Thursday, November 9, 2017

Wordscapes [Coast] Aqua Answers

Wordscapes 2 by "PeopleFun" answers, cheats, solutions for the levels in [Coast] Aqua Pack. On this page you'll find the solutions for all the levels in Aqua Pack. Leave a comment if some of them are wrong and I will fix it as soon as possible.
If you are looking for a different level, just click on "Select A Different Pack" link on the bottom of this post, you will find there a list with all the levels in Wordscapes.

Wordscapes [Coast] Aqua Answers

Wordscapes Aqua Level 1 Answers – Fin, Fit, Lit, Tin, Nit, Nil, Tic, Til, Lift, Lint, Flit, Flint, Inflict
Wordscapes Aqua Level 2 Answers – Able, Babe, Bald, Deal, Lead, Bead, Bale, Bled, Bade, Dale, Blade, Dabble
Wordscapes Aqua Level 3 Answers – Tire, True, Rite, Tier, Rivet, Virtue
Wordscapes Aqua Level 4 Answers – Ant, Ate, Eat, Net, Nut, Tan, Ten, Tie, Tau, Aunt, Neat, Tuna, Tune, Unit, Anti, Ante, Tine, Unite, Untie, Auntie
Wordscapes Aqua Level 5 Answers – Hour, Ouch, Ours, Rush, Sour, Such, Crush, Scour, Chorus
Wordscapes Aqua Level 6 Answers – Chin, Hymn, Inch, Mice, Mine, Nice, Niche, Chime, Mince, Chimney
Wordscapes Aqua Level 7 Answers – Gee, Gel, Leg, Log, Eel, Cog, Cell, Glee, Clog, Ogle, Cello, College
Wordscapes Aqua Level 8 Answers – Dove, Lode, Dole, Delve, Evolve, Devolve
Wordscapes Aqua Level 9 Answers – Ego, Foe, Fog, For, Ore, Fro, Goo, Fore, Frog, Roof, Goof, Ogre, Gore, Forge, Forgo, Forego
Wordscapes Aqua Level 10 Answers – Gels, Legs, Lens, Lies, Line, Sign, Sing, Glen, Isle, Lien, Sine, Sling, Singe, Single
Wordscapes Aqua Level 11 Answers – Hiss, Hits, Sets, Site, Sits, This, Ties, Heist, Thesis
Wordscapes Aqua Level 12 Answers – Boom, Boss, Lobs, Loss, Mobs, Moos, Slob, Sobs, Solo, Boos, Moss, Loom, Bolo, Bloom, Bosom, Blossom
Wordscapes Aqua Level 13 Answers – Bag, Bar, Bra, Bug, Gal, Lab, Lag, Lug, Rag, Rub, Rug, Blur, Burr, Garb, Grab, Burg, Brag, Grub, Rural, Burglar
Wordscapes Aqua Level 14 Answers – Clip, Cult, Curl, Trip, Curt, Tulip, Culprit
Wordscapes Aqua Level 15 Answers – Coil, Core, Rice, Lice, Roil, Relic, Recoil
Wordscapes Aqua Level 16 Answers – Art, Oar, Rat, Rot, Tar, Too, Oat, Tot, Roar, Root, Tart, Tort, Trot, Toot, Rotor, Tarot, Orator, Rotator

Wordscapes [Coast] Aqua Pack Answers, Cheats, Solutions for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "Wordscapes" by "PeopleFun"


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