: Decorate - military chest with medals, christmas tree, flowers 
  • Level 488: Wellness - woman getting a face massage, woman doing yoga, mint tea cup
  • Level 489: Aid - doctor scissors, first aid kit, woman helping blind man
  • Level 490: Achieve - woman standing on large stone in front of water, man crossing finish line, collage graduate
  • Level 491: Mullet - fish, bowl with cooked fish in tomato sauce, man in white shirt
  • Level 492: Ginger - orange cat, hose made from ginger bread, woman with red hair
  • Level 493: Command - blonde girl with black glasses using keyboard, soldiers pluton, laptop with blue screen
  • Level 494: Apply - kid using sun cream on chest, text enlarged with magnifier, bandaging wrist, man on white laptop
  • Level 495: Cooler - air conditioner machine, 2 glasses of whine and a whine bottle in a metal container, ice box, ventilator
  • Level 496: Climate - sun with thermometer, europe weather map, desert
  • Level 497: Armor - tank, medieval armor, shield
  • Level 498: Module - white squares and a red square, blackboard and calculator, ram
  • Level 499: Mask - eye mask, oxygen mask, cosmetic treatment on woman face, ninja
  • Level 500: Creative - man with "think" cardboard box on his head, girl drawing, man and light bulb drawing, statue thinking

4 Pics 1 Word [Level 451 to 500] - Answer, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
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