Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fun Ways to Think 2 Answers

Fun Ways to Think 2 by All in a Days Play answers for android, iphone, ipad. 'Fun Ways to Think 2' will again make you think in ways you have never ever thought before. These picture riddles will have you stumped and rest assured, will blow your mind!
The game consists of many fun, challenging and dumb riddles. It will take smart thinking to solve these puzzles. They are funny, adventurous, quirky, mouth-watering, jaw-dropping and amazingly fun to answer. It will make you think in ways that are dumb and leave you shocked and wanting more! Everyone can play this!
Can't solve a level? Pick it below and you will see the answer for the 10 puzzles in it, with pictures!

Are you looking for the answers for original Fun Ways to Think?

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  1. There is lot of diffrent puzzles then here... guess game moderators keeps changing it cuz of lvl difficulty but there is more then lvl 28... i reached lvl 34 and still playing. So if you can post more then 28 lvls thanks.