Saturday, June 13, 2015

What Food ? Answers (Bosphorus Mobile)

What Food ? Answers for All Levels
Level #AnswersLevel #Answers
Level 1Dew Level 2Jif
Level 3Mio Level 4Mug
Level 5Edys Level 6Kens
Level 7Lays Level 8Milo
Level 9Oreo Level 10Ritz
Level 11Twix Level 12Yogi
Level 13Crush Level 14Fanta
Level 15Heinz Level 16Kraft
Level 17Maman Level 18Nilla
Level 19Orbit Level 20Pepsi
Level 21Teddy Level 22Wheat
Level 23Coffee Level 24Fritos
Level 25Gerber Level 26Jemima
Level 27Keurig Level 28Lipton
Level 29Nestea Level 30Nutter
Level 31Perrys Level 32Propel
Level 33Reeses Level 34Skippy
Level 35Sprite Level 36Stride
Level 37Welchs Level 38Breyers
Level 39Cheetos Level 40Crocker
Level 41Doritos Level 42Ferrero
Level 43Folgers Level 44Frenchs
Level 45Kit Kat Level 46Monster
Level 47Nesquik Level 48Nutella
Level 49Perrier Level 50Plockys
Level 51Ruffles Level 52Tic Tac
Level 53Toaster Level 54Trident
Level 55Yoplait Level 56Cadburry
Level 57Cheerios Level 58Cheez It
Level 59Chessmen Level 60Clif Bar
Level 61Gatorade Level 62Goldfish
Level 63Hersheys Level 64Kelloggs
Level 65Planters Level 66Powerade
Level 67Pringles Level 68Red Bull
Level 69Rockstar Level 70Skittles
Level 71Smuckers Level 72Snickers
Level 73Sun Maid Level 74Tostitos
Level 75Triscuit Level 76Twinings
Level 77Whoppers Level 78Coca Cola
Level 79Dr Pepper Level 80Fiber One
Level 81Gingerman Level 82Hellmanns
Level 83Jack Link Level 84Metromint
Level 85Peter Pan Level 86Red Baron
Level 87Starbucks Level 88Starburst
Level 89Sun Chips Level 90Toblerone
Level 91Tropicana Level 92Twizzlers
Level 93WonderfulLevel 94N/A

Above you can find the answers for all the 93 levels currently available to play. The levels are RANDOMIZED on each device, I sorted the answers by number of letters so you can find fast the answer you seek.

Can you find all foods and unlock all levels? Countless foods from easy to tricky are waiting for you!
What is the food you need to find? Look at the picture, find out what they are and write them. If you need help, reveal letters or remove letters.

What Food ? Answers, Cheats, Solutions, Walkthrough for Android iPhone, iPad, iPod
Note: This is "What Food ?" by "Bosphorus Mobile"


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