Sunday, January 20, 2019

Math Level 16 Solution

This page contains the solution / walkthrough for Math Level 16. If you're looking for the solution of a different level, go to all levels index, and select it from that page.

Math Riddles tests your IQ with mathematical puzzles. Challenge yourself with different levels of math puzzles and stretch the limits of your intelligence. Every IQ game is prepared with an approach of an IQ test.
Math Level 16 Solution, Cheats, Walkthrough for Android and iOS
Math Level 16 Solution is: 90
But why?: Just multiply the number with the number that comes after it.
8 x 9 = 72
2 x 3 = 6
5 x 6 = 30
9 x 10 = 90

Math | Riddles and Puzzles Math Game Level 16
Solution, Walkthrough, Cheats for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "Math" by "Black Games"


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