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Prison Break: Lockdown Walkthrough

Prison Break: Lockdown Walkthrough
Level #Answers
Level 1
  1. Above the bed you will find the first code: "3041". Use it to open the black box on the table, inside you will find a spoon.
  2. Go back the the bed poster, tap the girl and use the spoon on the wall, than take a brick.
  3. Use the brick to smash the mirror on the right wall, than take a piece of glass from it.
  4. Use the glass on the pillow, on the bed. Inside you will find the keys that opens the door.
Level 2
  1. Go to the table and switch on the light to reveal the code: "4822". Also get the wood piece with square holes in it. Now tap near the metal can and use the wood piece to reveal the letters code: "VPZL". Use it to open the box on the table, inside you will find some cigarettes.
  2. Use the code 4822 to open the box on the floor near the sink. Inside you will find a shoelace.
  3. Tap the prisoner on the bed, give him the cigarettes and he will give you a paperclip.
  4. Combine the paperclip with the shoelace, now use it to get the pliers outside the small window above the sink.
  5. Use the pliers to cut a guitar string. Now use the strings on the main door to escape the cell.
Level 3
  1. Get the shoelaces from the shoes next to the bed.
  2. Go the the shelf near the door, take the corkscrew and use it to open the bottle that's on the table. You will get the puzzle solution for the box on the previous shelf, and a cork.
  3. Go back to the shelf, use the pattern you fond to open the box and take the small red handle that's in it.
  4. Attach the handle to the sink, and use the cork to plug the sink. Than switch on the water. The steam will reveal another code on the mirror: "1287". Use it to open the box on the table. Inside you'll find a silver coin.
  5. Go to the music player, and use the coin on the left speaker, than take the magnet.
  6. Combine the shoelace with the magnet and use it to get the key that's inside the crack in the floor, near the door. Use the key to open the cell door.
Level 4
  1. You will find the first code: "3427" written on the wood closet. Use it to open the box on the table. Use the item you found inside to kill the flies next to the chair. Also take the small handle that's on the chair.
  2. Place the dead fly on the spider web that's between the closet and the bed, then you can take the Super Glue, an a doughnut.
  3. Place the doughnut on the table, a bird will come to it, then you can pick up the bird cage.
  4. No go back to the closet, and place super glue and the handle on the hole next to the "3". Open the door and place the bird cage on the mouse. Now you can take the key and open the door.
Level 5
  1. Take the rock that's between the bed and the chair. Use the rock to smash the vase that's under the sink, and you will find a knife.
  2. Now use the knife to open the box near the chair. In it you'll find an walkman. Give the walkman to the other prisoner, he will give you his glasses.
  3. Take the bear poster, above the table. Place the poster on the table and use the glasses to light it on fire. Then go back.
  4. Now there is an guard in the cell. Take the pipe that's next to the sink's mirror and use it to knock down the prison guard. Then simply go trough the door.
Level 6
  1. Go to the toilet, and open the water tank. Take the toothbrush and use it on the black spot that's on the left wall, above the table. You will reveal a code: 0015.
  2. Use the code to open the box that's on the table. Take the metal bar and place it in the toilet's water tank. Flush the water and you will find a pair of pliers.
  3. Go to the bed, tap the mattress and use the pliers to cut a spring wire. Than use the pliers to take the razor blade from the razor that's on the table.
  4. Use the razor blade to cut a piece of cloth from the pillow. Place the cloth in the sink and turn on the water. The guard will slip on the water and be unconscious. Use the spring to take the prison cell key from the guard.
Level 7
  1. Go to the table and take the ruler and the goldfish. Under the bed's mattress you will find a plug. Go to the sink and put the plug in it, then turn the water on.
  2. Place the goldfish in the sink. In front of the bed there's a sewer, empty the fish bowl there and you will be able to take the pen. Use the pen on the blank paper that's on the table, you will reveal a code: 4311.
  3. Use the code to open the box that's under the chair. Take the pincers and use it to take a spring from the bed. Than take the cloth that is on the floor, left to the toilet.
  4. Combine the pincers with the ruler, then the cloth, and finally the spring. You will now have a saw. Use it to cut the bars on the door and break out this cell.
Level 8
  1. Take the towel that is hanging next to the bed. On the floor next to the bed there is also a cooking pot. On the table you will find a knife.
  2. Use the knife to open the box that's on the bed. In it there is a dog statue. Also take the bottle.
  3. Go to he shelf above the table and put the dog statue in the empty space. Sort the statues from largest to smallest. The bottom drawer will open and you will find some matches in it.
  4. Go to the chair in the corner, put the pot on the gas cooker. Then empty the water bottle in the pot and light it on fire with the matches. Than use the towel to take the hot cooking pot.
  5. Put the water into the black cup on the table to reveal a code: 2771. Use the code to open the box that is on the small cabinet. In it you will find the key that will open the prison door.
Level 9
  1. Open the unmarked locker and take the pipe. Put the pipe in the hole that is on the corner wall. You will find a note: "Hearts  - Spades - Clubs - Diamonds". Correlate the note with the cards on the locker to find the code: 7399.
  2. Use the code to open the box on the table. Inside you'll find a hammer. Use it to open the desk's cabinet.
  3. Remove the poster above the bed and use the hammer on the brick wall. You will make a large hole that you can use to escape from the last cell.

If you can't pass a level with the explications above, take a look at the video guide below

Prison Break Lockdown Video Walkthrough

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