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The Unbeatable Game - IQ Walkthrough

The Unbeatable Game - IQ (TUG) walkthrough, cheats, solutions for all levels, available for android and ios devices. TUG is an IQ measuring game, that will determine your intellect by challenging you to solve a series of tricky puzzles. All the 165 questions/puzzles in The Unbeatable Game are unique and some of them will really make you scratch your head.
If you are getting frustrated because you cant figure out what's the solution to one of the levels, you found the right page.
Below you will find the solutions, with pictures, for all 165 levels, just pick the one you want.
Unfortunately the levels are randomized on each device, so just use Ctrl + F and search for the question you want, than tap the level number if you want to see the image with the solution.

Level 1
Task: Break the glass
Solution: Just shake the device to break the glass.

Level 2
Task: fix the Bicylce
Solution: Tap "Bicylce" in the question.

Level 3
Task: Blow the candle
Solution: Blow into the microphone of your phone.

Level 4
Task: What relation is your nice's brother to you?
Solution: Nephew.

Level 5
Task: What comes next to december 31?
Solution: Well in the question next to december 31 is "?" so tap it.

Level 6
Task: What IQ question are you on
Solution: Tap the "6" on the top right corner.

Level 7
Task: Tap the number which should replace the ?
Solution: The last but one number of every row is formed by multiplying the last number of the current and previous row. So the answer is 5x1=5.

Level 8
Task: An organism, when in the morning, has 4 legs, when at noon it has 2 legs, and in the evening has 3 legs. What is it?
Solution: Humanbeing.

Level 9
Task: What time is it?
Solution: It's 2 AM, because owl are awake at night.

Level 10
Task: Quickly tap me and move to the next question once the signal is green
Solution: Tap the button when the green light is on.

Level 11
Task: The below figure is a right angle triangle. Find Z.
Solution: Tap the "Z" inside the triangle.

Level 12
Task: Cut the rope
Solution: Tap the exact middle of the rope three times.

Level 13
Task: Remove the key from Donkey.
Solution: Drag the letters "key" from the word "Donkey" in the question.

Level 14
Task: What you get when you go uphill, then downhill and go across in the middle?
Solution: You get the letter "A".

Level 15
Task: If you are enjoying the app, please proceed.
Solution: Tap the smiling face.

Level 16
Task: Correct the arrows.
Solution: You can rotate the arrows using two fingers.

Level 17
Task: Tap the order
Solution: Just tap them in ascending order.

Level 18
Task: Tap the order
Solution: Use 2 fingers and tap the words "the" and "order" in the question.

Level 19
Task: Count the number of odds here
Solution: Count = 5 (odd), the = 3 (odd), number = 6 (even), of = 2 (even), odds = 4 (even), here = 4 (even). So there are just 2 odds.

Level 20
Task: Cut the rope.
Solution: Cut the rope exactly in the middle.

Level 21
Task: Hey, I have got four eyes buy trust me, i can't see.
Solution: Mississippi.

Level 22
Task: The kiwi is sleeping. Try waking her up.
Solution: Drag the moon from a side of the screen and slide it inside the circle.

Level 23
Task: Quickly find what you see in the middle of the sea?
Solution: Drag the letter "e" from the word sea in the question.

Level 24
Task: Which symbol when used gives: 5+5+5=500
Solution: Select "/" because 545+5=550.

Level 25
Task: Count the no: of island rails on the tree.
Solution: Shake the phone and you will see 5 Island Rails on the tree.

Level 26
Task: Break the egg
Solution: Orientation must be ON to pass this level, just flip the phone to break the egg.

Level 27
Task: Complete the analogy 15:10:5:?.
Solution: 15:10:5:0.

Level 28
Task: Find the error in 24 hour clock system.
Solution: On a 24 hour clock the correct time is 00:00AM not 12:00AM.

Level 29
Task: Calculate -0--1+2-+5++1=?
Solution: The answer is -1.

Level 30
Task: Make 100 less than 1.
Solution: Drag the "." from the question and plae it in front of .100

Level 31
Task: Different animals, different KGS on counter
Solution: 27.

Level 32
Task: Remove one matchstick so that, we can form just 3 squares.
Solution: Remove any matchstick from the cross in the middle.

Level 33
Task: Which of the figures below can be found by rotating the figure above?
Solution: See the image.

Level 34
Task: River Thames is in which state
Solution: Any river is in LIQUID state.

Level 35
Task: The word CANDY can be spelled using 2 letter. How?
Solution: C and Y. Drag them from the word "candy" in the question.

Level 36
Task: Tap the balloons in the given order
Solution: Remember! Tap the red balloons first, then the green balloon and twice the blue heart.

Level 37
Task: What is next in the sequence? SENT_ _ _

Level 38
Task: Again try making 100 less than 1.
Solution: Erase "1" from 100 with your finger.

Level 39
Task: I work 24*7,7 days a week 365 days a year with no break, no leave, yet i don't get paid. Who am I?
Solution: Mother.

Level 40
Task: Which is the most lively part of Russia?
Solution: Blue is the predominant color, so tap the BLUE button.

Level 41
Task: Different animals, different KGS on counter
Solution: 27.

Level 42
Task: Try to remove the man's hat.
Solution: Blow into the microphone of your phone.

Level 43
Task: How many legs does this elephant have?
Solution: 5 legs.

Level 44
Task: Who is silent in the Parliament?
Solution: The letter "a" is silent in Parliament.

Level 45
Task: Just pick 3 strawberries
Solution: Just tap the strawberry fruit 3 times.

Level 46
Task: Hide the dark cloud.
Solution: Just cover the cloud with your finger, for a few seconds.

Level 47
Task: I am very heavy forward, backward I am not.
Solution: Write "ton" by using the letters form "not" in the question.

Level 48
Task: It's time to move to the next level. So proceed.
Solution: Just swipe the page to pass the level.

Level 49
Task: Kill the Mosquito.
Solution: Tap the mosquito several times to kill him.

Level 50
Task: What is the minimum number of lines required to divide the crescent into 5 parts?
Solution: 2.

Level 51
Task: Lock the fish with in the frame.
Solution: Drag the frame in the direction of the fish path to lock the fish.

Level 52
Task: Open the box.
Solution: Spin the phone counterclockwise to open the box.

Level 53
Task: Go back to the previous question.
Solution: Swipe down using two fingers.

Level 54
Task: Great! Now move on the next level
Solution: Swipe up 2 times up using 2 fingers.

Level 55
Task: A delicious Pizza with a crust thickness 'a' and radius 'z'. What is the volume of the Pizza?
Solution: Pi*z*z*a. Drag Pizza from the question.

Level 56
Task: Tap which is near to us?
Solution: "?" is the nearest thing tu "us".

Level 57
Task: Which of them is hot?
Solution: Girl.

Level 58
Task: Form a rectangle.
Solution: Merge the squares in the second row, in the gaps provided in the first row to make the rectangle.

Level 59
Task: Hoe can you put three cows into nine stables?
Solution: Fill the 9 boxes with the letters "three cows" form the question.

Level 60
Task: Complete the level by charging the battery.
Solution: Plug the charger into your phone.

Level 61
Task: I am something which has roads but not cars, rivers but no water, hills buy no trees, places but no houses. Who am I?
Solution: Map.

Level 62
Task: Tap the smallest fish.
Solution: Tap the word fish in the question.

Level 63
Task: Make the frog jump.
Solution: Use the stick to shake all the bushes around the frog (takes some time until you complete the level).

Level 64
Task: Can you find the mistake?
Solution: It's 'su' instead of 'sa'.

Level 65
Task: The smoking alarm is buzzing. Help!
Solution: Rub the smoke and the alarm will stop.

Level 66
Task: What occurs once in a day and in a year, but never in a week?
Solution: The letter "A".

Level 67
Task: How can you change centimeters to meters?
Solution: Erase "centi" from centimeters.

Level 68
Task: Tap quickly to move to the next question.
Solution: Just tap the word "quickly" in the question.

Level 69
Task: Straighten all the lines.
Solution: All the lines are straight. Just tap the confirm button.

Level 70
Task: Form a small square.
Solution: Tap the center of the cube.

Level 71
Task: Release all of the balloons.
Solution: Slice all the balloon strings with a single swipe.

Level 72
Task: Prove <-> = unidirectional.
Solution: Erase "uni" from unidirectional.

Level 73
Task: Which of these is nearest to us?
Solution: Tap the Sun, Moon and Star because all are equidistant to the human.

Level 74
Task: What is opposite to nitrate?
Solution: Dayrate.

Level 75
Task: Tap the circle two times.
Solution: Tap red circle once then the word "circle" in the question.

Level 76
Task: Form the smallest number.
Solution: Take the "." form the question and place in front the number to make ".999999".

Level 77
Task: Stop the rain.
Solution: Split the clouds to stop it.

Level 78
Task: Find the angle marked with letter?
Solution: Tap the angle beside the letter "a".

Level 79
Task: Who is smart here?
Solution: Yourself, because all of the other ones are dead, so they can't play the game.

Level 80
Task: How many holes does this bucket have?
Solution: 5 holes.

Level 81
Task: Tap the smallest number.
Solution: The smallest number is your life count in the top-right corner...

Level 82
Task: Clean the floor.
Solution: Put everything inside the bin, even the question.

Level 83
Task: Who is having brain here?
Solution: Tap all the 3 heads at the same time.

Level 84
Task: Tap from highest to lowest number.
Solution: Tap the number based on their height not value: 91, 95, 100, -100, 20, 0.

Level 85
Task: Quickly tap proceed to go back.
Solution: Just don't touch the screen for 5 seconds.

Level 86
Task: Fit the objects.
Solution: Split the dotted triangle to form 2 more triangles. Now you can fit the objects.

Level 87
Task: Tap the different frog.
Solution: Tap the word frog in the question.

Level 88
Task: Find x=?
Solution: R.

Level 89
Task: Break the ice cube.
Solution: Use 2 fingers and slowly lift the ice cube, now release it and it will break.

Level 90
Task: Tap all colors
Solution: Tap the words "all" and "colors" at the same time.

Level 91
Task: Tap the correct equation.
Solution: Invert your device and tap the equation.

Level 92
Task: How many pairs do you see?
Solution: 3 pairs.

Level 93
Task: Help sandy get away from the bathing tub.
Solution: Just drag the bathing tub away from Sandy.

Level 94
Task: Find and tap the center of the earth.
Solution: Tilt your device to find Earth. Then tap the center of the earth.

Level 95
Task: Prove 6-8 = 0
Solution: Drag "|" from + and place it on 6 to create 8-8=0.

Level 96
Task: Take the elevator up.
Solution: Just press the confirm button. The elevator has already reached the top floor.

Level 97
Task: Make the floor dirty.
Solution: Shake the device to spill out it's contents.

Level 98
Task: Tap the green button exactly four times.
Solution: Tap the green button twice. Swipe the brown button to get the green button back and then tap the two more times.

Level 99
Task: Pick up the pencil.
Solution: Flip the device as if you just picked up the pencil. Pick up the pencil.

Level 100
Task: Erase all the dots.
Solution: Drag and place all the dots beside the dot present in the IQ.

Level 101
Task: Tap all which are divisible by 2.
Solution: Tap 2 and 8. Then rotate the phone to make 9 look like 6 and tap it.

Level 102
Task: Force the diver beneath the lake.
Solution: Just drag the lake above the diver.

Level 103
Task: Cut the rope opposite to black color.
Solution: Cut all the ropes except the BLACK and PINK ropes.

Level 104
Task: What is next?
Solution: Drag "-" to the side and then tap on 4 to make "-4".

Level 105
Task: Drive the car forwards.
Solution: Hold the bottom-right corner of the screen, like you would press the accelerator pedal.

Level 106
Task: Now drive the car backwards.
Solution: Tap and hold the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Level 107
Task: Great! Now Drive the car uphill.
Solution: Tilt the device 90 degrees (car pointing up) and press the bottom-right corner.

Level 108
Task: Great! Now try and drive the car downhill.
Solution: Tilt the phone 90 degrees down and press the backward button.

Level 109
Task: Move the Elephant
Solution: Drag the sugar cane to the corner of the screen and the elephant will move.

Level 110
Task: Form a circle.
Solution: Holding the device in front of you, rotate it 360 degrees.

Level 111
Task: Try to lift the weight plate.
Solution: Use 2 fingers, hold each side of the weight and lift it up to the top of the screen, hold it there a few seconds and release.

Level 112
Task: Complete the sentence.
Solution: Drag "!" and put it at the end of the sentence to make: "No! He yelled. Do it now!".

Level 113
Task: Point the arrow down.
Solution: Flip the phone 90 degrees downwards.

Level 114
Task: What was the weight of the weight plate?
Solution: 45.

Level 115
Task: Discharge the battery.
Solution: Flip the phone to make the triangle look like an inverted triangle. Now tap the inverted triangle until the battery is discharged.

Level 116
Task: You have entered a dark cave with only one matchstick. Which one will you light first?
Solution: The matchstick! So tap the word "matchstick" in the sentence.

Level 117
Task: Tap only the green circle.
Solution: Move the yellow box aside and tap the green circle.

Level 118
Task: Spell the name which is warm when it is wet.
Solution: COFFEE.

Level 119
Task: Move only the vegetables into the circle.
Solution: Tomatoes are considered fruits, so drag only the potatoes and carrots inside the circle.

Level 120
Task: Take the picture of the human.
Solution: Scroll down through the pictures and take the picture of the human.

Level 121
Task: What ended in the second millennium?
Solution: 2000.

Level 122
Task: Again, try to make the arrow point us.
Solution: Slide the arrow till it's pointing to the word "us" in the question.

Level 123
Task: What fraction of letters are bold?
Solution: Drag the line an put it exactly in the middle to divide the bold from the light letters.

Level 124
Task: Make the arrow point you.
Solution: Tilt the device such that the head of the arrow points you.

Level 125
Task: Again form a circle
Solution: Start from the bottom and bring the 4 pieces together to form the circle.

Level 126
Task: Fold the paper exactly into 2 parts.
Solution: Flip the phone completely, making it face the ground (just like you would do with a piece of paper).

Level 127
Task: Put on the cap.
Solution: Lift the phone up and flip it as if it were a cap.

Level 128
Task: Switch ON the light in the shed.
Solution: Drag the sun and place it above the solar panel to charge it. The light switches ON the moment the solar panel is charged.

Level 129
Task: Again try lift this.
Solution: Just lift the word "this" in the sentence.

Level 130
Task: Tap all the right hands.
Solution: There are only 2 right hands, nr. 1 and nr. 4.

Level 131
Task: Help James cross the road.
Solution: Drag the road to the left of the screen.

Level 132
Task: Cool the milk.
Solution: Erase the moke on top of the milk.

Level 133
Task: Tap all the small ants.
Solution: Careful, after you tap 2 small ants, the question changes to - Tap all the big ants.

Level 134
Task: James has 380 candybars. He ate 373 of them. What does he have now?
Solution: Diabetes.

Level 135
Task: Locate the damages in the circuit.
Solution: Tap all the damage parts on the circuit as well as the word "circuit" in the question.

Level 136
Task: Shit "b" to caps
Solution: While holding the word "shift" tap "b"to get "B".

Level 137
Task: Open the geometry box.
Solution: Holding the bottom of the box, open the upper lid to open the box.

Level 138
Task: Wait till Elephant jumps to complete the level
Solution: Just tap confirm button. The elephant never jumps.

Level 139
Task: Remove the damaged tyre.
Solution: Tilt the phone upwards from left and rotate the phone as if you were removing the damaged tyre.

Level 140
Task: Kill the vampire.
Solution: Drag the Sun from any side of the screen to kill the vampire.

Level 141
Task: What day is it today?
Solution: Tap the current day...

Level 142
Task: You are doing well. Do you know what is your score?
Solution: 493.39.

Level 143
Task: Let the balloon go far away.
Solution: Zoom out to the maximum.

Level 144
Task: Drag the shark to the ascent point X.
Solution: Drag the word "acent" from "ascent" in the question and put it near the "x".

Level 145
Task: Let there be happiness and joy.
Solution: Tap in this order: ORANGE, RED, YELLOW, GREEN.

Level 146
Task: Tilt 90 degrees so that device can point you
Solution: Tilt the phone anti-clockwise to 90 degree position.

Level 147
Task: How many squares can you figure out?
Solution: 40.

Level 148
Task: Create an emergency exit
Solution: Drag the word "emergency" from the IQ and place it between the arrow and the exit in the figure.

Level 149
Task: Pour some water in the jug.
Solution: Lift the glass using your finger and get it close to the jug. Now incline the phone towards the jug.

Level 150
Task: An awkward dr. asked a palindromic genius to turn him around,
Solution: Dr. awkward. Tap "dr." and "awkward" in the question.

Level 151
Task: You have come so far! How many stars can you give?
Solution: Tap at least 4 stars to pass this one.

Level 152
Task: Write or
Solution: Drag "or" from IQ and place it in the blank space.

Level 153
Task: John is a positive character. He is soft, kind, helpful, caring and a loving person. What do you think his blood group can be.
Solution: Tap "a" and "positive" in the question.

Level 154
Task: Press and hold the button.
Solution: Drag the finger down from the top of the screen to press and hold the button.

Level 155
Task: Find and show the cats nail scratch in moses lake Washington.
Solution: Just tap the 2 inverted quotes (") in the IQ.

Level 156
Task: Kill the bug.
Solution: Drag the finger down from the top of the screen to press the bug spray and kill the bugs.

Level 157
Task: Prove that the line is of a finite length.
Solution: Drag the line and place it in between the IQ to prove the line has a finite length.

Level 158
Task: Try burning the dry glass.
Solution: Place the Sun in such a way that the rays penetrate through the magnifying glass to burn it.

Level 159
Task: Fix the bulb.
Solution: Drag the bulb holder all the way to the right of the screen, than drag the bulb into the holder.

Level 160
Task: The escalator is moving down. Prove it.
Solution: Rotate the device such that the arrow points down.

Level 161
Task: Free the birds.
Solution: Cut the rope so that the cage falls.

Level 162
Task: Turn off the light.
Solution: Rotate your phone as if you were unscrewing the bulb from it's socket.

Level 163
Task: Hide the ball.
Solution: Flip the phone completely to throw the ball away from the screen.

Level 164
Task: Prove 1|n (sinx) = 6
Solution: Erase "n" from 1/n and from the word "sinx" to get six = 6.

Level 165
Task: Time to celebrate. Open the champagne bottle and party hard.
Solution: Just shake the phone.


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