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Rebuzzle Answers

Rebuzzle Answers: Just look for the level number in the table below and you will see the correct answer for it. Rebuzzle is an logic word game, each level shows some words or letters that look unrelated at the first glance, but they are and your job is to find the solution, an word or phrase that describes them. For the challlenging levels I made this page to help you pass them and enjoy the rest of the game.

Rebuzzle Answers, Cheats, Solutions

Level 0: Man On The Moon
Level 1: Singing In The Rain
Level 2: Touchdown
Level 3: Little Sister
Level 4: No U Turn
Level 5: Double Time
Level 6: Tuesday
Level 7: Youre Under Arrest
Level 8: Hole In One
Level 9: Ice Cube
Level 10: Makeup
Level 11: Shadow Of A Doubt
Level 12: One In A Million
Level 13: Point Blank Range
Level 14: Safety In Numbers
Level 15: Search High And Low
Level 16: Blanket
Level 17: Foreign Language
Level 18: Long Johns
Level 19: Split Second Timing
Level 20: Free For All
Level 21: Mirror Image
Level 22: Head Over Heels In Love
Level 23: Five Pounds Overweight
Level 24: Space Invaders
Level 25: Neon Lights
Level 26: Missing You
Level 27: Scrambled Eggs
Level 28: Painless Operation
Level 29: Leftovers
Level 30: H2O
Level 31: Walk In The Park
Level 32: Your Time Is Up
Level 33: Big Fish In A Small Pond
Level 34: Bank On It
Level 35: Easy As Pie
Level 36: Half The Battle
Level 37: More Often Than Not
Level 38: Right On
Level 39: Throw In The Towel
Level 40: Word To The Wise
Level 41: A Friend In Need
Level 42: Big If
Level 43: Elevator Out Of Order
Level 44: High And Dry
Level 45: Never Ending Love
Level 46: See Eye To Eye
Level 47: Too Little Too Late
Level 48: Add Insult To Injury
Level 49: Break The News
Level 50: Falling For You
Level 51: Im In Love
Level 52: No One Understands
Level 53: Tuna Fish
Level 54: All In One Piece
Level 55: Case In Point
Level 56: Flip The Bird
Level 57: In Between Jobs
Level 58: Once Upon A Time
Level 59: Slap In The Face
Level 60: Two Peas In A Pod
Level 61: All Over Again
Level 62: Foreign Aid
Level 63: Keep In Touch
Level 64: Over And Over Again
Level 65: Someones Following Me
Level 66: Up In Arms
Level 67: An Inside Man
Level 68: Crossbreed
Level 69: Four Degrees Below Zero
Level 70: Love Is In The Air
Level 71: Potatoes
Level 72: Vanishing Point
Level 73: Backseat Driver
Level 74: Divided Highway
Level 75: Go For Broke
Level 76: Men Out Of Work
Level 77: Race Against The Clock
Level 78: Whos In Charge
Level 79: A Cut Above The Rest
Level 80: Be Inspired
Level 81: Domino
Level 82: Go For It
Level 83: Mercury Rising
Level 84: Robin Hood
Level 85: Too Close To Call
Level 86: Year After Year
Level 87: Bigger And Better
Level 88: Easy On The Eyes
Level 89: Hand In Glove
Level 90: Morning After Pill
Level 91: See For Yourself
Level 92: Top Secret
Level 93: Advice
Level 94: Blue Bayou
Level 95: Excuse Me
Level 96: Hijacking
Level 97: Not In The Mood For It
Level 98: Sign On The Dotted Line
Level 99: Turn The Other Cheek
Level 100: All In The Family
Level 101: Bun In The Oven
Level 102: Feedback
Level 103: Im On A Diet
Level 104: Slip Between The Cracks
Level 105: All Over The Place
Level 106: Caught In The Act
Level 107: For Days On End
Level 108: Jack In The Box
Level 109: Pain In The Neck
Level 110: Up To A Point
Level 111: An Outside Chance
Level 112: Congress Is In Session
Level 113: Foreign Film
Level 114: Pretty Please
Level 115: Street Corner
Level 116: West Indies
Level 117: Bad Influence
Level 118: Day In Day Out
Level 119: Frankenstein
Level 120: Made In China
Level 121: Red In The Face
Level 122: Wide Load
Level 123: Tennis Shoes
Level 124: A Foot In The Door
Level 125: Bear In Mind
Level 126: Extended Family
Level 127: Bigger Fish To Fry
Level 128: Hop Up And Down
Level 129: No Excuse
Level 130: Running On Empty
Level 131: Too Funny For Words
Level 132: You Are Out Of Line
Level 133: A Heartbeat Away
Level 134: Burst Into Tears
Level 135: Im On The Fence
Level 136: No I In Team
Level 137: Separated At Birth
Level 138: Toucan
Level 139: Alien Invasion
Level 140: Close Encounters
Level 141: For Instance
Level 142: Just In Case
Level 143: Odds Are Against You
Level 144: Six Feet Underground
Level 145: All Mixed Up
Level 146: Count On It
Level 147: Forgive And Forget
Level 148: Long Time No See
Level 149: Open And Shut Case
Level 150: Small Print
Level 151: Unfinished Symphony
Level 152: An Afterthought
Level 153: Deep In Thought
Level 154: Full Of Bologna
Level 155: Man Overboard
Level 156: Paradox
Level 157: Split Personality
Level 158: Up To No Good
Level 159: Back Me Up
Level 160: Down South
Level 161: Go Up In Smoke
Level 162: Missing Link
Level 163: Quick On The Draw
Level 164: Summary
Level 165: Bad Intention
Level 166: Hang A Left
Level 167: Name Dropping
Level 168: Repeat After Me
Level 169: The Jig Is Up
Level 170: Win With Ease
Level 171: A Friend In Me
Level 172: Big Fuss Over Nothing
Level 173: Elephant In The Room
Level 174: Hang On To It
Level 175: Needle In A Haystack
Level 176: Sea Water
Level 177: Too Intense
Level 178: Act Out Of Character
Level 179: Bottom Line
Level 180: I Understand
Level 181: No One To Blame
Level 182: Sit Down And Shut Up
Level 183: Trail Mix
Level 184: All For One And One For All
Level 185: Buy In Bulk
Level 186: Fire Engine
Level 187: Ill In Bed
Level 188: Off On A Tangent
Level 189: Skate On Thin Ice
Level 190: Two Left Feet
Level 191: All Night Long
Level 192: Comfortable
Level 193: For Once In My Life
Level 194: Keep In Contact
Level 195: Order In The Court
Level 196: Small Talk
Level 197: Up For Grabs
Level 198: An Inside Job
Level 199: Count On Me
Level 200: Forgotten Heroes
Level 201: Lost In Space
Level 202: Platinum
Level 203: Stand Down
Level 204: Update
Level 205: Back To Square One
Level 206: Desktop
Level 207: Gang Up On Me
Level 208: Mashed Potatoes
Level 209: Quite Right
Level 210: Take A Step Backwards
Level 211: White Russian
Level 212: Banana Split
Level 213: Downright Stupid
Level 214: Half Hearted
Level 215: Mixed Metaphor
Level 216: Right Behind Me
Level 217: Three Blind Mice
Level 218: Without A Second Glance
Level 219: Err On The Side Of Caution
Level 220: You Are Too Wise
Level 221: Top Gun
Level 222: Big Man On Campus
Level 223: Up To Date
Level 224: When In Rome
Level 225: Blue In The Face
Level 226: Up In The Air
Level 227: Burst Into Flames
Level 228: Top Dollar
Level 229: Caught In A Storm
Level 230: Sidewalk
Level 231: Class Is In Session
Level 232: Tongue In Cheek
Level 233: Cool Down
Level 234: Think Outside The Box
Level 235: Counter Clockwise
Level 236: Down In The Dumps
Level 237: Straight Up
Level 238: Drinks On Me
Level 239: Step Inside
Level 240: Double Agent
Level 241: Split Decision
Level 242: Drop In The Bucket
Level 243: Sideways
Level 244: Ducks In A Row
Level 245: Punch In The Face
Level 246: Fill In The Blank
Level 247: Proof Is In The Pudding
Level 248: High Five
Level 249: Ready For Anything
Level 250: Point In Fact
Level 251: Out On A Limb
Level 252: Laptop
Level 253: Flip Flops
Level 254: Friends In Low Places
Level 255: Extended Stay
Level 256: Missing In Action
Level 257: Half And Half
Level 258: Run For It
Level 259: Made In Usa
Level 260: Too Late To Apologize
Level 261: Fenced In Yard
Level 262: Kick In The Butt
Level 263: Back To Back
Level 264: Keep In Mind

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