Saturday, January 25, 2014

4 Pics 1 Word Level 401 to Level 450

The Answers are:

  • Level 401: Solo - red guitar, pilot in airplane, man playing saxophone, man in cave
  • Level 402: Label - blue jeans back pocket, vinyl disc, price badges, sale
  • Level 403: Late - girl and clock indicating 11:55, man pointing to it's wrist watch, dead man feet, girl sitting on red luggage on train station
  • Level 404: Breach - water waves hitting shore, wales in water, small hole through brick wall, hole in a net
  • Level 405: Grace - ballerina girl, woman in wide red dress dancing, white swan
  • Level 406: Grade - graduate black hat on a pile of books, students trowing their hats in the air, girl with a+
  • Level 407: Campaign - British soldiers, soldiers in desert, new new, marketing
  • Level 408: Brave - fire man walking away from fire, medieval knight, lion, concert crowd
  • Level 409: Stubble - man shaving, man lips, man using lipstick, bold old man
  • Level 410: Reaction - road with black storm clouds, swelling on skin, happy office people, black girl doing chemical experiment
  • Level 411: Combine - blue jigsaw puzzle piece, handbag with shoes and wallet, chemistry tube with blue liquid in it, flour with two cracked eggs
  • Level 412: Jokey - man riding race horse, DJ, brown horse
  • Level 413: Spring - stones in forest, green grass and pink trees, metal spring, feet with running shoes on
  • Level 414: Copy - teeth prosthesis, white paper with hand-writing on, boy shaving, printer
  • Level 415: Courage - medieval knight, man in air over sharks in water, cat, man riding motorcycle standing on his feet
  • Level 416: Tumbler - water pouring in glass, on-off switch, white bucket, acrobat girl on ropes
  • Level 417: Cross - medical cross sign, girl with finger crossed, man with child crossing street
  • Level 418: Spit - person blowing fire, baby dirty on his mouth, beach landscape
  • Level 419: Flat - lonely square house, green field, green shoe, man with white monitor over his face
  • Level 420: Pocket - pocket watch, small penknife, wallet in jeans pocket
  • Level 421: Round - 4 clocks, beer pub, ball covered in country flags, boxers in ring
  • Level 422: Empty - stage with 3 lights, cinema sits, plate and glasses on a table, empty birdcage
  • Level 423: College - student trowing their hats in the air, student with blue backpack and red notebook, girl at desk in classroom, pile of books
  • Level 424: Knot - man with two ties in hands, side of an water ship, girl with hair arranged in a loop, red rope with a knot
  • Level 425: Smell - man with laundry hook on his nose, man smelling glass with wine, kid smelling sunflower, woman using body-spray
  • Level 426: Piece - two white jigsaw puzzle pieces, chocolate, birthday cake, pizza slices
  • Level 427: Travel - airport flight schedule panel, man and woman looking at a map, earth with large known buildings, earth from out of space
  • Level 428: Ancient - da vinci drawing, old books, aztec/maya pyramid, colosseum
  • Level 429: Under - mechanic under car, red bra with white dots, world map, bridge
  • Level 430: Beam - lighthouse, laser, girl reading book with  flashlight, sun rays in forest
  • Level 431: Crowd - people in a white room, journalist making blitz pictures, concert audience
  • Level 432: Fizzy - glass of water and a white pill, coca cola bottle, blue water with air bubbles in it
  • Level 433: Trendy - young girl with eye-mask, guy with extravagant hairstyle, woman with shoes colored in black with white dots, man with sunglasses and hood on his head
  • Level 434: Politics - country flags on poles, red x inside black circle, hand putting vote in urn, politician being interviewed by reporters
  • Level 435: Reflect - sky glasses, landscape near water, prism, solar panels with humans reflections on them
  • Level 436: Science - DNA molecule, chemist, microscope
  • Level 437: Uniform - doctors, soldiers, business woman, stewardess
  • Level 438: Scared - girl biting her fingernails, kid hiding over table, screaming emoticon
  • Level 439: Tank - large industrial barrels/tanks, tank, fish tank
  • Level 440: Volume - sound icon, amplifier volume buttons, dj audio buttons, speakers
  • Level 441: Office - paperclips and stapler, woman using printer/xerox, people on office table looking up, woman on telephone and writing something in a notebook
  • Level 442: Cotton - fabrics with white dots, woman in white, stack of jeans, cotton
  • Level 443: Glamour - girl in dark red dress, girl wearing orange lipstick with gloss, girls face with green mask, celebrity in spotlights
  • Level 444: Opera - top part of an violin, sheet with music notes, opera amphitheater
  • Level 445: Connect - lots of hands holding each other, string can phone, wi-fi signal icons, zipper
  • Level 446: High-rise - white building, skyscrapers
  • Level 447: Enjoy - woman in sauna, woman eating chocolate, woman in nature, woman getting a massage
  • Level 448: Break - ice crack, man doing break-dance, standing on his hand, old woman relaxing in wood chair, burglar breaking into a house
  • Level 449: Crash - crashed plane, car accident, meteorite ready to hit earth
  • Level 450: Blank - 4 white square papers, blank A4 paper, woman holding a large white paper over hear head, woman holding a empty speech bubble

4 Pics 1 Word [Level 401 to 450] - Answer, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "4 Pics 1 Word" by Lotum


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