Friday, October 17, 2014

The Silent Age Episode 2 - Chapter 8 - Walkthrough

The Silent Age Episode 2 [Chapter 8 - Outside Archon] Walkthrough

Get a quarter from the parking meter, then go inside the Night Club.

You will find another quarter on the table inside the Night Club.

Travel into the future, and get the rope that's hanging on the ceiling.

Now go to the main room, the parking lot, and tie the rope on the parking meter near the hole in the ground. Climb down into the hole.

Travel into the past, and search the public phone and you will find the third quarter/coin.

Now go to the left side of the train station and travel into the future, than take the forth quarter from the singer's hat.

Now go into the Night Club, and use the 4 quarters/1 dollar, to by the most expensive drink. This will distract the bartender and you can steal the disco ball, after pressing the button on the wall, to lower the disco ball. After you steal the disco ball have a few drinks and then leave the night club.

Now go back into the train station, go inside the train wagon, travel to the future, and place the disco ball on the bar. The wagon will light up, and you will find a red screwdriver.

Go back to the train station, and go all the way to the left. Then use the screwdriver to open the vent on the wall. Then go trough the vent and turn the red valve.

Now head inside the Night Club, into the future, and take the gun that's in the bartender's corpse hand.

Now head back in the past, and into the vent room. Use the gun to shot the button on the panels that controls the fan.

Walk all the way to the left, and take the pliers that are inside the red toolbox. Then travel to the future and remove the vent cover.

Go to the train station, and use the pliers to cut the red wire, the power cord that the worker uses.
Then go inside the wagon, the worker is now distracted, and you can steal the big red wrench.

Now go inside the vent room, go inside the new room, and use the wrench to open the door on the floor. Go trough the door and Chapter 8 on Episode 2 in The Silent Age, ends here.

The Silent Age - Episode 2 [Chapter 8] Walkthrough Answer, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "The Silent Age" by "House on Fire"


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