Friday, February 27, 2015

Logo Quiz - USA Brands Walkthrough

Logo Quiz - USA Brands is another logo guessing game, this one is made by Mangoo Games. The rules are the classic ones, you see a modified logo and you need to enter the name of that logo. If you don't know some of the answers the walkthrough below will help you pass them.

Level Nr Answer
Level 1Chevon
Level 2Cisco
Level 3Ruffles
Level 4Manpower
Level 5Marlboro
Level 6South Park
Level 7Mr Clean
Level 8Land Lakes
Level 9Kraft
Level 10Snap On
Level 11Sprite
Level 12Paramount
Level 13Adobe
Level 14Farm Rich
Level 15Redbox
Level 16Viacom
Level 17Intel
Level 18Tropicana
Level 19Vans
Level 20Yum
Level 21Verizon
Level 22Mtn Dew
Level 23Walmart
Level 24Reeses
Level 25Airbnb
Level 26Usa Today
Level 27Doritos
Level 28Nfl
Level 29Chevrolet
Level 30Postal Service
Level 31Budweiser
Level 32Tootsie Roll
Level 33Lucky Charms
Level 34Nbc
Level 35Best Buy
Level 36Wendy’S
Level 37Delta
Level 38Jif
Level 39Nasa
Level 40Levi’S
Level 41Us Army
Level 42Vouge
Level 43Unichef
Level 44Busch Light
Level 45Uncle Bens
Level 46Humana
Level 47Tj Maxx
Level 48Kroger
Level 49Android Robot
Level 50Litehouse
Level 51Warn Bros
Level 52Game Stop
Level 53Philadelphia
Level 54Timberland
Level 55Cvs Pharmecy
Level 56Jelly Belly
Level 57Mc Donalds
Level 58Travelzoo
Level 59Ace
Level 60Ford
Level 61Dreamworks
Level 62Msfields
Level 63Jack Daniels
Level 64O.P.I
Level 65The Simpsons
Level 66At & T
Level 67Maxwell House
Level 68Zumiez
Level 69Fanta
Level 70Pontiac
Level 71Rockstar Energy Drink
Level 72Pbs 39
Level 73Dr Pepper
Level 74Nabsico
Level 75Kleenex
Level 76Nenus
Level 77Us Bank
Level 78American Dad
Level 79M Tv
Level 80Cna
Level Nr Answer
Level 81Dell
Level 82Twister
Level 83Hot Wheels
Level 84Whiskas
Level 85Rolling Stone
Level 86Moon Pie
Level 87Yahoo
Level 88Albertsons
Level 89Old El Paso
Level 90Oral-B
Level 91Tide
Level 92Klondkie
Level 93Espn
Level 94Fandango
Level 95Wikipedia
Level 96Cheetos
Level 97Muppets
Level 98Tylenol
Level 99Ups
Level 100Goldman Sachs
Level 101Paul Frank
Level 102Twix
Level 103Instagram
Level 104Exelon
Level 105Walgreens
Level 106Olt
Level 107Snickers
Level 108Travelers
Level 109Planters
Level 110Life
Level 111Scooby Doo
Level 112Harman
Level 113Energizer
Level 114Starburst
Level 115Fisherprice
Level 116Mccormick
Level 117Fox
Level 118Gymboree
Level 119Kool Aid
Level 120Master Card
Level 121Chevron
Level 122Cisco
Level 123Ruffles
Level 124Manpower
Level 125Marlbaro
Level 126South Park
Level 127Mr Clean
Level 128Land Lanes
Level 129Kraft
Level 130Snap On
Level 131Sprite
Level 132Paramount
Level 133Adobe
Level 134Farmrich
Level 135Redbox
Level 136Viacom
Level 137Intel
Level 138Trophicana
Level 139Vans
Level 140Yum
Level 141Allstate
Level 142Nvidia
Level 143Pringles
Level 144Marvels
Level 145Teenage Mutnt Ninja Turtles
Level 146Aussie
Level 147Peanuts
Level 148Carrier
Level 149Vanity Fair
Level 150Cnn
Level 151Old Spice
Level 152P&G
Level 153History
Level 154In N Out
Level 155Olay
Level 156Costco Whoesale
Level 157Chap Stick
Level 158Fender
Level 159Super Bowl
Level 160Dow
Level Nr Answer
Level 161Tiffany & Co
Level 162Spongebob Squarepants
Level 163Starbucks Coffee
Level 164Gibson
Level 165Starwars
Level 166Tumblr
Level 167Friends
Level 168Barnes & Noble
Level 169Ford
Level 170Carters
Level 171Dawn
Level 172Steve Madden
Level 173Raisin Bran
Level 174Best Western
Level 175Gillette
Level 176Salesforce
Level 177Breaking Bad
Level 178Spalding
Level 179Pizza Hut
Level 180Looney Tunes
Level 181Nhl
Level 182Dolby
Level 183Ibm
Level 184Nine West
Level 185Froot Loops
Level 186Haagen Dazs
Level 187Popsicle
Level 188Betty Crocker
Level 189Hersheys
Level 190Life
Level 191Universal
Level 192Citi
Level 193Colgate
Level 194Funny Or Die
Level 195Ebay
Level 196Lionsgate
Level 197Dove
Level 198Campbells
Level 199Toysrus
Level 200Burlington
Level 201Charmin
Level 202Vevo
Level 203Frenchs
Level 204Whole Foods
Level 205Mars
Level 206Bose
Level 207Subway
Level 208Quill.Com
Level 209Mlb
Level 210Gatorade
Level 211Amazon
Level 212Exonmobli
Level 213Vitaminwater
Level 214Fox Logo
Level 215Cheerios
Level 216Pepsi
Level 217Monsterhigh
Level 218Motts
Level 219Playbook
Level 220Izod
Level 221Taco Bell
Level 222M&M
Level 223D&G
Level 224Coachella
Level 225Cocacola
Level 226Little Tickes
Level 227Wells Fargo
Level 228Nike
Level 229Esso
Level 230Dean
Level 231Lays
Level 232Hubba Bubba
Level 233Pop Tarts
Level 234Pampers
Level 235Billboard
Level 236Clairol Professional
Level 237Visa
Level 238Office Max
Level 239Macys
Level 240Gijoe

Logo Quiz - USA Brands Walkthrough, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "Logo Quiz - USA Brands" by "Mangoo Games"


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