Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Gears logic puzzles solutions

Search no more! Cheats, walkthrough, solutions for Gears logic puzzles are right here, hard levels included. If you haven't yet tried Gears logic puzzles yet I recommend you to play it right away. Is not the best looking game out there, the graphics are pretty basic but don't be fooled the gameplay is awesome and addictive, and it also has a few levels that are quite challenging to solve without using extra gears.
Below you will find the solutions for all 129 levels + the 25 hard levels currently available. All of the solutions are done with the minimum number of gears!

Main game solutions

Below you will find the solutions for the main game.

RPM Levels Solutions

RPM levels are harder than normal levels, currently only 11 levels are available to play. In RPM mode you have to spin the gears with certain speed in order to pass the levels.
Also, in this mode you can stack gears, you will notice a 123 menu apears when you select a gear, 1 - bottom/beneath, 2 - middle/between, 3 - top/above

Custom Levels Solutions

Custom levels are made by the users who play the game. Anyone can design a level by tapping the wrench icon.
The custom levels are by default randomize for every user, or you can sort them by their rating.
Below I sorted them by author name (it pops up when you start a level). So just pick an author below and you can see the solutions for all the levels he/she made.

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