Monday, June 15, 2015

What's That Word? Puzzle 14 Answers

What's That Word?
By Banana & Co. Puzzle 14 Answers
Puzzle #Answer
Puzzle 14-1Baseball
Puzzle 14-2Edge
Puzzle 14-3Redhead
Puzzle 14-4Hail
Puzzle 14-5Iridescent
Puzzle 14-6Defeat
Puzzle 14-7Charge
Puzzle 14-8Bubbly
Puzzle 14-9Leather
Puzzle 14-10Bouncy
Puzzle 14-11Greek
Puzzle 14-12Mother
Puzzle 14-13Grand
Puzzle 14-14Slice
Puzzle 14-15Transmit
Puzzle 14-16Sequin
Puzzle 14-17Wise
Puzzle 14-18Beater
Puzzle 14-19Father
Puzzle 14-20Peace
Puzzle 14-21Rally
Puzzle 14-22Smirk
Puzzle 14-23Fondue
Puzzle 14-24Beige
Puzzle 14-25Sprinkle

What's That Word? is another variation of 4pics 1 word game type made by Banana & Co. If you don't know what the images in level 14 are telling you just look at the answers above, they will help you complete all the puzzles.
What's That Word? Level 14 Answers, Cheats, Solutions, Walkthrough for Android iPhone, iPad, iPod
Note: This is "What's That Word?" by "Banana & Co"


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