Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Wordscapes [Tropic] Palm Answers

Wordscapes 2 by "PeopleFun" answers, cheats, solutions for the levels in [Tropic] Palm Pack. On this page you'll find the solutions for all the levels in Palm Pack. Leave a comment if some of them are wrong and I will fix it as soon as possible.
If you are looking for a different level, just click on "Select A Different Pack" link on the bottom of this post, you will find there a list with all the levels in Wordscapes.

Wordscapes [Tropic] Palm Answers

Wordscapes Palm Level 1 Answers – Net, Per, Tee, Ten, Peer, Rent, Teen, Tree, Enter, Preen, Repent
Wordscapes Palm Level 2 Answers – Made, Owed, Wade, Dame, Mead, Meow, Awed, Mowed, Meadow
Wordscapes Palm Level 3 Answers – Some, Sues, Sums, Uses, Moss, Muse, Mouse, Muses, Mousse
Wordscapes Palm Level 4 Answers – Fees, Free, Furs, Fuse, Reef, Sure, Surf, User, Refs, Seer, Ruse, Reefs, Reuse, Refuse
Wordscapes Palm Level 5 Answers – Ash, Has, Lap, Pal, Sap, Spa, Asp, Pals, Pass, Slap, Spas, Lash, Lass, Sash, Slash, Splash
Wordscapes Palm Level 6 Answers – Elm, Let, Toe, Meet, Melt, Mole, Tome, Molt, Motel, Emote, Omelet
Wordscapes Palm Level 7 Answers – Its, Sip, Sit, Spit, Tics, Tips, Crisp, Strip, Script, Trips, Pics, Stir, Sir, Pit, Rip
Wordscapes Palm Level 8 Answers – Firs, Fish, Fist, Fits, Hits, Rift, Sift, Stir, This, First, Shift, Shirt, Shrift
Wordscapes Palm Level 9 Answers – Arc, Can, Car, Con, Coo, Corn, Orca, Acorn, Corona, Racoon
Wordscapes Palm Level 10 Answers – Hero, Hope, Rope, Ogre, Pore, Gore, Repo, Grope, Gopher
Wordscapes Palm Level 11 Answers – Pet, Pot, Tie, Tip, Top, Opt, Tot, Poet, Tote, Petit, Tiptoe
Wordscapes Palm Level 12 Answers – Else, Gels, Legs, Seed, Eels, Sledge, Edge, Ledge, Sled
Wordscapes Palm Level 13 Answers – Lay, Sat, Say, Vat, Alt, Lat, Salt, Stay, Vast, Slat, Slay, Salty, Vastly, Last
Wordscapes Palm Level 14 Answers – Beer, Belt, Reel, Leer, Beet, Rebel, Beret, Treble
Wordscapes Palm Level 15 Answers – Air, Sir, Airs, Iris, Rains, Raisin, Rain, Ran
Wordscapes Palm Level 16 Answers – Hole, Hose, Lose, Shoe, Sole, Hoes, Vole, Holes, Loves, Shove, Solve, Hovel, Shovel

Wordscapes [Tropic] Palm Pack Answers, Cheats, Solutions for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "Wordscapes" by "PeopleFun"


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